Soo About The MAJOR Dragon Ball Legends 2.0 Update…

what would the video where I blow my
entire load of ticket in the celebrations tickets summon banner I’ve
not done anything on this outside of our live summons and on twitch twitch
artistas wrong stop by the way which was like a couple days ago and now shot
figure out what else I’m gonna do with these tickets as far as content you know
I was trying to figure out everyone’s like anything fun I can do around that
but then I realized I thought his banner won’t be as fun to watch so I figured
you know what I’m gonna just spin on all of camera and I basically spent the
entirety of those tickets off-camera except for to wonder what I was saving
for a special occasion which is this video so I’m gonna happen
now as far as the big goals I don’t think I have anything as far as a big
goal to get other things Gogeta and based on how to take a seven so I’ve
gone from me for all these I haven’t pulled a go Gina and I had like what
over I think I like 1,700 tickets total probably even more if you include all
the tickets that you can also get in the game afterwards from like the missions
and stuff and I haven’t seen a single girl Gina pop up not that I need one cuz
my Gogeta wasn’t six stars before the red star system change which I still
think is stupid wait I see what happens I’m gonna hop in
I figure it’s doing that so quick Monday be they wouldn’t take it easy today not
vote too hard I was gonna do Drive my fighters today but I haven’t really had
much practice with Roy this past weekend so I feel like I can make it good enough
video for that but stay tuned it’s coming at some point in next couple days
hopefully fingers crossed if I can like get my schedule intact I can do that man
this is such a good first multi we’re gonna kick it off with with nothing as
expected again good news this for me since I’m a
whale I don’t really need much out of this banner so I have nothing Emily
pursuing although like I said maybe we can get a go just a pop up because it’ll
be kind of cool I am going to just skip that entire someone because trap
hey beerus why do i skip why do i skip i shouldn’t skip I shouldn’t skip what’s
the air right now I pulled it beers a couple of times I on his banner I mean I
got to the point where he’s now eight stars or seven stars plus one I don’t
notice it the system stupid and my biggest goal honestly on his banner has
been copies of wheezes and beerus because beerus and waste the extreme
beers are going to be pretty useful for a while especially the we switch is like
a staple to god ki okay we hop back in let’s see what we
can get come section below let me know or two things three things actually
number one let me know how many tickets you got from this I think by now all
tickets should be distributed I know that was kinda like a lag and getting
them all sent out because there are so many – let me know what you pulled if
you got anything for a minute and three well you added P enjoy enjoy watching
that drama let just continent that thumbs up and I challenge you to get to
about 5,000 likes it’s Monday you know no one likes Mondays
if you don’t like Monday hit that thumbs up and that’s I guess enough for me
promoting my own channel in the beginning of the video okay let’s get
back into as this Stemmons and a sleeping any more copies of be racist or
rhesus premiering on beers because I wanted to see if I can get as many boost
as possible the yellow beers is good I feel like is
not he’s not good in terms of like compared to other units you’re gonna
make it work you know started like a team that I built I’m waiting to use
once I can get if I we get to the fall back in Zheng Kai waking my green bears
yellow beers is what makes him good is is he gets a bunch of boost but he’s
still not like really that good compared to like other stuff I think he might be
comparable to the green bears honestly but I feel like with how green beer is
right now especially with the Zheng Kai when yeah wakening I think green beers
is better but the way you want to build the team is you want to do we spirits
beer so you can basically switch four weeks into either two beers is because
if you switch from weeks into a beers they get way more boost and actually
some pretty disgusting ones as well so yeah that’s kind of the idea you want to
go for can we get a spark spark spark no spark okay we skip this I’m gonna skip
this because let me trash hey we got some extremes in there we got boma it
looks like future Gohan which is kind of cool okay comment
section below something else I want to ask you guys is how do you guys feel
about the overall update there’s so much you know it like it’s been like what a
week now and I’m still trying to process everything that they release some things
I love I love the coop I love how much better the connections in PvP have
gotten for me personally and all my friends and people have seen on Twitter
I’ve all basically confirmed that because of how little data I get sent
now as you play the connections have been a lot less laggy which is an
absolute thumbs up for me that’s an a.1 part guilds I love guilds
I think girls are actually fantastic I think they’re gonna be the future to the
game in regards what you can do like you like Guild Wars and stuff like that
and another way to kind of like grind together for rewards is also awesome I’m
not a fan of the star system I thought I still think it’s extremely unnecessary
it wasn’t needed at all and honestly if they could revert I would I would say
every move that I even told them I sent her an email I’m like yo I mean I don’t
think it was necessary it’s just no point in it what else was there the
design guy waking I don’t know how I feel about that that’s because like like
no one has some people might have achieved it with the the read Super
Saiyan Goku from day one but for the most part nobody has really achieved yet
because it requires way too much of a grind and I guess the whole concept of
that was it’s supposed to be one of the things that you get over a long run it’s
not like an easy a or like a rebirth like how we had in dokkan its suppose
you wanna say that she really really grind for and when you finally get it
you reap the benefits and the better is that crazy actually for example green
beerus is zink awakening adds another Z ability that basically if you’re green
or God ki which applies to him and also applies to like the LFO Gina for example
so if you run like we spirits and then uh ll fujita you’ll get an extra boost
for restricted fan strike attack blast defense blast attack on top of whatever
whatever else upgrades beerus actually gets so the awakening is actually meant
to be like godly so it can’t be achieved or not but same time it’s like nobody
wants to grind mission to 1/9 for hours and hours and hours it’s like it’s crazy
funny part is if we ever get a zenkai waiting for hit my hits gonna be a
monster because my head is actually ranked 19 of our friendship because i
basically always use him for for those events like that let’s fight events from
the last couple months beerus was kind of okay like he was
writing for so I got to kind of give in to fire but still now I’m stuck on
having to get into rank to fret in friendship 10 we’re just insane so
hopefully they add something that lets you I guess grind that more fairly air
quotes where you’re not sitting there just grinding forever and ever and ever
and just wanted to just throw your phone cuz that’s basically how my life has
been for the past couple of days and maybe I’ll get better but also started
to mention that you can summon for zenkai awakenings at some point as well
which I don’t know how I feel about that it’s like you can use the grind hours
and hours and get a little bit of boost three notes missing three hey hey I’ll
take that I’ll take that I actually like him a lot Oh another one back to back
cool I’ll take that too Wow I have not seen both of those pop up in
a very long time just that’s all round either you can grind forever and ever
and ever and get 1,000 Z power and another one I mean I don’t need that my
god or you could summon for sin Chi awakening power which is kind of weird
and I’m again I’m not really a big fan of that you know obviously when it comes
down to a skill will always prevail in this game you can have literally an all
seven star or I guess four can you start team in this game you’ll get body by two
star team they know what you’re doing but that doesn’t mean it you don’t have
an advantage because you’ll have a massive advantage and honestly if it
comes down to having a to equal skilled players weird a let’s say to both maxed
out 14 stars the person who has Oh enough maxed out 14 starts but like
they’re both equal skill but one person to the 14th starts the other person is
like 7 or something like that that person 14 star is gonna win probably
they’re probably gonna way because they’ll have the extra advantage for
defense and boosts and stuff like that I don’t know I’m not big fan of having to
some for it so I still want to see how they’re gonna do that at some point and
honestly if they could add something that makes the grind for friendship a
lot less annoying I think it’ll be a plus for the game like thing is I don’t
think any of these updates ruin the game I think it could use tweaks that will
make it better in the long run and I think it’s a possible impossible it’s
important sorry important for us to like relay that information to the drab all
legends Twitter like I said I sent them a whole essay of like when I think about
this a but it’s sparking and hopefully all that will go into fine-tuning it in
the future so it doesn’t necessarily take the game downwards but upwards so
yeah that’s why I’m kind of been positive I mean I’m always been a 1/2
cup what’s 1/2 cup empty not empty I have cut 1/2 cup full half cup full kind
of guy not empty and I like I can look at stuff and think like Oh what is a lot
of potential in this if they tweak you’ll be better what we got a 60
nothing I maxed out so hopefully you know we can set him down at feedback and
then they take the game and make it better in the long run I mean I’ll never
forget when they initially took away sidestep when they originally had it
people complain the game was gonna die it didn’t it got
because let’s be real the original size that was broken anybody that tells you
otherwise they’re lying and then they introduce like stuff like
tackle and a battle 2.0 system people did not like that initially it worked
out to be a lot better right now a battle system is kind of like a split
for community when it comes down to it so I don’t know like how everybody feels
about that for right now but I feel like over time either you can tweak it or
it’ll get better and I don’t know I had this hope for for improvement hopefully
we see that some point again I’m more of a half-full type of guy as opposed to
half empty because I just see a lot of potential and things like that and I
know that if you do the right tweaks and listen to the community people the games
can get better hey you know I’m glad that this video cuz I thought it’s just
me a seven video but now we’re actually getting some information out there
especially for people asking me how I feel about the up there now you got a
whole video of it okay if you tuned the most which I talked
about a lot we got hey I’ll take that – yo I’m getting some good stuff now no
it’s funny in the like 1500 tickets I spent everything that I kept getting was
old stuff like super old stuff so I’m finding in some new stuff which is dope
he’s out at was the nine stars or seven plus two I don’t know how they’re doing
this again I see what they’re trying to do you know once you get to six stars
like getting those actually Eunice doesn’t really do anything but now I
would tell me pull that extra you get some percentage I think it’s like a it
starts out with plus 5% them and the plus 3 % + + 3 % + + – 2 % so it’s kind
of like you get those in-between bus before you get to 7 stars but again as a
whale I don’t think that was necessary it wasn’t really needed okay I think
what we’re doing here is because I don’t wants me to be super long I’m just gonna
skip all the bad animations so we’ll let this one rock and I see what happens and
then anything that’s like green skies will just kind of power through and see
how that goes that’s coming out as far fat man it’s funny cuz like all the some
of the prior to dislike off-camera like I wasn’t getting sparkles at all it’s
get all heroes and in extremes good extremes but nothing sparking but here
we are now getting some heat fast yeah that’s what I want to see so yeah so
anyways you know I’ll continue to keep sending them feedback you know you guys
will – you can tweet it at deviant underscore ledges and tell them like
what kind of changes you want and hopefully they can mean the mill ground
for all of us yeah every good that’s look like that’s looking like what I
usually am use the scene no no no he’s maxed out – he’s maxed out
– again whale problems all right we got nine more Maltese left I’m gonna power
through this cuz I don’t want this to be too crazy long I figured fine party
nobody scooped us five pods hey kid Gohan why is officially my name
again I slug as well go on is at knives officially at seven stars like it’s 14
one of the og annoying units from back in the day I remember when that car
first came out I was like the only person was like I don’t like this and
was like yeah buddy’s good like I don’t care I still don’t like five pods again
do I let’s go rock let’s see what happens let’s see how the animation go
am I just kind of powered through it we got it clash he’s gonna be stunned from
this he’s absolutely about to be stunned oh yeah he’s a be stunned oh he’s not be
stunned how about a burst how about a Vegeta no we got death we’ll just skip
this when we get we got nothing i we gots our bond which is kind of nice oh
yeah now the season is gonna end what I believe tomorrow or the next two days –
must get this one and I’m expecting that you know they’re gonna have to replace
the banner with something new honestly I don’t think we’re gonna ever
get to say this I don’t think we’re gonna get anything hype for the rest of
the year because I think part of the celebration anniversary or celebration
thing was supposed to be 2l of banner with Vegeta to step up so I don’t think
they go drop something as height as LF Vegeta Andros a so close because usually
what they try to do is is they’ll have like the height banners and they had
like something else that goes along with it but I’m thinking okay anything crazy
you know people have speculated Gogeta blue it’s too early we’re not gonna get
that for a while honestly like we’re probably not gonna get that until like
the year – hey Sonia nice I’m still speculating Super Saiyan force for year
two but we’ll see you know give me your own thoughts what you think we’ve all
seen year or two down below and we’ll see what happens around May cooler again
May June is is when the anniversary is actually gonna be but like I don’t wanna
get any more crazy stuff for like the rest of the year and if we do and expect
more cells this week but my goal for this week is primarily is to do a LF
beerus video try to pull some LS and pvp i definitely want to do a drama fighters
beta at some point as well I’m gonna skip this
I got a lot to do and hopefully I can squeeze all that in over the course the
next couple days and I think also I want to summon on its global dough campaigner
as well for the cock in blue so yeah we’ll skip this as well to be fake I
watch this hey it was a double fake out we got boo Han and red trunks yo can we
get can we get a red trunks thank awakening bumming Zheng Kai ways a
little bit easier we got three pods or skipping that as
well and we got captain ginyu I don’t mind that one two more and I’m not gonna
do a single summons I’m gonna just hang on to those and they’re probably just
doing my own time for them I have to like capture all those every single time
I let it’s all rock cuz five pods is always kind of a good sign but I do want
to point out that close to 1700 plus tickets not a single copy of Gogeta has
anyone gotten Gogeta in his banner let me know down below I feel like even
though everybody has like equal rates for the units in the banner alright
Parvez always like NAT has a sound right that doesn’t sound right cuz like that
that Gogeta not popping up is kind of crazy but then again it’s RNG for all I
know a lot of you guys pulled multiple go Jesus in this banner so yeah and we
got Gucci down black man I hate seeing that car come up too because I got maxed
him out so long ago and anything else probably not no that’s gonna be it you
asking me okay last multi last multi the group the
good thing about these tickets is I was able to get a bunch of stars on on my
older extreme units because you know like Pearson voice for example but
everything else there’s really nothing that was too desirable last one we got
five pods that’s awesome I’m gonna end it on destroy dynamic hopefully we can
get a good animation about spare bomb let me get a spare buy my animation on
the spirit bounce spear about spare bomb no spare bomb we’re gonna get instant
res mission kamehameha no so we’re gonna end it with a spark in that’s the good
way to go out so yeah hopefully you enjoyed this video let me know your
thoughts and everything for dry more legends update down below stay tuned for
more content and we’re gonna end it with I don’t mind that I don’t mind that
metal cooler we got an actual even going on as well man get me some e^x units
over here can I get another copy of beer so we stranded come on beer so we spear
service hey I take the slug to he’s dope slug his nope and that’s gonna be it one
more just napa Clara anyways hope you guys
enjoyed if you did thumbs up let me know your thoughts down below and everything
and he’s almost maxed out look at that metal cooler I pulled on way too many
times in the last couple months well we got to dress today
my name is rhyme style I see in the next video peace

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