Skyforge – Rock & Metal Release Trailer

Skyforge – Rock & Metal Release Trailer

Comms link established… Squad, do you copy? This is Captain Garos. We’re getting reports of weird Draconid activity
in the Toxic Wasteland. We need to carry out some reconnaissance. For some reason,
it looks like YOU’RE the best guys for the job. To maintain a low profile, the bird will drop you off
in a safe zone next to a derelict Terran refinery. Your first priority is to secure the refinery. We need you to gather some intel on the lizards’ activity in the area. This area is toxic, and it is paramount that
you navigate it safely and efficiently. There’s an object of interest located deep within the sector. The lizards
have set up some sort of dome that our scanners can’t penetrate. Your mission is to get inside that dome
by any means necessary. Scout out the Wasteland.
Find out what the lizards are hiding. Stay frosty. Heavy enemy presence is expected. I can promise
you one thing: it’s going to be a live one.

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  1. There is much talk, and I have listened. Through rock and metal and time.

  2. How's skyforge today?

  3. Yeah, a game I got to fan so hard on only to be disappointed by loose end stories not getting to a point and finish and then repetitive gameplay over and over, more focused on getting new shit out and more money than getting a story done. I quit this year after almost 4 years of nonstop play since a month after beta release…

  4. Please take the blue light off the firestarter class fire dance skill, it is very intense and hurts the eyes.

  5. I may not always love Skyforge but you can't deny their trailers are really great!


  7. I will still play skyforge as a loyal fan, the game needs more improvement in story, more classes and less difficulty, also if the devs can at least listen to player requests rather then bring events for money :(. Please Skyforge be a LOT better for Next year! Please!

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