Spying on BEST FRIEND FIRST DATE with Her CRUSH! (Kissing to get Event Secret) | Rebecca Zamolo

Spying on BEST FRIEND FIRST DATE with Her CRUSH! (Kissing to get Event Secret) | Rebecca Zamolo

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  1. Hey ZamFam- Do you think Alice really has a CRUSH on Agent R? Let me know if you're subscribed with my notifications on!

  2. Something fell on soffcie dosii

  3. Matt just freeze when the phone of alice or a

  4. When soviética dosse wuss chriying to put the chrackr on the ajin sumthen fall awt ave soviético

  5. she looks sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooopretty

  6. I think Matt is hypnotize!!!

  7. omg Rebecca take alice to her crush and make them ks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

  8. I think they make a very cute couple

  9. Yes they should be a couple

  10. Instead of Alice going on a date with agent r it's like Rebecca going on a date with agent s
    Like of u agree

  11. Soffit drop something while cartwheling

  12. Hi Rebecca! What I think is that Alice does has a crush on Agent R for sure and they should have a ship name!! Oh No Agent S is here as well of helping Agent R but why he has to be there for Agent R?? Something to Matt at the Supermarket when he was buying food a GMI or mysterious person wearing black suit I think is a GMI had a phone ring and Matt Froze at 5:45!

  13. Agent R is not him self!!!!!!!!!

  14. I found out that when sofie dossi dropped something when she cartwheel

  15. I ship Alice and Agent R as a cute couple

  16. Agent r is Dumd but funny

  17. Do you no wen alice your best friend is from your tea party

  18. The weekend before Christmas is the 21st or the 22nd

  19. What do you mean Alice everyone's a slick and I don't mean that in a mean way

  20. Matt:I got the food ?
    Me:really Matt the food

  21. Matt freeze if he heard alices ringtone

  22. Sophie dropped something wen she was leaving

  23. Nothing is cool about agent R

  24. What I like at agent R is he's pretty funny

  25. Nothing is special about him?

  26. Yes they’re cute couple

  27. i wouldnt be supprised if mr x wants to ruin christmas by doing the switch

  28. I think they are cute couple but anyway I hate agent s Because he ruined him make that date over

  29. Yasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  30. Idk why that gusy recording the gmi but ok btw i love sophi dosen (sorry try to spell)

  31. Hi Rebecca I love you tic tokd

  32. Hey Rebecca at the end when you got taken my eyes on the blink and I passed out but I’m walking up now and I think I’m a member that truck from the four I mean taking in that truck from these weird people and I think it’s from the gym I was another organisation does tell me what does we got more information please from the gmiI and maybe one and a another organisation that evil thanks

  33. No cause when she was in the GMI she was uncomfortable around him

  34. They are so cute together!

  35. Agent s is spying on you

  36. I feel like beating Agent S up!!!!! His advices are terrible!

  37. Ummm about agent r is that he makes Alice smile from agent r

  38. When agent s slicked agent R’s hair back he looked like a egg? his head went??

  39. Alice look so beatifull☺

  40. How about you guys spy on them two Matt spy on the agents and You can spy on Alice so u guys know wat they are doing

  41. Hey rebecaa. You no matt frezzes when you call matt someone with matt

  42. 13:33 she dropped something

  43. i think matt frezzes when like a agent come ?

  44. Nothing!! He is weird


  46. L think she does not like him l having wach the vid tho but for the pecter in the cover they are trying to kiss so I kinda think she has a crush and don’t have an crush oOOOOOooooOOoooOOOOo

  47. Rebecca: Sofi dossi drooped something from her pocket something.

  48. That ring tone was in my play and we had the play tonight. It was so much fun and I love that ring tone now.

  49. Matt started to stay still when he heard a iPhone someone put it

  50. agent r is so idiot

  51. Yesssssssssssssssssss Rebecca i’ve subcribers

  52. sophie drop something when she flip

  53. They are so cute????

  54. Soffit dropped something

  55. I like the colour blue

  56. I think she has a crush on him


  58. Rebecca: MATT? Hey Matt? Do you love pink?
    Matt: Yeah. Ofc I do.
    Me: dYiNg fRoM lAuGhTeR

  59. rebbeca there's something fall from soffie dossi is like so shiny

  60. i think something fall of soffie dossies pants or something while doing cartwheel

  61. The girl drop the dibise

  62. They really have a crush

  63. You have the best merch ever but my won't let me get it ???

  64. They not a cute couple

  65. Yesterday was agent R b-day

  66. They do look really cute

  67. Agent R:bye new friend
    Me:*dies of laughter*

  68. Are said he like Sofie dossi

  69. Yes I ship Alice and Agient R ????‍♀️

  70. Agent S have a crush on Sofie dossi

  71. Who you like more

    GMI – Like
    Rebecca. – Subscribe

    Alice looks so cute wearing that outfit and her hair so beautiful ??????
    I think Rebecca should open a Beauty Salon and Alice should be the model and Like when the customers will come and say can you give me an example of this hairstyle and Rebecca will make it in Alice.???????

    Rebecca When Matt hears the ringtone of The GMI's ringtone then he gets freeze.

    Subscribe to Rebecca Zamolo and also me If you agree??

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