Son Of Manjeet Singh – Trailer | Gurpreet Ghuggi | Kapil Sharma | Punjabi Movie | In Cinemas Now

Son Of Manjeet Singh – Trailer | Gurpreet Ghuggi | Kapil Sharma | Punjabi Movie | In Cinemas Now

This is Manjeet Singh. His life revolves around two things. His son and his scooter. Funnily, both don’t perform. Neither the scooter on the road,
nor the son in academics. Papa has decided that Jayveer
will become an investment banker. Papa, until yesterday I was supposed
to enrol in the Merchant Navy. Forget all that.
Concentrate only on math. Daddy, let’s wait for a week. Why? What if you want me
to become a judge? As per tradition, Jayveer has
failed in all subjects.♪ Soar in the winds of the season. ♪Stop whiling away time and
focus on your studies. Neither of your idols, Bhajji nor Dhoni,
have graduated. But, their drivers are all post graduates.♪ Touch the skies. ♪This boy really troubles me. It’s a repeat performance
with my maestro. He wanted to learn to play thetabla. One lesson from me and he’s even
forgotten the face of atabla.♪ Swim, the sea of desires. ♪We are expelling him from school. I beg you, sir. I promise you
my son will get better grades. I bear humiliation and borrow money
to fund your education. Mr. Bagga, I need another 10,000 rupees. Your condition is truly desperate. Papa, this is my favourite bat. My coach rewarded it to me.
I’ve hit eight centuries with it. Enough with the centuries.
From now on, it’s only books.♪ A new desire,
Fuelling life with fire ♪
Where have you been, son? You haven’t been coming for practice either. I don’t feel like playing cricket anymore. Then why are you on the grounds?♪ A heartfelt note for father… ♪Animals are better than you. They understand what’s told
and learn their tricks. I’m doing the best I can. Are you doing me a favour? Yes! I wanted to be like Yuvraaj and Dhoni, but now, I will become a clerk,
only to please you and the school. How we adore our children’s gibberish
in their childhood. But, when they’re older and speak their mind, we shun those words.♪ I swear, I speak
to bring joy ♪
He’s written an essay on ‘My best friend’. I have many friends but
daddy’s my best friend. I pray to God to keep my friend
smiling forever. My father’s the best.
The rest, not a patch I confess.

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  1. Remake of MARATHI film ' Shikshanachya Aicha Gho ' . Nice to see punjabi films adopting important subject like this . Best luck from Maharshtra.

  2. Hello I'm a Indian and my life revolves around taking a shit in the street and then eating with the same unwashed hand I wiped my shitter with.

  3. Nice trailer??????????????????????

  4. Very emotional movie?????

  5. It seems like that its my story as well my father broke down my bat, and then I left out cricket.

  6. Love from Lahore,punjab,Pakistan.❤

  7. I wish superhit movie

  8. After ardas best punjabi movie made ever

  9. Damanpreet singh you are too good waheguru g ?????tainu hamaisha chaddi klla bakshan

  10. Gurpreet singh ghuggi waheguru g ???????hmaisha tuhanu chaddi klla vich rakhan nalai bn sharma tai sare film dai sarai membera nu tai writter nu film sachi bo e jada vadia aa hor movies bnao eda dia atttt +atttttt film aa sare

  11. Gurpreet singh ghuggi and damanpreet singh marai favorite actor aa and bn sharma is my favorite comedy actor and now writter is also my favorite

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  14. this movie is gonna be success because of the scooter used

  15. superhit aisa hi mera sath hua

  16. Those who saying that this is lit bit similar with other movie then with request I like to say this can be copy of every single middle class family's ambitious and energetic teenager's life that everyone can feel thanks for kapil sharma dose it matter. Please like and share and encourage kapil's efforts. Thanks

  17. I like the trailer

  18. rula diya trailer ny… picture abi baqi h mery dost

  19. Eh ta meri story aa ###

  20. Ghuggi Ji I am proud of you

  21. Remake of Bengali movie Chalo paltai

  22. Is movie HD print link send kar do plz

  23. a perfect movie for all middle class indian heads off to team

  24. Waiting for thes movie

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  32. Superduper hit movie

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  35. Main v actor banna chandi si main apne school har var shows vich perform kardi si te mere teachers meri bahut tarif karde si ethotak ki mainu bahut awards mille si par mere dad nu bilkul pasand si ke main actor bana eskarke mainu lawyer banna paya. I HATE MY DAD!! Siraf ohna da karke main apna eh supna pura nahi kar saki. Ajj v main sochdi han ki kassh main apne dad nu convince kita hunda ta ajj gal hi kuch hor honi ccc.

  36. Nice i think it's remake of telugu old movie name dhoni ,with lil bit changes , father role played by prakash raj

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  39. Seems like a beautiful movie….would ❤ to watch it

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    Hit like if u agree

  41. REMAKE OF TELUGU FILM DHONI,any way trailer was superbbb

  42. Best of luck good trailer .
    Watched Marathi movie. (Shikshanachi aaicha gho)
    Nice subject ?
    Will work in Punjabi movie also

  43. Hahaha my dad's name is manjeet Singh

  44. I am a cricketer from Punjab too. I have never seen such talent anywhere else.

  45. Repeated scripts.

  46. It's a remake of bengal film…. "Chalo paltai"….

  47. Salute to Punjabi movie

  48. This is the remake of dhoni movie in telugu

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  51. This film is made on various languages

  52. Son of fucking Singh.

  53. This is the rdmake of matathi movie"shikshanachya aicha gho"…???

  54. Good to see punjabi movies with a subject

  55. Time when your father never loved you and hated you, and this is how he takes revenge

  56. A very nice SUBJECT has been adopted in this movie ?.GOOD

  57. Yeh Almost Har Kisiki Kahani hai..Our Pressured Education System in Society has to be Blamed for that!!

  58. Looks copy of Marathi film
    All the best from Pune

  59. Nice movie ??????

  60. The unturned side is been show and that too of an important issue.

  61. Can someone send me the link of this movie if it's available.

  62. What a great comedy !

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  65. The boy killed the screen at 2:00

  66. Its a bengali movie remake 'cholo paltai'

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  68. Original is a south Indian movie…. Also made in Bengali….

  69. Bro that trailer made me cry so Im not gonna watch it ??

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