Smart Girl Hacks ! 12 DIY Beauty Tips and Tricks

Smart Girl Hacks ! 12 DIY Beauty Tips and Tricks

I see the disco party theme is all set! Let’s not forget to check out our besties. Awww…. Wait!!! Well, no problem, we’re ready anyway! At least the place is but clearly not your
hair, girl… Perhaps a quick messy bun will do the job. They say dress to impress, not as a mess… It looks like this glitter just sparkled
up an idea! What if we used it on our hair? Take a small bowl. Squeeze out some hair gel. And add a dash of glitter. Don’t forget to mix it all up into a solid
mass. Make a few of them in different colors. It’s time to apply that magic!~ Secure your hair with a hair clip and start applying the first shade of glitter using a hair dye brush. Apply other shades and straight lines next to
each other. You can never go wrong with more glitter! This colorful hairdo will
surely put a sparkle in one’s eyes! *chuckle* Oh! And the girls are here! Ha! Who’s the real disco Queen! Oh hey Anna! W *cough cough* What’s inside? This is taken such a long time ago… This box might be old, but they say pearls are timeless! Let’s try them out! Oh no!!! Now they have scattered all over
the floor… Quick! Don’t loose them!!! Ah… Don’t be sad, girl, I’m sure we can think of something! Hmmm… How about using this simple hairpin? Start by putting on some superglue and start sticking pearls from the largest one to the smallest. Wow! Beautiful~ Absolutely stunning! Your beauty, girl, is truly timeless! Jessica has just started her daily yoga session. But her hair seems to be giving
her a real workout… It’s time to get them under control. Great… I guess this hair tie did way too many stretches… *chuckle* Hmm… Wait! Don’t do it, Jess! And she does it anyway… AAAH! AAAAH! OUCH! NO!!! I told you, girl… Rubber is definitely not a good material to use on hair. However we could use it to create something useful! Take a rubber band and twist it around. Then take a thick colored thread and start wrapping it around the rubber band. Now tie out the rest of the thread to
make a tassel. Make a knot by twisting the thread into a double loop. And pull it through the top. You can also make two separate tassels. For the final touch cut
off the access thread. And align the bottom. That’s it! You can make these hair
ties in all sorts of different colors. Let’s give it another try for this hair
tie! In your face, hair! Not mine! *laughter* No time to waste! Let’s hit the shower and go! Oh wow, girl! I see you have your makeup all done! But… Um… was that really a good idea? Who goes to the shower with a full-on makeup look in the first place??? Finally, we’re all done! Oh no… That was definitely not a good idea… Take a plastic envelope and cut a rectangle shape out of it. Now take a simple narrow hairband. Put some hot glue on the inner side and attach the plastic piece. Make sure to make it
long enough ‘cuz this will be your water shield. And just like that we are all set
for round two! Oh, Emily…. Gorgeous makeup! AS ALWAYS. But this time, we have a neat
makeup shield to protect us! Shower on!
Problems gone! And this time, we don’t need to use one of our hands to desperately protect ourselves! Look at this magnetic glaze~ No more horror movie looks we are here to slay~ Amazing!~ Don’t forget about your date, Queen! And Jacob doesn’t shy away from a
compliment or two! Looks like Anna has almost finished her makeup session! Last step – eyeliner! Caaareful now… Eh! This happens all the time… If only there was a way to make this step simpler… Oh! We do have this eyelash
curler! Yes, we can definitely use it! Just take an eyelash curler and make a small
line with your eyeliner. It doesn’t have to be too thick. It’s time to eliminate that failed cat eye! Now just curl your eyelashes as usual. But wait… perfection!~ And you can be sure that the other one will look just as
great as the first one! Looks like our girls here are having a fun conversation
until… Victoria notices how absolutely beautiful Rachel’s nails look. And Jackie’s nails are all done as well. Such nice colors! What about you though? It looks like your nails are just not in the mood… That definitely does not
impress these girls. Don’t worry about it we can think of something that will
throw them off their socks! Or perhaps…. gloves? The first step in creating
beautiful nail art is a bowl of water. Now take a bottle of black nail polish. And put a drop of it into the water. Add some hairspray. And dip your nails all in! Don’t forget to clean the edges. Repeat the same process until you’ve finished
both hands. Doesn’t that look awesome? And the only appointment you made was
you with yourself! We are all done! Well, hello there, girls! Ehem… Let me just grab this glass here! Oooooh yes. Wow! You really… nailed it this time! A toast to a polished friendship! Hey, Crafty Pandas! I hope you’re enjoying
this video as much as Jacob is! Let us know just how much by smashing that like button! Subscribe to our channel if you haven’t already! And most importantly
don’t forget to leave a comment down below! We read them all! When the warm season finally comes it’s time to show off those pretty… white legs. Emily already regrets not sunbathing enough but there’s always the solution! The almighty self-tanning lotion! Squeeze and rub this magic cream between your
palms and make your legs bronzed again! Alright that sure raises your spirits doesn’t it? Ready to go out, girl? Meeting Madison at
lunch with confidence. But it fades away as soon as the girl
notices the tan on Emily’s palms. Uh-oh… I suppose this is not where you wanted
your tan, right, Emily? A bit bothered by the sight, Madison knows a good way to use those unwanted citruses. When life gives you lemons rub them against your palms. Why would she rub it… Oh now you get it, Emily! Add some baking soda on the juicy part of the lemon and rub it gently against the tanned part you want to erase. The lemon and baking soda combo is the
perfect way to remove that unwanted cream. Now rinse the bronze off your
hands. Seems like it was never there in the
first place! Emily’s palms are squeaky clean once again! See? Better keep sunbathing the usual way, ladies! *chuckle* Ready to go out, Anna? Don’t forget to brush your hair one last time. Wow that dry air really doesn’t do you any good! It looks like taming those tangles will be a very slow nightmare… Tying them in
the back will only help for so long… We should tackle that problem at its roots! What ingredients could we use for a homemade hair mask? Natural honey is a good start! Pour some honey into a small bowl. Remember, the amount of ingredients depends on the length and thickness of your hair. Now pour an equal amount of olive oil. The two fluids won’t mix but
that’s no problem. Take some of this mixture in your hand and cover all the
affected dried-out hair. If you want you can even massage some into your scalp. Your skin will definitely thank you! Apply the mask once a week and you will gladly say goodbye to all your expensive hair conditioners! Once you’re done wait
for a little while and then wash your hair as usual! See? Instantaneous difference! Both honey and olive oil are considered superfoods full of nutrients and vitamins. And who said superfoods are only for
eating? Your hair will be nourished glowing and much easier to brush! Looking good~ Mmm sushi! Who doesn’t love this Japanese delicacy? Absolutely delicious!~ isn’t it, Emily? All that tasty eating can get you sleepy and tired and still you need to get ready for the cinema. Just a little nose powdering… Oooooh… Look at those lips! Yikes! So much dry skin you could almost shed it like a snake! Are you out of lip scrub already? Wasabi? You think it might just… …spice up your life? Take some wasabi.
A spoonful is more than enough! Add a big spoon of yogurt. It will soften the spice
and provide extra hydration to your lips. Mix it all together and apply it to your
lips in a nice thick flare. The enzymes from the wasabi paste will soften the
old skin while yogurt will be your perfect moisturizer. Keep it on for about three minutes then wipe it off with a wet wipe or a napkin. Would you look at that~ Jacob thinks Angelina Jolie has nothing on your smile! These lips are made for kissing and that’s just what they’ll do! Hey, Gorgeous Pandas! I hope
you enjoyed these beauty hacks! Let us know which of them you’re going to use next in the comments down below! If you want to learn more feel free to check
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