Snowboard Girl☃️| Doc McStuffins Arctic Rescue | Disney Junior

Snowboard Girl☃️| Doc McStuffins Arctic Rescue | Disney Junior

[Doc]“Snowboard Girl!”[Stuffy] Doc! Hi, Stuffy. How’s snowboarding going
with Snowboard Girl? We have an emergency! Come on, team! [Stuffy] Snowboard Girl went
into her super spin move, but then she wiped out. Now she can’t move!
We gotta help her! We better snowboard down
there and see what’s wrong. Snowboard Girl,
are you all right? I’m kinda bummed, Doc. I was excited
to snowboard with Stuffy, but now my legs won’t bend. Your legs are iced over. We need to get you
back to HQ right away. You’re really cold.
Can you feel that? I don’t get it.
This never happens! Maybe it’s because
you were snowboarding
in leggings. No way the problem’s
with my lucky leggings! I always wear ’em
under my snowsuit. Except this time,
I ditched my snowsuit since I was trying to hit
a backside double McTwist
for the first time! It was kinda bulky
to spin in. That explains it. You have a case
of “frosty-leg-atosis.” It happens when toys don’t dress
warmly for cold temperatures. Ohh.
That doesn’t sound good. We’re going to do
everything we can. We need blankets.
Lots of ’em. And let’s bring her over
by the stove. [Hallie] Okay! You’re getting warmer. But we need something
more to finish the job. [gasp] I know! What about a super duper
warm and baa-eutiful
group cuddle? Shared body warmth.
Great idea, Lambie. -[Hallie] Aw!
-[Chilly] Oh, a snuggle. [Snowboard Girl]
Hey, it’s working! Snowboard Girl,
I’m happy to report you’re all thawed out. -Yes!
-Woo-hoo! Yeah! Rad! Come on, Stuffy! [Doc] Aren’t you
forgetting something? Right. Thanks, Doc. And one more thing. Us! [upbeat music] Whoo! Yeah! Whoa! -Wahoo!

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