So, is this love then? Is this what it feels like?

So, is this love then? Is this what it feels like?

Love. Hate. Such a fine line. We belong together. How does it feel? Better than I imagined. And you? What do you want? What I want is to stay here with you and imagine the world outside doesnt exist You kill me. This was a mistake. I don’t care! You’re not the man I fell in love with! I am not a good man, Skye. I should have killed you when I had the chance. Damon, let go off me! Well, I’m right here. Is your heart really refused to remember? What heart? I never stopped loving you. That is probably a bad idea, right? Right. I no longer care what you do. I need a break! So, is this love then? is this what it feels like? If this is love, I do not want it. Don’t freaking touch me! I just want it to be over. Damon. Please. Don’t. Please don’t say it. What if something goes wrong? Yeah, why is this something always seem to be you? And you? Why? Elena. What is it what I want? You don’t know a single thing about our break-up! I was destroyed! You put it all on me, so it’s never on you! Are you trying to hurt me? I can’t hear another word, get out! I’m sorry, Elena. This time I’m not gonna make it so easy for you. You’re right about one thing. I wouldn’t like the real you. Please forgive me. I’m so done with this shit. Take me now.

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  1. we slay *O*
    happy birthday, hun ❤️
    have a good day

  2. Happy birthday ? Thanks for making me fall in love with the video. I especially love the Delena parts and that you included Dean and Hermione. ??

  3. That's a masterpiece and each part is just completly stunning! Everyone totally nailed it for sure – this is something else! Just like you said, everything flows so freaking well together and I got goosebumps while watching this! Hands down everyone! And i wish you the happiest of the birthdays sweetheart because you deserves it! Hope today is amazing!* ?

  4. wowwww this is actually amazing. I've already watched it twice and I loveeeee it. every single part was perfect!

  5. This is incredible! It looks as though it was made by one person! ❤️ ❤️ Happy birthday ❤️

  6. Multicouples are not usually my thing but have no doubt that this is the exception ! Wow !

  7. So beautiful! And hot ?

  8. AHHH HAPPY BIRTHDAY CELINE! Love how it turned out!

  9. Well, this is delicious????

  10. YES!! Love it. Happy birthday!

  11. Avesome 🙂 You back I see 🙂

  12. Aaaaw this turned out SO GOOD! Happy birthday Celine ?

  13. Uh yeah so I'm gonna have to sue you all for this masterpiece because wtf? It's been a long time since I've seen since a flawlessly put together edit. BRAVO!!!!! You all deserve an EMMY!! GoddAMN that was amazing. Brb gonna go watch it again!!!!

  14. I've been waiting for this and it is so perfect! Straight to my faves <33

  15. Your collection of videos is definetely one of my favorites, and this is the newest addition to it! I love this so much, every scene blends so well together and the song is simply amazing. Anyways… This is wonderful, happy birthday and happy holidays ❤️✨

  16. beautiful and great edit. But i would have chosen another song idk..

  17. What characters are those of the minute 1:29?

  18. We are so good. We should create a collab group. Damn!

  19. Happy birthday ? have a beautiful day

  20. this is so simple but each frame reveals how skilled these editors are. this is absolutely stunning and – i need to say – satisfying to watch, everything is perfectly on beat and the scenes match the song i think i had an editors orgasm watching this. perfect.

    happy birthday ?

  21. Wow amazing

    Happy birthday!!

  22. Happy Birthday! This collab turned out so amazing! Just WOW!

  23. happy belated bday Celineee!❤️
    I'm so grateful to be a part of this masterpiece, everyone did an amazing job, just wow!!

  24. Stunning ?
    Happy late birthday !

  25. Happy belated birthday, Celine! I hope it was incredible! ✨❤️ This turned out so intense and beautiful and everyone did a great job! ?

  26. Wow, this turned out so epic and passionate! I'm so glad I got to be a part of this masterpiece! Something this good is the least you deserve for your birthday <3

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