Sítio, Portugal: Surfing and Seafood – Rick Steves’ Europe Travel Guide – Travel Bites

Sítio, Portugal: Surfing and Seafood – Rick Steves’ Europe Travel Guide – Travel Bites

-Nazaré’s sister town, Sítio, is perched high above
on a bluff. A funicular connects the two, and it’s been saving locals
a steep climb since 1889. Sítio has its own vibe. The stony main square
evokes a bygone age. Its wealth came from farming
rather than fishing, and, today, the main
economy is tourism. From the edge of the bluff,
you can enjoy a commanding view. Nazaré and its
golden beach stretch all the way to the new harbor. In the other direction, a wilder beach stretches
far to the north. And when the surf’s up here,
it’s really up. This bluff is famous
among surfers for some of the biggest
waves in the world. When conditions align,
they create monster waves 100 feet high
as daredevil surfers enjoy the ultimate ride. ♪♪ It’s dinnertime,
and we’re ready to feast on the bounty of the sea. Tempting appetizers are put
on the table, but beware. In Portugal, you pay
for every nibble. If you don’t want them,
just say so. So, in Portugal, they put
this on the table whether you ask for it or not. You might think it’s free,
but it’s not. But it’s always delicious. But these are just
too tasty to miss. Vinho Verde, literally
“green wine,” is a Portuguese specialty. Refreshing and sprightly, it’s
a young, or green, wine picked, bottled, and enjoyed
without aging. A key to good seafood here is fresh ingredients
and simple preparation. All right, Teresa. Here comes some shrimp
with garlic for you. With a small group,
I order family style to maximize the experience. We’re enjoying grilled
sardines, sea bream, garlic shrimp, and caldeirada —
the local fish stew. ♪♪

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