Soorma | Official Trailer | Diljit Dosanjh | Taapsee Pannu | Angad Bedi

Since childhood,
Hockey and I never got along. Why do you want to quit Hockey? There’s no way I’m
going back to that Coach Kartar. But it’s not so bad after all. What the… Aren’t you Bikram’s brother? Yes I am Bikram’s brother… just don’t make me yours! Go right…and you run straight! It has been a while since I quit hockey. That’s why I couldn’t score a goal. If you’ll have a goal in life,
then you will score one on the ground too. You liked the girl… So you showed up on the
hockey field to be a hero! Do you really think you can achieve
anything in hockey, by starting at this age? You have to work hard to get
selected in the Indian team. What if I do, then? Come back when you do. Brother… I want to play for India. Please help me out. Once I get selected for India… …then we’ll have the
biggest wedding in town. If he can hit a drag flick like this on a grass field, what will he do on the turf? He’ll tear the net, sir. Gold…just get the gold medal! On his way to the World Cup,
he got shot in the train. Sandeep Singh has been paralyzed
from the waist down. He will never be able to step on the hockey field again! Why are you making us spend so much
on a handicapped player? I know you’re standing right there. Desperate to pick up the phone. Preet. Help me, please. I want to get back on my feet. Sandeep…Sandeep…Sandeep! This match isn’t between
India and Pakistan anymore. It’s Sandeep versus Pakistan. Go on son. Get them. And it’s a goal. Sandeep Singh is back…
like a true warrior! We’ll face 12 goals,
but the 13th goal will be ours.

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