Softball Overview : How to Hit to the Opposite Field in Softball

Softball Overview : How to Hit to the Opposite Field in Softball

Hi my name is Jill Weiss and I’m going to
tell you a little bit about how to hit to the opposite field. As an athlete hitting
to the opposite field can be definitely beneficial because it gives the defensive team more of
a challenge as far as the batter has tendencies on what side of the field they hit. Are they
a pool hitter? Do they usually hit to the opposite side? Are their hands a little bit
slow. It also depends on the pitcher and the speed of the pitcher whether they like the
inside of the pitches or the outside of the plate, change up, rise balls, things like
that. Once you can kind of get a feel of how it feels to hit opposite or if you are trying
to place the ball on a certain position on the field you know, obviously you can become
a better offensive hitter by doing this. There are a couple of different ways that you can
go about doing it. You can always kind of position yourself. I’m left handed so as a
pool hitter I’m going to hit it towards the first base side, towards the right side, opposite
field I’m going to hit it more towards the left side between third and short stop. I
guess I could have kind of like a closed stance where I could kind of wait a little bit longer,
let the ball get a little deeper into my zone and then kind of swing away because the further
out in front I hit the ball that is going to make it and cause me to pool it so if I
am focusing on trying to hit it to the left side I’m going to have not too much of a close
stance because a pitcher is going to notice that and they might get you inside and throw
at your hands. You want to kind of keep a fairly good balance but also let it get deeper
in the box, almost right here at the sweet spot and I’m going to throw my hands still
towards the pitcher but I’m going to throw that barrel right where it is making contact
and then hit it to that left side. You can also kind of move up, move back into the box
things like that but those are the basics on how to hit to the opposite field. My name
is Jill Weiss and that is just a little bit about how to hit to the opposite field.

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  2. Thanks for the tips… you are doing great… perhaps have a team mate to help with the demonstration.. Despite other comments here, you are providing a free tipspublic service… to help others. Thank You! 🙂

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  8. Benifical? Hitting to all fields is the most important aspect of hitting. Most good hitters go the other way of up the middle, which is kind of a obvious answer being that those two fields make up 2/3 of the field. Better to be late and have some swing left than early and have nothing left to hit with.

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