Singles Rules | Badminton

Singles Rules | Badminton

in this video you will learn the rules for singles singles is played between two opponents who hit the shuttle with their rackets over and across the net until it falls on the ground the singles code includes the back tramlines and excludes the side tramlines each player has to service boxes the height of the net is 5 feet or 155 centimeters the rally starts with the service and ends when the shuttle falls on the ground or out of the singles court a match consists of a best of three games of 21 points every time the serve is played a point is scored the person who wins the rally adds a point to his score when the game is tied at 20 points each the person who gains a two-point lead first wins that game when the game is tied at 29 points each the person who scores the thirtieth point wins the game after the game is over sides are switched and the person who has won the game serves first in the third game when a player reaches 11 points sides are switched enjoy your game you

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  1. while serving back box is correct ….is it true

  2. I have doubt what is golden point


    at being terrible 😀

  4. Nice and clear video

  5. what if the shuttle falls on line

  6. turoan nyo nman ako dahil ganyan rin ang sports

  7. This seems very wrong. You can only score points on your serve can't you?

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