Softball Overview : How to Slow Pitch a Softball

Hi, my name’s Jill Weiss, and I’m going to
tell you a little bit about how to throw a slow pitch softball. First thing you want
to consider is just the grip of the ball. You know, maybe find the the seams, and depending
on how big your hands are, you know, the thumb of the ball, or the thumb on one of the seams,
and then three, at least three, you know, of your first fingers on the the outside of
the seams. You don’t want to palm the ball. You want to have it comfortably kind of loose,
and the arc on a slow pitch is, you know, six to ten feet, and you know, the object
of the, you know, slow pitch is just, you know, making sure that you put it in a position
where these batters, you know, A, they’re you know, just ground-outs, or B, pop it up,
or C, you know, you know, strike outs. You know, usin’ usin’ that front foot to push
off the mound; that’s going to help you, you know, with that arc. And make sure that you
have your your body, both your hips even with home plate, and follow through with the with
the hands. My name’s Jill Weiss, and those are just some tips on how to throw a so slow
pitch softball.

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