SpongeBob SquarePants & Nicktoons: Globs of Doom All Cutscenes & Highlights (Wii, PS2)

SpongeBob SquarePants & Nicktoons: Globs of Doom All Cutscenes & Highlights (Wii, PS2)

ah Squidward
what a day what a life it would be if I didn’t have to go to work isn’t this
just a great day hey Squidward what’s up I think we’re going to be late for work
spongebob what’s happening what is this stuff
I know low Patrick but whatever you do don’t let it touch you
well Charlie got to war what are we gonna do Jimmy Neutron quick through the
portal wait what about Squidward you can only help by coming with me to volcano
island now the modular haven’t figured out what it
does yet I’ve established our makeshift headquarters here how come we need
headquarters we’re all under attack Jimmy’s home in retro Ville mine in
Amity Park even poopoo nunu all of us shot Frank
tecna’s beautiful gorgeous trailer lankton yes yes you know us okay let’s
be civil I invited the evil syndicate here for a reason but they’re evil how
could you be so sure the evil syndicate or evil I’d say the evil part of the
names a dead giveaway all our homes are threatened the only way to defeat this
enemy is to join forces we’ve all got to work together on this one me and Dad
will help too you’re joining our side I am a superior life-form from the planet
Earth I’m not evil just curious you’re joining our side I fight aliens
it seems over there then I’m over here okay so we’re all working together to
stop this stuff what do you got we’ve been tracking them for a while now yet
called more fights Oh visitors I didn’t hear the doorbell you don’t know how
this thing works do you wanna check Knology it’s old what if I can get the
sequence right I think I can adapt it to help us fight the war voids so what do
you do and you’re not being a hero on my off time I practice the ancient art of
juju sounds like you got it working a bubble
blow wand I’m ready with the radiated bubble solution impressive it scans your
molecular makeup to create a custom weapon embedded with Magu technology a
personality scan with weapons to match our next cheerleader this is some
powerful juju light me up whoa Magu juju I love Krabby Patties bubble-bath must be headed straight for
the Krusty Krab you blasted crustacean watch where
you’re walking sorry little one you’re so small I hardly saw you little one out
of my way you will bow to plankton eventually I don’t want a hammer
don’t be so one-eyed about it the Mago Enhancement means that you’ve got
something you always wanted but this isn’t the Krabby Patty secret recipe no
sighs yes now I can crush my enemies move it tanja let the paranormal experts
show you how it’s done a balloon launcher Oh after you save the
universe you can make a living doing kids parties area human give me my a plunger
not just any plunger this is the plunger of down come on the chumbucket in danger
yes the goos all over you but you’re not
mutating it has to be your unique sponge-like characteristics that somehow
make you immune to the goos mutating effects yeah no I know how a pancake
feels under all that syrup over your world and take control good voice
spongebob are you okay I think so follow me
I have something to show you oh sorry don’t know what I was thinking what snatch it looks like a giant robot
that’s the vessel of more tension there are four pieces missing
if you collect them and get this thing working you could stop the war voids
he’s as crazy as a coconut but I like how he’s thinking come on then we’ve got
a robot to build he’s under the control of the more
points you know I’ve always wanted since hey do I have a sign on me that says gue
sponge what’s happening we’ve got it the first piece of the vessel of his
absorption of the goo is creating a wavelength with whoever’s controlling
the more voice it’s speaking through him split-spoke smell that krabby patty
breathe it in spongebob breathe it where am I it’s where we’re going that’s
important Amity Park the second piece of the vessel of pretension has got to be
there somewhere if we don’t stop them they’ll destroy
Amity Park Ghost Dog it’ll take more than a squeaky toy to fix this Danny the
more Freud’s control you’re so brave and cute it’s such a green gun Jude you powers are telling me something
that you’re not wearing a shirt that thing in the dog’s mouth is the missing
piece we need come on there is no way I’m wiping off the drool
I know shaman but I can guess what’s gonna happen next hey where’d you get this stuff very
soothing on the joints little young Lord you are soft and squishy and highly
absorbent aah kraab ulis maximus ruler of the more forest I speak through you
ah there goes the poorest puppet again I know how to fix it ah that’s better
spongebob what did you see it wasn’t pretty
sounds like the sponge has a story to tell and I guess we can’t stop him I thought evil and his name is globulus
Maximus older than time itself a giant ball of goo it absorbs everything in its
path and it’s headed our way it is doom but I sense too that it is
gloom it is evil it is doom II and gloomy let’s look good I agree
all done without electricity evil doom and gloom can only lead to one thing and
that would be if you know so much how come you’re not out there fighting with
us when the magu machines stand me it gave me this there’s no time to waste
we’ve gotta find the next piece of the vessel of portents eeeh sorry sometimes
I stare easily okay my girl eating plant it’s grown to the
size of a building you really need to get control and
you’ve got to get that PC to swallow can you make her stop screaming yeah
whoo glad I missed me that time tartar sauce come on
we’ve nearly got all the pieces the third piece only one more to go he
doesn’t look good neither does he he’s here he’s here the evil one populous
maximizes here this paste are we doomed look it’s right not quite by my
calculations we have just enough time to get to poovu nuno and find the last
piece what you live here the beach living in a bucket come on we gotta find
your boba jab hole wat my mentor he may know where the piece is hidden may the
dojo be with you hey stop it no greasy fingerprints on
the screen what are we gonna do the glob thing is
nearly here square yellow creature of happiness you are unlike anyone I have
met before ouch urine I have grown tired of my
gooey knife and for the first moment since the beginning of time I globulus
Maximus choose to become something else someone else naturally I choose to
become you yes you I like you you are good you are happy you are wholesome
like homemade bread sheesh and I thought this Maximus guy was smart no no no
there’s already enough for me Jimmy have you got all the missing pieces
affirmative the solute for ten she is fully operational then it’s time to chew
bubblegum and whoa and we are all out of bubblegum oh no God you are doing down hey Sparky
are you thinking what I’m thinking depends if you’re thinking evil thoughts
w capture globulin actions and use him for our own future evil plans
now that’s awfully tempting and you know what I like about being evil heavy black
eyeliner we always give in to temptation I don’t want to be used for evil is it
just me or does anyone else feel sorry for the big fella well he did attempt to
take over the places we call home before I go I want you to know something
something new important I was created along with the beginning of the universe
you mean during the Big Bang No during the big sneeze you mean you’re not evil then you’re a
giant booger then why are you trying to take over our worlds well how would you
feel if you were born a booger you’d be upset too no I would be proud
embrace your gooeyness it’s what you are or visit who you are well I’m not quite
sure but it’s not bad ah you’re right spongebob I want to change my ways for
what’s the point time the very thing that created me is slipping away not if
I can help it Oh hardy har there’ii funny guys I may be a booger
but oh that’s better
great but what are we going to do I have an idea I know what happens now yeah
this is where all you evildoers retreat with your tails between your legs no one
of us has to pound their fists and say curses foiled again
like this process foiled again oh come here little fella I’m with you
well I’m glad someone understands how to finish your story crisis Oh again thanks
Bobby baby everything is safe at last what are you gonna do now that you’re
not evil my friends you have taught me to be proud of Who I am and that is
sponge blob of buns glob I will right the wrongs of my past and make amends
throughout the universe good boy if he was born a giant booger
that means something with a nose that big created him and think how big you’d
have to be to have that bigger nose old hermit crab we could have done it
without you we owe you a big hey you think this is just like one time
you know like like the beginning early on
no Patrick feels more like the end

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