Softball Overview : How to Catch a Softball

Softball Overview : How to Catch a Softball

Hi, my name is Jill Weiss, and I’m going to
tell you a little bit about how to catch a softball. First thing you want to remember,
is that when you’re catching a softball, you always want to use two hands, because just
for that chance. If you’re receiving a ball, and it’s getting ready to pop out, if you
have that other hand right there, you can seal it in there, and there’s no question
on whether you caught it, or you missed it. Second off, is you want to remember, high
when you’re receiving the ball. If it’s high, you’re going to keep the glove up. If it’s
low,like below the waist, turn the glove, open it this way. You also want to remember,
depending on if it’s a pop fly, or you’re just receiving a throw from a teammate, you
want to kind of move towards the ball. Don’t wait for it to get there. Just kind of move
towards the ball, just like that, so you always want to be in position. You always want to
move towards the ball. Always moving your feet, using two hands. Remember high, keep
the glove high. Low, below the waist, you want to turn that glove, open it up, and have
that top hand over. My name is Jill Weiss. That’s just a little bit about how to catch
a softball.

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  1. ishkee stay locked down

  2. I have played for years, but got hit in the temple (running not fielding) a couple of years ago…. I am now scared of the ball when fielding… how do I overcome that?


  3. r u a boy or a chick if ur a boy think the softball a tit or if ur a chick think of boy's that u have a crush on

  4. when i was picthing one day i was way to close and we where playing basball and my friend hit a line drive right to my face…….and i had to over come it in a week

  5. Her elbow flares out too much when she catches a fly ball above her waste. Her form could be tightened up a little for a training video.


  7. She like em…em…em

  8. obinna iloabachie mod 4b
    i learned you have to catch it with two hands

  9. Brendan Somers mod 4a
    I learned about how to properly catch a softball without dropping it.

  10. Brendan Somers  I watched this one before. Hold both hands together so you can have ball go into the glove. It is better than just one hand.
    4th period.

  11. Thanks for teaching me how to throw ???

  12. Horrible video to teach a beginner

  13. I'm 14 a freshman in high school and the girls that do the pre season conditioning have been playing since they were like 5 and I'm just now starting out at 14 ,I have talked to the coach and she does not seem to want me to come to conditionings ,and I'm really frustrated because I'm really interested in playing what should I do
    Ps:try outs for JV an varsity are March 1st 2nd and 3rd those are the only two teams and she want experienced girls and I'm not

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