Solo Leveling Webtoon trailer 2019 Eng Sub

Solo Leveling Webtoon trailer 2019 Eng Sub

[ ♫ Epic Music Theme ♬]
PV (Preview Video) Original: D&C WEBTOON(웹툰) 17 people participants ☠️ They are Terrible deadly out ☠️ ‘♜ Double Dungeon Case ♟’ ♜ Horrible disaster inside Last Sacrifice Chosen ♟ E class Hunter Sung Jinwoo (성진우) [Korea dub]
“ Only once !…….. [Korea dub]
Only once if you have More Chance !… ” ☠️ Given at the threshold of death †
☼ New life opportunities ☀️ ( ! ) Notifications ( ! )
[ Welcome to the Player ] ( Player ) ‘ PLAYER ’ The system only visible before his eyes ( ✉️ Message )
( You have unread mail ) Raise the stat ✴ Skill Acquiring ✴ ✴ Skill Acquiring ✴
[ Hand of the Lords Lv.1 ] ✦ Sung JinWoo gained his own skills ✦ Enemies coming against you Doubter Doubter and follower ✸ That inside JinWoo Sung ✸ 𝐖 𝐚 𝐤 𝐞 𝐮 𝐩 [ 톤 !! ]
[ Thump !!] [ ♬ Epic Music Theme ♬ ] ⚔️ His voice moves the battlefield ⚔️ Only by one’s own power
Dominate the battlefield [ 制覇 / Seiha ] ” Solo Leveling / I Alone Level-Up ”
( Na Honjaman Lebel – eob )

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  2. oooooooo here we go!!

  3. vai ter anime de solo leveling? neeeeeem

  4. ???อย่าง​เจ๋งงงงง


  6. this thing is too good!!!


  8. ufo table!
    onegai!!! this is the first korean language anime that i can dig in
    this is ????

  9. From Manga straight to LN, finished the manga within a day then moved to LN.

  10. best of the beast even in the end of d novel it is still d best. "ARISE"

  11. The animation is too bad.

  12. This is well done, I can't hold my dry saliva.

  13. bro so you kill me almost I have a heart attack here with this dream of fucking trailer of more

  14. i just seriously hope that the drawing style wont be 3D but i guess since this is korean they will fuck it up like usual. I cant wait to see the day when they will air episode 1. i wish the drawing style would align with the series named Castlevania on netflix. that would be dope.

  15. Too bad it’s in Japeness

  16. Does anyone know when this movie will be released

  17. We need this to be an anime

  18. How can we sign the petition? this needs to become reality now

  19. Shut up ?… Don't play with my emotions like that…please

  20. Heck yesss I need this to be an anime ive been full into the manga since I found it and an anime would be amazing ! // they should try reaching out to Netflix maybe it could be turned into one with theyre help

  21. Goodness gracious please for all things holy or unholy do not make an anime out of solo leveling.
    Do not give solo leveling the same treatment as the shield hero got

  22. Make This Manga An Anime

  23. The manwha is the anime itself already why ppl keep wanting it to be animated u probably lack of imagination if u do want it to be animated.

  24. Someone make this happen pleaseeeee

  25. Y’all guys know Jins dad went missing right the same guy who stayed in a dungeon for a long time and recently came back out may be his father

  26. mapeamento 2d é legal por isso, pode fazer animaçoes bem mais rapido que o tradicional vetorizado.

    eu também faço isso ._.

  27. I'd vote for Madhouse to do this anime even though it's​ two different cultures lol. Just need to find the right director so the storyline can stick to the manga/LN. Would be disappointed if it came out like Noblesse.

  28. Netflix should pick up this

  29. Is there any manga that has the same vibe as solo leveling?

  30. Literally all of my favorite novels are being turned into manga/Manhwa or anime! I’ve never felt so blessed ?

  31. el mejor manga coreano y le haran esa animacion mala ?

  32. Great Animation hopefully they make an anime soon

  33. I love solo leveling

  34. one punch man now solo leveling…nice

  35. La mejor novela y mejor manga que me leído & visto en toda mi vida!

  36. 94 chapters in a day…what am i supposed to do now

  37. this needs to be animated by Madhouse

  38. Some of Top manha/manga/manhwa's
    -Tales of demons and gods -Returners magic should be special
    -Tower of God
    -Release that witch
    -volcanic age

  39. Когда выйдет этот шедевр?

  40. Really needs to be made into an anime


  42. I can't believe it, it's actually a happening from being the weakest to being a monster just amazing so hyped by this

  43. Something is arising and it's not the shield hero

  44. Looks just like in the manga. Awesome!!!

  45. Tch I wanted it to have more chapter like 1000 but that wasn't meant to be

  46. I hope Ufotable want to make this to anime??that so awesome???

  47. this gonna be sick ???

  48. This is webtoon not fucing manga or anime do you fucing understand ignorance


  50. I hope it's not 3D ?

  51. bro i wanna see what David Productions would do if they contributed

  52. w e b t o o n t r a i l e r
    seems legit

    [not saying its fake xd]

  53. is solo levelling good im on the fence on reading it btw i like shows about getting stronger and ive seen a few comments saying that its like that btw i dont like it when the mc out of no where becomes op.

  54. I read all 95 chapters in 1 go today, someone needs to arise me for tomorrow work.

  55. I love this manga…. When ever I c it update I explode?…. To c this vid gives me chills to know there's a possibilty of it becoming an anime?

  56. Read the novel.. it’s already complete.
    easy to understand on the POV of the novel.

  57. Who wants a spoiler?

  58. My god please make it happen??


  60. "Wakeup" the subtitles said… The paramount phrase to the MC that makes him badass and they get that wrong… Outstanding move

  61. as always there will be shit, and will be torn for 4 seasons

  62. Honestly just imagine ufotable animating each scene and fight scene god that'd be so nice.

  63. Where to get this music?

  64. This'll be Legendary!

  65. Awww! Mong ra anime quá! Cực thích bộ truyện này lun í

  66. I wish they could make an anime out of this… ????

  67. the necromancer is coming

  68. They should allow Japan to animate this they already asked them for the rights but they didn't allow them

  69. Me lookin at thumbnail: oh its valak got isekied dope

    This trailer srsly look dope

  70. I just read 95 chapters in fcking two days.

  71. Isn't this a novel named only i level up?

  72. Where can i read solo leveling comic?


  74. The Manwha is nice but the web novel has way more detail. Also there are bits that changed from the novel.

  75. ขอให้มาเร็วๆ

  76. อ่านมังงะไม่สมใจ

  77. Если качеством не наебкт будет топ

  78. I can 't wait to the relase of this anime?

  79. We need ufotable for this

  80. This is going to be EPIC

  81. You guys are smart bringing out the anime when the manga is at its peak of popularity wish bleach producers would take notes

  82. bruh if it's in korean fk it, im finna watch it with no eng sub

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