Spellbreak – State of Play Closed Beta Announce Trailer | PS4

Spellbreak – State of Play Closed Beta Announce Trailer | PS4


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  1. Pleas my Playstation sign for acout failed my ID is thebigmonster7


  3. So much potential thrown into a BR. Could have made an MMORPG, or at least a moba ??‍♂️

  4. this doesn't look AAA

  5. no one asked for this I will skip this

  6. Dude no way!!! I've been wanting to play this for a while. It looks crazy!

  7. so Black Clover the Battle Royale

  8. This games never coming out at this rate and by the time it does, no one will care.

  9. An interesting battle royale game. I'm in

  10. YESSSSSSSS!!!!!


  11. Still making fortnite clones?

  12. I was wondering if this was ever gonna come to ps4 glad it is

  13. Esperei muito por isso

  14. Oh yea I've been seeing ads for this on Reddit for a while now

  15. Breath of the wild pvp game

  16. Finally a game that will rival fortnite, Ive been waiting so long for this game

  17. I've never been a fan of battle royal but this. THIS looks interesting.

  18. Been watching gameplay from PC from awile now, been waiting awhile for it to get on console


  20. Empolgante, esse vale a pena testar

  21. Yes finally it is here.

  22. This is literally that game from meta runner

  23. At the very least it's not another genaric shooter

  24. I've been waiting ever since they started this project???? so glad it's finally getting a console beta

  25. Wait, is this that magic battle royal game they announced like 2 years back?

  26. so they finally getting out from epic exclusivity?

  27. I disliked because It’s just another battle royale game

  28. Meta Runner anyone?

  29. Looks cool just wish it wasn't a Battle Royale game. :/

  30. Chega hora de jogar

  31. I can tell this is gonna be a play to win game.

  32. Been playing the beta and it's the most fun BR ever

  33. i played the closed aplha and i dont think that the game will have a lot players cause its been to long waiting

  34. Fortnite with magic

  35. Already signed up and ready to go!!

  36. Looks intense and i would really play it

  37. Why should I care about this I don't know what it might be generally and it's closed

  38. Soo Pumped This Is Coming To PS4

  39. Is this from "Meta Runner" ? (SMG4)

  40. Smg4 eat your heart out

  41. Hey spell break did you take inspiration from meta runner?

  42. It will be crossplay?

  43. Idk how to feel about that trailer..

  44. What if we have a dom 10v10, 20v20 or team death match

  45. Avatar: The Last Airbender.

  46. This is pretty big

  47. where is the charisma of characters? This type of game "cartooned" is based on this, expressions, voices, body expressions. Please give some attention to these details

  48. I've played the beta…..this looks way more fun than it actually is unfortunately

  49. Definitely buying the founders pack!

  50. Don't know why… but trailer reminds me superpowers from Infamous: light, smoke, concrete, neon.

  51. Maybe its just change over tkme but i cant even get excited anymore when i see a release date more than a month away, im like "okay but.. remind me when its out."

  52. I was waiting for this TOO long, finally!

  53. What is the "founder pack"? Google just tells me numerous games have a founder's pack.

  54. You had me UNTIL you said Battle Royale -_- sick of that genre

  55. C'est vrai qu on manque de battle royale… Une très bonne idée !

  56. Finally been waiting for this for 2 years

  57. Battle royale…no thanks.

  58. Excited this is on coming to PS4 such a fun game.

  59. They will be testing a Team Death Match mode this week btw. If you're interested in the game, you should definitely try it out. It is unlike any other BR game out there.

  60. Definetly going to give this Battle Royale a try.

  61. We all heard of this game almost a year ago. I don't care about playing it now.
    And now we have to wait till spring next year. Might as well just throw the game away and make something else

  62. No xbox release……k

  63. OK this looks awesome and all but are we gonna have Coconut Boi and Blue Soft Girl as playable characters?

  64. jump jump jump shoot hate these kid mechanics

  65. I've been waiting for this for a long time , is it going to be free right ? 🙁

  66. why u making us wait until spring this is bs

  67. Dunno other comments are prolly bots- this looks like one of those drek mobile games constantly advertised to me by faceboop.
    It’s obviously a lazy made and boring just like Dauntless- which I firmly believe is also praised by total bots.

  68. I played the alpha test before and it is sooo amazing! And i'm so glad they bring it to console too!!

  69. YES ABOUT TIME !!!

  70. Will this be 30fps on console? I really hope it’s not

  71. A game about magic that actually looks pleasing to the eye.

  72. Will it be free to play? If not how much do you think it will cost?

  73. Wait haven't I seen this someplace before *looks at meta runner* maybe not

  74. Who ever plays spellbreak like me on pc that the avatars look different

  75. I've played on pc for almost a year now
    This game is insanely fun

  76. So fortnight but instead of guns it’s magic

  77. Fortnite's new season

  78. For those of you wondering; this game is quite complex. There are tons of spell combinations and styles of playing, the game never gets monotonous. Played the BETA and looking forward to this launch.

  79. I’ve been signed up for beta testing this for about a year now but I had trouble running it from the Epic Games launcher. I’m just happy that I finally get to play it, after receiving SOOOO many updates about the changes they’ve made to the game ?

  80. I've played this on the computer and the game is fun and is not easy to play


  82. Not gonna lie, I don't play BR games, but if I were to play one, this'd probably be it. Looks dope AF.

  83. Performance looks like its gonna be an issue

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