Spider-Man 3 (2007) – Jazz Club Dance Scene (6/10) | Movieclips

Spider-Man 3 (2007) – Jazz Club Dance Scene (6/10) | Movieclips

oh this is so cool I have never been to a jazz club before oh I hope we can get a table find us some shade thanks hot legs right this way sir oh, thank you i am so loving this oh me too isnt that your old girlfriend? yeah do you want to go some place else? oh nono i’ll be ok mary jane, show us what you got i’ll be right back alright peter? this is for you double time! thanks (cheering) Now dig on this that was all for her?

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  1. Damn this didnt age well lol

  2. Peter Parker: I’ll be right back.

    Also Peter Parker: WhEn YoU fIx ThIs DaMn Do0r !

  3. Shitslinging? Responsibilityposting? Shieldposting?

  4. That face you Make when you pizza rolls are cold 2:45

  5. Kono giono giovana niwa yume ga aru

  6. Untung disini gak ada warga +62?

  7. Me after seeing that Spiderman is no more part of the mcu and Spiderman 4 can happen

  8. “T h a t w a s a l l f o r h e r ? ¿“

    Um Gwen…… 1:23.

  9. Spider-Man starts playing piano
    Kono Peter Parker Nime yume ga aru.

  10. how to be ridicolous with SUPERPOWERS…

  11. Anyone know the name of the song playing in the background at the start of the video?

  12. 1:22
    Paul Tibbets to the Japanese when he dropped the Atomic bomb

  13. Imagine, the girl ur dating is taller than you ??‍♂️

  14. Me: spiderman is the new iron man
    Sony: now dig on this

  15. I wonder what it was like to film this

  16. It’s not a phase aunt may

  17. I swear i heard someone say daddy in the background while he's snapping

  18. 1:57
    If i hadn't known better, i'd have said this scene was shot in the 70s

  19. …so this is the power of the douche bag

  20. 1:17 I, Peter Parker, have a dream

  21. Now Spiderman is coming back to this

  22. Chandelier was the mvp tho

  23. You gotta give respect to Tobey as a 40 year old playing a way younger character perfectly, he was always meant for this role.

  24. Tobey made snapping cool before Thanos did

  25. Thanos: I am the most powerful in the entire universe
    Peter: 2:06

  26. Guess why I’m here

  27. 1:16
    – Kono, Peter Parker, niwa yume ga aru –

  28. 2:07 I started laughing so god damn hard ????

  29. To give this movie one prop, they did turned Peter into a huge unlikeable douchebag. An memetic unlikeable douchebag being influenced by an evil alien symbionte so there’s one positive about the movie.

  30. This movie did bad becuase the emo's review bombed it in an attempt to obscure the truth that we all have godlike powers of seduction and rhythm.

  31. People misunderstand this scene. It’s not supposed to be cool, it’s supposed to be cringeworthy. Peter Parker is a nerd, so what he thinks is cool is not what’s actually cool. That’s what makes this scene so fun and great, Peter doesn’t know how to be cool

  32. The movie is comedy


  34. 1:39 this part was actually cool tho

  35. this was a real movie I-

  36. Right before he throws the jacket he looks like a serial killer

  37. Peter isn't wrong for picking the blonde

  38. I giorno giovanna, have a dream

  39. Lol I love the Willem Dafoe goof they did here.

  40. Kono da giorno giovanna yume ga huru

  41. While I thought Emo Spidey was fine, this scene was probably too much.

  42. So much character
    I love this movie

  43. Peter to MJ: “I’m gonna put some dirt in your eye ?”

  44. Toby is so hot as Spiderman

  45. Marry Jane should be swapped with the other girl

  46. No mortal should hold such power.

  47. I want a symbiote to be cool too haha

  48. 2:13 what are the extras doing ?

  49. Thanos snaps once
    Spider man “Hold my beer”

  50. That waitress at the very start looks like she's ready to kill Peter

  51. Peter play the giorno giovanna theme song :

  52. Double Time ??????

  53. He’s so damn high

  54. A lot of people missing the meaning of this scene, is intentionally silly and fun. Also shows how twisted is Peter getting by the symbiote.

  55. When you have a lucid dream

  56. This movie was chaotic

  57. 1:23 Kono Giorno Giovanna niwa yume ga aru.

  58. Lmao thought that dude at 0:40 behind them was green goblin

  59. Who's for jojo's meme?

  60. Ant Man: I am so confused

  61. Emo Peter looks kinda like Ben Shapiro.

  62. I, Giorno Giovanna, have a dream

  63. I don’t care what anybody says, Tobey killed it here.

  64. I, Peter Parker, Have A Dream

  65. 0:31 Is that old man behind Peter and the girl green GOBLIN?!?!

  66. Put your hands in yo pants ant do the edgy spider dance

  67. What did Raimi mean by this??

  68. 2:00 Well,MJ take that!!!

  69. Stronger and braver than Tom HolStark..

  70. How did this go from my favorite childhood superhero movie to a cheesy flash gorden type of movie lol.

  71. 0:30 "Peter, Don't Tell Harry I'm Dating a Black Girl"

  72. Man this scene is so hilarious!

  73. If someone took out the solo dancing part but left the part where he dances with Gwen, this scene could work. It’s not as bad as everyone says, but the solo dancing part here just doesn’t make sense.

  74. ピーターさん達を案内していたお姉さんの胸を揉みたいなぁ。

  75. ピーターさんとハリーさん、かっこいいなぁ。

  76. One of the greatest scenes in film history

  77. you may not know it but this is peak human form

  78. 1:18 Kono Giorno Giovanna niwa yume ga aru

  79. Lmao no he didn’t hop on the piano and start playing ??

  80. When you already completed the story in first 2 movies and wanted to meme the third

  81. 1:16 And it was at this moment, Peter Parker became the pimp of all pimps

  82. 1:16 giornos theme plays

  83. i think the symbiotes just wanted to be in west side story/a detective novel.

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