Sonu Nigam – The Roadside Ustaad | Being Indian

Sonu Nigam – The Roadside Ustaad | Being Indian

By God’s grace, you have a lovely voice. Can I record what you sing? Excellent! Bravo! I’d like to shake your hand. Have you eaten breakfast, sir? Music is a rare education, not many receive it. And,I’m a student of music, and thought I should come out to present my music to all of you. I came like this. You probably know me better like this. This has been one of the most enlightening and remarkable experiences of my life. The same me, with the same voice, and the only differences are my clothes and age. My most memorable moment is of the boy, who held my hand and without anyone seeing, slipped me 12 rupees. I felt so good, as if I’ve made lakhs. Going to an undefined space, someone gave me a gift. I’ve asked my office to frame it. I wish I can meet him again, to give him something out of love for his gesture of 12 rupees. We lose so many important things from around us by not seeing. We look ahead while walking, and don’t appreciate the present. What do we want to get next, what do we want to do next… We don’t experience happiness in the moment. This is a learning for me, and for everyone watching the video. Happiness is right here, you
look don’t have to elsewhere. If you like this video and my music,
and if you’ve enjoyed my work and courage,

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  1. Sonu, you are a gentle man before a renowned singer

  2. I can see 6.1k Cunts who has no sense where they are living

  3. App ki awqz k to fan thy hi us lerkay k bhi ho gye love from Pakistan.

  4. Sanu ji really I am speechless

  5. If Sanu come with proper dress fucking distubing girls shouting trying to go for selfies or touch his hand or try to sex with out any objection also being proud for was Sanu..

  6. I came here for the sonu nigam voice ….. But i find a hope for humanity.

  7. Awesome in all ways !
    Sonu Nigam the singer and the amazing young man who had SO MUCH respect to ask if he can record and also giving money to have breakfast . IT DOES NOT GET BETTER THAN THIS ! God bless.

  8. Dislike karney waley reason bata saktey hain.

  9. सोनू जी आपने बहोत बडा काम किया है ऐसे कितने ही कलाकार दो वक्त कि रोटी के लिये मोहताज है
    और कितने ही नालायक सुविधा से भरपूर जीवन बीता रहे है वास्तव मे जीवन को आनंददायक करने वाली कला और कलाकार महान उपलब्ध बात है हर जगह उनका पुरा सम्मान हो
    बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद

  10. It's the power of true music…?sach me kya harmonium bajate ho sir aap…kya baat….?

  11. I like real India…From Sri lanka

  12. After getting into controversy of saying against Azaan and certain community ..what does he wants to prove?

  13. Singing ap se h sir

  14. without a platform, you are not even worth for breakfast

  15. Sonu da aaj vi sur or taal jinda hai….kitna vi rap or pop aye… you sonu da

  16. azaan is most better sound to hear then this loud music

  17. What a pro.
    Don’t worry we never do anything for getting something back but happiness an peace for our heart.

  18. The concert video. Can I have the link.

  19. Kya baat hai maza agaya.
    Sonu Nigam Ki awaaz Aur us golden hearted person ko Dekh Kar
    Insaniyat abhi bhi zinda hai

  20. Amazing no word to say

  21. Nice guy asked have you had your break fast sir ? Sincerely touched god bless you

  22. Sonu sir Apia andaz bahuat achchha laga ,,??,, एसा आजतक किसी ने नही किया ,देखके अच्छा लगा ,,काश में भी सिंगर होता ,,,,,,अपनी माँ के लिए बहुत सपने है ,,

  23. Or bolo musalmano ko atang wadi wo larka bhi muslim tha MashaAlla

  24. Lagta hai bina permission k sound pollution ho raha hai….kyun mr sonu nigam 🙂

  25. Inida is big and there actors are great

  26. I like that guy gave 12 rupees to sonu sir I have a lot of respect for sonu sir that's why I respect that guy and sir I'm Pakistan I'm learning from u

  27. Lovely from Mauritius to Uk aswell bro

  28. That man will be back and he will not take anything in return from you except anything which is invaluable.

  29. Ganduuuuuu ka bacha ????

  30. Sir ji.. I want to learn music… I love it….

  31. Oh my God I would have known wassup

  32. “By Gods grace you have a lovely voice may I record what you sing?” God uses the Instrument And the Amplifiers, amen? ??

  33. I would love a video of him meeting that person again. Massive love !!!

  34. Lovely video Sonu Nigam sir…. I was ur big big fan not just bcoz of ur songs but of as a human being. I assumed you as a very down to earth person & had lot of respect for you….but sir when you utter some irrespective words for Azaan I was very upset felt hurt & started hate to u… But sir we as a Muslim follows the great teachings of Prophet Muhammad SWA & according to him we should forgive each & every person & make them feel that their is no place for hate only forgiveness & love we can spread for everyone bcoz Allah is greatest & I pray to Allah bless you hidayat to know about Islam & become best human being. Aameen

  35. Very nice video thanks ?????????

  36. Salutes to that handsome young man.

  37. Sonu sir… U r a amazing person like ur songs

  38. Zabardast singer,street singer nahinlagta

  39. Teri aukat hi ye hai sale Randi ke bacche sonu fut paat pe gane ga ab sale aur chillar jama kar gandu sale

  40. 1:02 Didn't the gopro behind give him out??? I mean how often do you find gopros filming street singers lol????

  41. sir aap koi bhi look change kr kr mere samne se gujar jao pr mai aap ko pehchana lunga .I m your big big big fan.

  42. sir aap me srswati ma ka asirvad hr ghadi har pal har jagh hai .or aap ki voice sidhe dil ko touch krti hai . SIR YOU R INDIAN SINGING SOUL.

  43. Amazing Iam Shocked……???

  44. What happened with that 12 ₹ guy ? Watch this

  45. Annsu nikal aya ji

  46. Ye permission wala scene scripted ha baqi sb original

  47. That boy really showed his kind nature for the elderly old man and praised his singing too… appreciated ?

  48. Dil sabhi ke pass nahi hota paisa kisi Ko bhi mil jata thanks Sonu Nigam

  49. I am from pakistan ?? jabb b ye video dekhta hn aanso nikal aaty hn. So sweet sono

  50. Love you suno bhai from bangladesh

  51. Is video ka main character sonu sir nahi wo ladka lag raha hai

  52. Is se pata chalata he ki achhe insan abhi bhi h e.. Jo help karte he unko jisko jarurat he…. ✌️

  53. Faith in humanity restored.

  54. Kiya bat hay sonu ji. Kamal kardiya apne. Bariya acting. Or bahut achha sath diya young man ???

  55. Did anyone notice a camera at 1:00, i wonder if people wont notice it when they saw him singing

  56. Love from pakistan ❤

  57. Sir agar aap lakho getup me but honge to me aapki aawaj sunkar hi pahchan jaunga

  58. What is the first song that he sings? It's beautiful.

  59. Sonu Nigam is a jewel of India

  60. I love you ♥️♥️♥️??

  61. Happy Birthday Sonu G.. ??

  62. HBD to a living legend from pak..Sonu Nigham…????

  63. Love you sonu nigam

  64. जेव्हा तो विचारतो "अंकल आपने नाष्टा किया" काळीज चिरलं यार

  65. Such me aise log km h Jo dikhawa kiy bin help kr de !!!!!!

  66. Sonu isn't a singer he is musical instrument

  67. best video from teamindian team

  68. Sonu hame to aap saregama se bahut pasand hai… God bless you!


  70. Sir aap ye kyu bol rahe ki (agar pasand aaye to) aap ka to sabhi indian ke dil pe raj hai you are great sonu sir

  71. Ap ha Indian hero

  72. Sonu bahi very nice

  73. Wo boy he na us ne bht he acha sabaq dia he kisi ki madad krne ka

  74. Dt is seriously something outstanding # Respect # Sonu Nigam…. 🙂

  75. mujhe apki video bahot pasand aai I love u sonu nigam

  76. sonu nigam is Always great singer

  77. sonu nigam kya B praak ki avaj main ga skta hai ???

  78. Plzz bring a another part of like this video

  79. AAP Ko bhagwan khoob Khushi de

  80. I just know that you are sanu nigam….. After i heard your voice I knew that it was you sir

  81. I love you brother

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