SQUASH STRINGING | ATW METHOD | How to ATW string a Salming Fusione

I’ve been stringing squash rackets for
nine years starting with a drop weight machine and progressing to the
electronic machine you see in this video over the Christmas holidays I decided to
become a better stringer and spent some time watching videos and researching
techniques I found out about around the world stringing and looked into various
knots and methods as a result I’ve changed the way I string and I have
written the new improved method down for the other guys of the club so that we
can be consistent with our stringing here you can see a relatively new
Salming Fusione Feather Rawr that has been strung and conventionally by me with the
Salming Lava string in this video I’ll string the same racket and string using
the simplest around the world method the purpose is to try the method and see how
it plays compared to conventional I will quickly set the frame
and string to the point where all but two mains are strung we now feed the top cross from the short
side I feed and tension the long side main I tension the top cross and clamp with
my starter clamp to free up the machine clamp for the bottom cross before feeding the bottom cross I
double-check the weave pattern to match the top string it’s the same in this
case because there are 19 crosses I feed and tension the bottom cross now I can tie off the top cross using
the Parnell knot the next step is to feed and tension the
final main to get me back to the top of the frame so I can string the crosses
top to bottom this is the reason for doing around the world stringing it’s a harder weave with the bottom main
strung I usually string one cross ahead of
tensioning at the end I tie off with another parnell
knot before checking the strings for straightness email me or leave a comment
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