Spying On My Wife in Disguise For 24 Hours! Crashing Date with Crush using Hacks and Girls Struggles

Spying On My Wife in Disguise For 24 Hours! Crashing Date with Crush using Hacks and Girls Struggles

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  1. Why would my wife do this and what do you think the big surprise is?

  2. Zoe should date Daniel since they both have glasses and the same hair colour and they are both hackers

  3. I think zove should Go on a date with agent s

  4. That is agin s clon

  5. Rebecca's dream house

  6. Agent r is a clone because Matt was cold and agent r is cold

  7. agent s is a clone because m2 was cold because he was a clone so agent s is cold so he is a clone.

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  9. I dont now but stop screming

  10. Matt you would not let Rebecca have the barbie dream home.

  11. Agent S is definitely a clone

  12. Agent S is a clone because when mat clone was pertending to be mat he keept saying he was cold and agent s keeps saying he is cold

  13. The big surprise is her dream house

  14. I think the surprise is Rebecca Dreamhouse

  15. Agent S is a clone I noticed it in a video before this

  16. the surprise is Rebecca dream home

  17. Their channel is full of dramas. I can prove it to you
    Check out this video —> start watching 7:44 of the video in the link
    They said maddie went to australia but seeeeee???????????,,,,,,!!!!!! What does this video mean!!!! If you agree with me like my comment❤️

  18. The surprise is Obviously the dream house that Rebecca really want.

  19. Zoe should date with daniel

  20. Zoe has a weird tattoo on also I have a ex best friend called Zoe.

  21. Agente s. Is a cloun

  22. That is agentS clone Agent s is always cold but the rest is really hot

  23. Here dream house 🏡

  24. Agent s is a clone don’t trust him he said he was cold.

  25. Daniel and Zoe should be a couple

  26. Where is peanut and blackjack….

  27. I hate Matt but I
    LOve u Rebecca

  28. Been should go on a date with Daniel

  29. I mean I love rebbeca but she is being kind of a little spoiled

  30. Maddie didnt go to Ausralia becaus she is in this video 😱 Sofie Dossi PRANKS Rebecca Zamolo – Hilarious ACRO YOGA CHALLENGE wait until the end

  31. The big surpris is the barbie dream house

  32. AGENT s feels cold do not trust him

  33. Agent s is cloned

  34. Agent a best I’m not sure because Maddie has got a crush on agent a…

  35. Agent s probably saw the video where you where trying to pick a house I think he knows

  36. Rebirth the man is just trying to make your house

  37. I think that Zoe should have a bate with Daniel❤️😍😊😆🙏

  38. I think it is a house Matt bulit a house for Rebecca

  39. I think your taking her to her barbie dream home

  40. The surprise has been kind of obvious so..

  41. Dream house like if agree

  42. Zoe we should go on a date with Daniel

  43. I think Zoe should go out with Agent S

  44. I think that Zoey should go on a date with agente S pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee

  45. Zoey should date danyal bc they can both hack

  46. Agent s is a clone because he said that is cold like your clone

  47. Agent s is a clone because you know how Matt was always cold when he was a clone agent s is a clone

  48. Randomly just thought about agent S being a clone from the new paw zam dogs video title, he is always cold. Check his neck for a barcode

  49. Agent s is a clone because that's why he didn't know the song

  50. Agent S is a clone that is because he did not no the son at all


  52. Daniel. She should go on a date with Daniel.

  53. Agent S is a close because has acting like He is hot All the time.


  55. I think that Zoey should go out with dannel

  56. hey agent s Zoey liked you

  57. I Olso what the dream house but i fell bad for Matt.

  58. can you make a new video?

  59. That not agent s!!!

  60. She is doing it because you didn’t let her get her dream home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. That is agent s clone because he is always cold and he did not know his own song

  62. Agent s because they call an agent snake because she caused an egg in snake of course love you guys San Pham

  63. Zoy could go with a date with agent R.

  64. Zoe should go with agent s

  65. Agent S is a clone check his neck for a barcode

  66. put zoe with daniel or agent s

  67. your wife did that because she wants her barbie dream house and i think the suprise is the barbie dream hoose.

  68. Agent s is a clone because when mat had a clone he always cold
    He is a 🅰 clone

  69. This spying on Rebecca is too much, ALWAYS trust Rebecca 😕

  70. Agent S has a clone thats why he keeps on saying he is cold.

  71. Nooo when something is important the video ends urhh

  72. Agent s is a clone because he is all ways cold

  73. Zoe and Daniel are a great couple . They should DATE SMASH the THUMBS UP ZAMFAM IF you ALL agree TO me

  74. Agent s is a clone because when matt was a clone he was cold agent s was mad and told agent r to leave and when he got back and hardly remberd any thing or were he was and does not know the song I love you guys and I dont trust agent s aget r dont trust anget s

  75. Zoe likes agent s oooo Zoe is a falling in love with a bad guy 🤩

  76. Agent S is it a clone Remember m2 He was always cold so agent S is a clone in the real agent s is somewhere else

  77. Agent s has a clone bc he's always like cold like when matt clone he was.always cold and u remember matt when agent s was singing the song that all of u guys made he nearly knew it bc its hes clone

  78. Agent r is a clone CLONE

  79. Will you guys get a divorce I'm getting scared

  80. If you look at the video that Rebecca did with Jordan Matter, Maddie is their. WHY IS SHE HERE I THOUGHT SHE WAS IN AUSTRALIA!! EXPLAIN.

  81. Rebecca I think agent S is a CLONE because HE DIDN'T EVEN KNOW HIS SONG

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