Speed Parachute by SKLZ Used In NFL Draft Combine Training

A: The speed chute is important because it’s
something that you can do on your own. Great for doing long distance wind sprints, it has
a lot of resistance. And then, the great part about it is, it’s very easy to store. You
know, you can just crumble it up in your backpack if you wanted to, instead of using a lot of
other things that add resistance and are used for resistance training.
B: The speed chute, it was nice. You just have to build up some speed real quick and
then it gives you resistance. It’s also not pulling you back, so it limits you from your
movement. I like it because you do it all by yourself; you use it all by yourself. And
it just helps you open your stride, keep your running form, and everything like that.
C: Toss it in your bag and have it with you anywhere you want to, and in between your
breaks or your lunch, anytime you’ve got a chance, you can just break it out and work
on your resistance training.

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