Spying on GAME MASTER TOP SECRET Meeting! (Details of GM Network Underground Tunnel and Riddles)

Spying on GAME MASTER TOP SECRET Meeting! (Details of GM Network Underground Tunnel and Riddles)

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  1. Do you think the key is to the safe we just found in our house?

  2. You saw the code in the lab!!!

  3. You saw it in the GM LAB

  4. They said the gm network is activeted

  5. You should go in the tunel

  6. Game master network activated

  7. 5he floor in the lab

  8. They where saying "The Game Master Network Activates" I am a zamfam!!!

  9. It is the sing u found in the lab floor

  10. They were enchanting game master network activated

  11. Game master net work

  12. One of them are Mr X

  13. the symbols are from the tunnels under the cabin

  14. the code was in the GM lab

  15. Game master network activated

  16. They were chanting the game master Network is activated

  17. Game Master Network Actived the are next target Pumpkin Patch aka Rocky . Matt and Rebecca Zamolo

  18. The game master network is out hear

  19. Game master network activated

  20. they were saying game master network… that is all I could make out

  21. game master network activated that's what they were chanting

  22. Game master network activated

  23. It took some time to make out what they're saying but I heard "Game Master Network Activated"

  24. I love you love Emma

  25. Game master network gadjets

  26. They were saying the Game Master Network activated

  27. I saw the simbols in the lab

  28. the gamemaster were saying gamemaster Active

  29. The code was from the game master labitori

  30. Make sure you guys don’t get caught and be careful! Like if you want them to be carful!

  31. They said gamemaster Network acitaveit

  32. you saw the code i the lab like this comment if i'm correct

  33. they are saying gamemaster network activated

  34. They said Game Master Network activated

  35. You saw the sign code came from the lab

  36. There saying the GMN is activated

  37. I saw the sign in the place where you made the lie director potion

  38. It was in the laboratory

  39. it says game master network activated

  40. Stay safe Rebecca and matt

  41. The code was in the secret lab

  42. They said game master network activated rebbecca

  43. Game master network gageit

  44. They said Game Master Network is activated

  45. they said that they were traveling in the tunnel for hours but there was light at the other end of the tunnel!


  47. Those coins are from GMI casting

  48. You found those symbols in the GM laboratory

  49. They said game master network activated

  50. I think they said game master but I am not sure……

  51. In the game masters lab

  52. It said "the game master network activated"

  53. The code was in the laboratory on the floor

  54. the code was in the lad where you made the truth . surum

  55. they saw the stuff at the lab

  56. You have seen it at the lab

  57. Game master network activated

  58. Gmi are evil Like if you agee

  59. I thank Rebeca and Daniel and BlackJack and Penat i well love u Rebecca and Matt and Rebeca and Daniel and BlackJack and Penat

  60. they said game master activated

  61. Game master network activated is what they said

  62. They were saying game master network activated

  63. Rebecca is following the game master and that weird tunnel matt

  64. i think it was on the floor of the game masters labotory

  65. the 4 simbols were from the GM lab

  66. 1like =to beat up the game master and pumpkin patch

  67. Wait who is recording I’m confused 😐

  68. When you got out of the tunnel there was something in it that was gray or silver

  69. He’s probably in his hideout

  70. Matt Rebecca is following the game master in a Nother tunnel and she is OK

  71. They said Game Master network activated

  72. Go master laboratory

  73. The four symbols were on the floor in the lab

  74. You saw the code on the floor at the lab

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