Spyware: What is it and what is it capable of doing?

Spyware: What is it and what is it capable of doing?

The latest Wikileaks leak is about how
various pieces of Spyware technology have been used against journalists by oppressive
regimes around the world. To put it simply it is programs that secretly
record what you do on your computer. It exploits a weakness in the host computer
and is often given access by the user. Once it’s in, it hides itself so the user
doesn’t know it’s there, and either passes data back to the spyware owner or takes control
of the host computer. Basically, the spyware positions itself in
between the web server and web browser where it has access to information. So, when a computer, tablet or mobile is infected,
details of what you then search for can then be seen. Files can be easily accessed, passwords for
online bank and email accounts can be copied, Skype calls can be recorded, and your location
can even be tracked by GPS. It really is quite creepy. Because spyware uses memory and system resources,
the applications running in the background can lead to system crashes or general system
instability. Experts largely agree that the technology
can be useful, particularly in the criminal investigation area, but there’s also a consensus
that without regulation, this technology can easily fall into the wrong hands and effect
an awful lot of people.

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  2. So how can people protect them selves from this?

  3. The spyware on my computer is preventing me from watching this video.

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