Staging a comeback after a loss! – Eden vs TROPA/Valhalla – Guild League #8/9 – PW

Staging a comeback after a loss! – Eden vs TROPA/Valhalla – Guild League #8/9 – PW

What’s up everybody! Welcome back to Redthorn’s Gaming. I’ve got Thursday night guild league here for you in perfect
world today I hope everybody had a very fulfilling Thanksgiving meal for those
of you that celebrated I had kielbasa I’m sure all of you had turkey and
cranberry sauce but we’ve got guild League number seven no I’m sorry
eight nine guild League number eight nine that’s coming at you in just a few
minutes we are a little under three minutes from getting there I found out
that by having the speaker on my phone during voice chat and discord was
causing a lot of problems I did I don’t know it caused it not the problems for
the sound it caused problems with the microphone every single microphone I
have tested tends to compensate for outside noise and that’s probably what
they’re supposed to be doing unfortunately it makes it super loud so
I’ve turned the speaker off now I can’t hear them so be it I’m in team six I’m
not in my normal team so I know I need to heal these people down there in the
fourth row squad number four those are the people I need to concentrate on
there’s two healers we are good to go I think we’re gonna be okay but I will be
seeing you in about a minute and 40 seconds when we find out who we are
fighting for the first battle and we are fighting choppa so my bad they told us I was we were
going somewhere but I don’t see see unlike Divine Valley and I don’t know
where my person that’s just like not going where it’s supposed to be going
that is phenomenal I clicked on that like a thousand times I’m trying to get over here sound like
Divine Valley you can’t see the different flags to go to okay that went pretty well how are we
doing not very good I’m not in team four though so I can’t speak for the
awesomeness of this particular team that I’m in right now other than I’m getting
crushed feeling the healer and getting and just some damage to him and I’m getting attacked
he’s fighting back I’m not exactly a damage dealer oh we lost the point I’m getting crushed here we’ve lost all three pull all three
flags that is phenomenal team for this is not but that’s fine
hey you get to watch a video where we actually lose here and eaten but we
haven’t lost yet either so don’t take what I just said to heart until we’ve
actually lost I mean we got weird inning I mean I
don’t know yeah well we’re holding North pretty well but
it doesn’t look like I mean we’re already short one person and that’s my
party so we’re the short party is actually holding the flag but they’re
killing us right now there wait they need to send a squad to reinforce this
whole party of party of p1 because they’re not getting it done
at all admit we’re getting crushed right now I think
I never thought I’d actually see this but that’s good I guess and we’re gonna
take our sweet-ass time getting over there because I have the very basic
wings and they’re very slow oh we took north and south but we are still about
500 points away and we lost out or if we win this I’m gonna be super
surprised and that’s not too bad excuse me well they’re having some serious
troubles against this look there’s nobody here in mid all the red dots are they’re all down south right now okay
there’s one dot there and I get but there’s more than a couple of people look at this there’s three people here
unfortunately I’m youtubing so I can’t get into discord and tell him that but
you know they should probably I mean he’s right there there’s the leader he’s
got to be seeing if there’s nobody here whoa whoa I’m telling you this is good
fight right now much better than team four where we win
all the doggone time we get it we lose it we get it we lose
it that’s fantastic I don’t know where I’m going my goodness
this guy’s just like chasing me Wow didn’t he just a twenty three
thousand Darth just totally up in and I mean I I don’t know a death the earth
death I watched too much Star Wars six minutes ago there’s a ton of people here look at
this hello do something good grief we get the point we lose it
we get the point we lose it it’s almost like we got Chiapas best
team good grief
I love how we get focused it’s just terrible well let’s see they’re all at North
right now so we will go middle and we’ll see what’s going on there I don’t think I can heal Pocahontas
because I don’t think Pocahontas is in my team no you’re dead and I’m
running we have are we about to get swept that’s gonna
be not too good they are too strong they’re all strong majestic that’s the
point I’m about to die help this is now look good for the home team
here can we at least void the sweep we got about a minute and 13 seconds left they’re doing to us what we’ve always
done in t4 to the other other teams now I know how it feels
ha we have ten seconds before this battle
ends and that’s a loss congratulations to s
screamo MVP congratulations chess 13 the other team not a good battle I don’t
think I’ve been on a losing team in Eden since we first started doing guild
League when I first joined this this guild but we’ve got a little less four
minutes I’ll be back when you find out whom we are fighting and we are fighting
ha off we go hmm Wow we just got kicked off that dealing
with a barb on the ground we just got kicked off oh we got it back I just see my name up there that’s
pretty phenomenal you try but I was already moving toward
it nice slept them and then he died we’re gonna we’re gonna be here trying
to kill this dude all day he goes because Ricky Ricardo oh come on I should have been mine
that’s cool though how we doing we are not now we’re only down a little bit
this time around but it looks like we’re having some issues hmm they’re harassing us at north and they
are totally dominating mid and south and that’s all they’re really doing is
harassing us and we took South good job need to keep it though he just got like
a hundred points on us I’m staying here with my tank though though I probably shouldn’t because they
already have a stronger healer here now they’ve caught up to him Wow I’m
heading down down the south seems to be a ton of people down there there was a
lot of people down there Wow but they could be dead the thing about
the game is that if they die their icon is still there now they’re not bad
that’s for sure you’re dead there’s a ton of red here I wonder if
this is their weaker team oh I just revived him too ow all right a little hot for me little
half me see and they stupid trees they just get in your way I don’t like that
at all there’s obstacles in your way oh it took a little bit of a lead here
we took mid I was a ton of people at mid whoo big battle going on here at mid
however losing the point though the flag however there’s probably nobody at South Sea now they need to be drink
transitioning to South everybody looks like everybody went to mid most of all
so now we got to go down here to South and take this not like I’m gonna take
this looks like they managed to do that though not too bad not too bad about six
minutes left would we just take we just took mid outstanding
oh you’re dominating them now I can’t keep you alive bro that’s not
happening and I’m getting beat up myself going up I’m going up we’re gonna die up
no no doubt we’re gonna die in the air like why am i moving so slowly I’m not
debuffed or anything that I can see at least I just don’t get it I won’t get there before we capture that requested help I’m not doing anything this guy
somebody’s shooting me I gotta chase you I’ll chase you off I’m
gonna chase you though I’ll be looking at we still have two flags not bad not bad not gonna lie not very
bad this time around I am looking at two minutes 20 seconds
remaining and yes I can actually read through that my screen just got really dark what’s going on here I can’t like swear
anything everything just froze that’s fantastic all right there we go good grief yeah not doing much in the way of
damaging here we have a half a minute it’s like a win
yeah there’s no way they can catch us now and we won while I was still dead
fantastic gratulations to mr. Chinese here on our team for getting MVP or
misses could be a misses don’t know either way congratulations to Thor
MVP for Valhalla and there you have it ladies and gentlemen
you got to see I lost by Eden finally lost not finally but finally you get to
see one anyway don’t forget to like and subscribe and
share this video and hit me up on discord or Facebook. Thanks so much for
watching and I will see you again.

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  1. First loss in some time. Like 3 months. They'll chalk it up to the holidays but i say no excuse! XD Good fights all around. Can't win them all.

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