Slum Chronicles: People walk into our church to kidnap children – Pastor laments | Legit TV

Slum Chronicles: People walk into our church to kidnap children – Pastor laments | Legit TV

The activities surrounding this church are weird. There are many strange things happening in this church. Some people wander here aimlessly. Eventually, they end up carrying out evil acts. They carry out their evil plans at the expense of many lives. In fact, some children have gone missing here. Many stolen children… We searched here and there for them to no avail. The missing children were never retrieved. We experience first hand activities of robbers. People here don’t have peace of mind. Despite being in the church, things are awry. There is a major concern over the way things are going here. Some wander here aimlessly. They enter the church without notice just to execute their evil plans. They act suddenly and at the expense of many lives. There are so many children that have been kidnapped here. We searched in vain as they were never retrieved. Even the environment we live in is not encouraging. We put the matter before God in order for Him to intervene. The small children and the people searching for their daily bread… those searching for jobs too. We pray for progress and good jobs. People keep lamenting over the way things are in this community. We often experience fire outbreaks. Sometimes people come here claiming to be handy men yet they end up wreaking havoc. Their actions can cost us lives here such that we don’t have peace. As pastors here, we look over the affairs of the people. They should pray for us here too. We are constantly hungry. People often beg for food. What is happening? Touts often flex muscles here to fight. The government should intervene. It is not ideal for youths to keep killing themselves. They should act up. It’s as though there is no governance; if there is, the youths that are touts will not be wasting their lives deliberately. They keep killing themselves. Everyone enters locks up by 7pm on Ibadan street. They may be on the look out for an older child and kill the younger one in the process. It shouldn’t be so. It’s like there’s no working government. The government should act fast and help us. Surviving is tough. They should make things easy for us. Rice is expensive because of border closure. There is no turkey. They should have mercy on us. They should have mercy on those of us living here. They should come in here to help us. We are really poor. They should have mercy on us.

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  1. Slum Chronicles: People walk into our church to kidnap children – Pastor laments | Legit TV

  2. How sad, and so heartbreaking to see such poverty in Nigeria, and yet the children play and smile and people try and help each other sometimes my faith in god is challenged when I see such suffering in the world.

  3. If you are ever thinking that this useless government will come and help, you are dreaming until Nigerians start voting people like Sowore into power. Sad video. People having children in places like this. I can't believe this.

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