Spike Volleyball | Motion Capture : The Spike

Spike Volleyball | Motion Capture : The Spike

Hi! I am Guillaume Gay-Mazas associate producer at Black Sheep, working on Spike Volleyball. In professional indoor volleyball, the spike is a matter of preparation, gesture, technique and timing. This is a key move that will very often decide of the outcome of an action. We used motion capture to realistically reproduce it in game. With 160 cameras and 50 sensors placed on the player, we could capture each details of the run, jump and attack in order to transform it in 3D animations you will find in-game during your matches. Stay tuned on Bigben’s social medias to have all latest news about Spike Volleyball.

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  1. male volleyball players? dafuck who would buy this.

  2. Great! Cannot wait to play it!

  3. those players are pretty bad lol. you can tell their range of motions are lacking…

  4. no gameplay?tomorrow is ready,pls

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