Spider-Man: Spider-Verse Flash Mob Prank

Spider-Man: Spider-Verse Flash Mob Prank

*dramatic music opening* Vampire: *evil laugh* I shall eat Vampire: *evil laugh* Vampire: all the spiders Vampire: from the multi-verse! *Vampire Growls Meanacingly* *inspirational music begins* Spiderman: Bring it on demon! *Inspirational heroic music continues to play* *ambient crowd noises* *music morphs into dance music* *Vampire yelling* *Female scream, Spidermen yelling* *Vampire hissing* *music ends* Woman (Wedding Photographer off camera): We have Batman here, do you mind if the photographer… Spiderman: I think all my friends will be able to help you out actually. *Vampire roars, everyone screams* *sounds of people running and muffled talking* *music becomes fast paced again* A Spiderman: Woah!
Another Spiderman: Woah! *triumphant music begins* *Group cheering, Mary Jane cheers!* Spiderman: Victory!
Mary Jane: Yaaay! Spiderman: What were gonna do now is drop him off and eat… *dialogue becomes muffled* *girls laugh* *Spider woman claps twice in rhythm* *group cheering* *upbeat music continues, muffled crowd noises can be heard* Spiderwoman: Woo! *upbeat music continues* *Spidermen and Mary Jane cheering* *music changes to more romantic music* *Mary Jane laughs, then Spidermen begin to laugh* *music changes to a more techno beat* Spiderman: Wooo! Spidey-verse here I come! *techno music continues* *music fades out* *skate board rolling over cracks in the side walk* *dance music starts up* “Don’t you want to?!” *Police sirens in the background* *Girls giggling* Mary Jane: Omigod what’s this! *Mary Jane cries*
Spiderwoman: Oh. My. God. Mary Jane: God help us! *laughing and the music slowly begins to become more techno* Strangers: Oh yeah! *muffled conversationss* Spiderman: Okay! Everybody gets one! Spiderman: Yeahh…
Female voice: Spider-verse! A Spiderman: Awe, thank ya! *muffled conversations* Spiderwoman: Yes! *crowd noises cut out* *techno music* *music fades out* Sean Ward: Thank you so much to all the cosplayers that played in this video. Sean Ward: It was so much fun, you guys are awesome! Sean Ward: Make sure YOU get out and see Avengers Age of Ultron Sean Ward: on opening night, May 1st. Sean Ward: Because on Saturday May 2nd, Sean Ward: We’re gonna do our next live show. Sean Ward: And you can call in and let me know what you thought about Sean Ward: Avengers: Age of Ultron Sean Ward: We’re gonna talk about it Sean Ward: And it’s gonna be a whole lotta fun. Sean Ward: That’s Saturday. May 2nd for our next live show. Sean Ward: The Daredevil one was a big hit Sean Ward: Thank you so much for calling in, everybody that did. Sean Ward: Got the shout-out’s this week for FatimaOrtega Sean Ward: KaiiBoyTube, Orange Milk, Sean Ward: and Noah Solsman! Sean Ward: New Subscriber Alert! Sean Ward: Jimmy Mazaii, Lava Master Project Z, and Sean Ward: and Slime Street. Are you a new subscriber? Sean Ward: Let me know in the comments, I’ll shout you out! Sean Ward: That’s how it goes. Sean Ward: Now that the weather’s nice, we’ve got so Sean: so, sooo many cool, huge, big videos coming up! Sean Ward: All summer long! Sean Ward: We do a new one every single week Sean Ward: So we’ll see you next Friday, thanks so much for watching. Sean Ward: See you later!

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