Hey guys what’s up! So we’re here for a Spider Man gameplay, and
I’ve got to say man, out of all the heroes I’ve played, this one is the most fun. The developers really gave you that feeling
of being able to swing around the map with his webs. I’ve played a lot of spider man games before,
and I was kinda skeptic on how Spider Man would fit in a MOBA game, but they did it
man, they did it good. I was jumping and swinging around the whole
map. Anyway enjoy the rest of this full Spider Man gameplay, on our next video, we’re gonna
have a full Spider Man tutorial and discuss his skills and how his combo works. So what do you guys think about Spider Man
in MOBA? Looks fun right? Tell us what you guys think in the comment
section. That’s all for this video
Thank you for watching!

Comments (74)

  1. looks very intresting, will give this game a try sometime

  2. Back to cod mobile pls

  3. arent there any bot on the enemy side? they seem… stupid?

    anyway wow sipidy surely looks fun, enemy of all mages

  4. please use iron man next!!! i really interested in that hero. but iron man in this enemy side is BEYOND stupid lol… make me didnt want to use it again lol. please change my mind

  5. How u get powerful when you are not farming

  6. Its more fun if spiderman skill like fanny

  7. Basically Ling on walls but webslinger style

  8. I have some glitch with spidey when you camp at enemy base and stun the enemy inside and uses the ultimate he'll be flying the only way is to use blink.I did it on hero training sorry if my English is not good

  9. Play candy crush please

  10. Is it a mutiplayer game

  11. Thanks elgin for this video I really wish this on Christmas

  12. Can you create about spiderman tips and tricks cuz he is my fav hero in marvel

  13. Spider Man is essentially MSW's Fanny. But easier to use.

  14. Elgin use starlord he's funny to play tho

  15. is that game boring?

  16. Hi Elgin penge po skin hahahahah

  17. My first hero to play is lokiand i gota penta k.o ik maybe they were just bots lol

  18. My mannendake and I'm not even mad ?

  19. Moonton won't be happy about this. Hahahhahaha!

  20. Hey elgin can you play star lord he is fun to play with his insane movement speed almost all melee heroes have a hard time catching him.

  21. Insane mobility!

    BTW, Elgin. Who do you think is a better tank? The Thing or Ronan?

  22. The Fanny of Marvel Super War whahahah

  23. Try Yondu . I think it has the most interesting mechanics.

  24. Hes fun to use well balanced not over powered you just need a good combo and swing in a right time because even if you can swing enemy still can hit you specialy if its a cc tank

  25. fanny of Marvel Super War ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  26. Maganda Sana di yondu kaso bagal ng attack

  27. All right I am installing it u guys convinced me.

  28. Marvels version of Fanny? ?

  29. Seems kinda op, and why is he walking mid air? Lol

  30. Hi Elgin..
    Can U make super war vs Mobile legend. ANIMATION?


  31. If this game had something like endless battle, spiderman would be OP as heck.

  32. Oh…Our friendly neighbor Spiderman is an Assassin. So Ironic

  33. MLBB : ?
    Also MLBB : I MUST COPY (◣_◢)

  34. Hey elgin u need to watch my hero spot light man u kinda bad hey guys watch my hero spot light guys

  35. Hmmm….I'd expect his second skill just like fanny but he shoots webs but this is still cool

  36. This is better than Fanny lol no buff required

  37. Next do ant man he is another fun hero to play with

  38. Lets quit ml lets play avenger

  39. Can u add me? I have few friends in-game

  40. Can you make video about the build of the game please ?

  41. This game has Spider-Man and blade, fuck yeah.

  42. Lods may tatanong ako…
    Nag tataka lang ko kung paano nakaka web c spidey sa taas?

  43. Spiderman is op bro but thanos is real deal even in moba

  44. Marvel and MOBA?
    I see this as an absolute win

  45. I think Black Panther is better and more fun but it's just my opinion hehe. I still play ML though, I just can't take back my rank 1 throne so I'll have a look into other games hehe

  46. I tought he will work like fanny?

  47. REALLY Need another announcer like JARVIS

  48. Your Filipino Voice

  49. the audio of this game sucks

  50. It's just like ling

  51. why i want spider man skill same as fanny
    this spider man is ling now

  52. I thought spidermans skill set will be like fanny
    Thats sad

  53. What's the hero that you had your first penta ??

    Me :starlord

  54. Using star lord is one of the hardest for me… especially the 2nd skill.. the movement speed boost really caught me by surprise??

  55. Elgin what's your id?

  56. Hes like Funny hahaha

  57. Add me "Kenneto"
    Mighthy iron II hahaha rank tayo

  58. How many elgin channels in this youtube??

  59. Lol the thing is the most fun here I ever played

  60. So he's like fanny but less harder

  61. How you install the game??

  62. I like both Marvel Super War and Ml??
    They have a lots of things in common

    •Turtle= That black panther thing
    •The goals are to destroy turret

    Pls. Love my comment Elgin if you agree?

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