Softball Overview : How to Play Center Field in Softball

Softball Overview : How to Play Center Field in Softball

Hi, my name is Jill Weiss, and I’m going to
tell you a little bit about how to play center field. First thing you want to remember, is
that center field is the most important, well not the most important, but one of the most
important positions on the field also, because they’re the ones that also sees everything.
They’re kind of in the middle. They’re kind of the communicators, of the outfield. They’re
the ones that are backing up. Left field, right field, they’re backing up, second base.
They have the farthest throw to home plate, so there’s going to be a couple of different
ways to go about catching the ball, as a center fielder. Depending on if it’s, who’s on base.
That’s the first thing you’ve got to consider. Second thing you’ve got to consider, is how
many outs there are. What stage of the game, what inning you’re in, things like that. That
could be that one instance, whether you catch the ball, or whether you miss it, and it goes
past you, so you always want to be moving just a little bit. Even if you’re just kind
of going in a circle, back and forth, or creating a little square for yourself, just always
move your feet. Second thing is, is when you’re throwing home, or when you’re throwing to
positions, if you feel like your arm is not strong enough to make it all the way, to that
base, to that person, you want to at least give them one hopper. Don’t short hop them,
but throw a low line drive, into that base, to that person, because an overthrow, that
could be the difference between a run or an out, things like that, so when you’re catching
the ball, you want to make sure that you’re underneath the ball, and you’re in position
to throw. You want to throw, you want to catch on the same side that you throw. That way
you’re not having to turn, and avoid a throw.If you’re going on the run, look at all the way
in, and use your overhand throw. The last thing is, is you want to remember to always
communicate. Communicate with everybody on the field. If you’re going to catch a fly
ball, and you’re going to get to it, call them off. Call them off, until they move,
but always communicating. My name is Jill Weiss. Those are just a few tips on how to
play center field.

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  1. someone needs lessons on how not to be boring and how to command attention

  2. i play the corners in outfield, shes right we back up a lot!!!!

  3. "use your overhand throw" as opposed to… what? your underhand throw? c-mon Jill… know what you're going to say before you record!

  4. Isn't there something called a "cutoff" ?!

  5. if this chick say uhm..uhhh…or so.. one more time -__-

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