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iRAIDYOU Presents… New Update

Comments (85)

  1. First lol. Darn you Jacob.

  2. Ran out of muffins, my dad wont buy more… uuuuuugh

  3. If muffins aren't in yt rewind we storming there headquarters

  4. Raidyou you speak english or spanish or all

  5. What is that intro tho, idk what I was thinking XD

  6. i am 3,good vid btw 😀

  7. This was an amazing storytime at beginning

  8. 2 views and 7 likes youtube is OP —

  9. Hey IRU it's bigpeenboi from discord u told me to sub to kyol

  10. We should bully lapa for a muffin update seriously


  12. muffin asmr video is right around the corner


  14. IRU: i suck at pvp

    also IRU: wins majority of the pvp's

    me: yhhh not so convincing my dude

  15. Give me muffin 😛

  16. Finally a voice vid : D

  17. If I’m here befor you like or I won’t give u a muffin

  18. you can also put on the camand that gives more drops and each lava drag is like 50k points and gives like 10 lava hearts

  19. Song drops harder than my heart beating. Also love your video! 🙂

    Here's a free muffin! (Just pretend it's real)
    gives free muffin

  20. Only cool guys love muffins

  21. Muffinz is an alcohol since they are really addictive because of how good they are

  22. I will launch a muffin with my bey launcher -WO

  23. This Is noice xD need play starve and no have PC

  24. If only I had a chance at the right time to be in one of these videos , I would more than delighted to be in at least one video , I tried when there wasent a lava update and we killed that savager on 5th place , idk if you remember but you forgot to record that part , but yeah ermm.. umm.. I have nothing else to say to make this comment even longer just someone reading this pls click the like button on IRAIDYOU'S / Blissfuls video and on my comment , thank you and (love you all) (shout out to all my anti-savagers out there) love you all <333

  25. When your reading this comment put the video on 5:05 will make you want more to click the like button for my comment

  26. Omg I got do emotional wtf is happened to me

  27. IRU stop you sort of sound like a fat ass talking about muffins
    It's just well talking about muffins and well :/ muffin fetish…

  28. first time i see iru s pvp: :ok_hand:

    second i see iru s pvp but knowing theres aimbot available: X Doubt


  30. Iraidyou ran out of ideas


  31. Did you have a aimbot??

  32. I'm calling it, Lapa has to add a muffin skin to the game.

  33. how to join your server?

  34. your just noob i can beat u ez

  35. 2 day before your private server ending xD

  36. Muffinz!!! 0:06

  37. It's like the hackers but it's private server also
    I bought it and I felt like a hacker
    Nice video respect from Israel, Egypt, France, UK and the USA

  38. зделай видео на руском

  39. great muffinz storyh ;O;o and then beep sound at end of it XD

  40. Can you stop whit all these ceinge muffina shit?

  41. unban me from your discord :(( milli banned me for no reason:(( Shindex钦?ノ ✘ɢ#5783

  42. ty

    we love u too no homo 🙂

  43. Intro like a god (no), you need be MUFFINRAIDYOU

  44. Laptop still broke 😀

  45. I love study and play games like crossouth

  46. iRAIDYOU expose yuukun in his 6 guest video at 2:16

  47. Please youtube don't remove monetization afor this cannel only because for Muffins ;P`p l z don't reduce monetization

  48. 11:05 dont worry my too xD

  49. Lol
    So cool
    Love uu

  50. Tomska made a game called muffin time, you should get it

  51. your voice is not good???

  52. aun no entiendo links en español pero eres ingles

  53. What button i press to leave commands

  54. That Intro Had Me Dead LMFAO

  55. huh 😛 if love muffinz is you heavy and any time heavy you nice :))

  56. привет парин я тоже играю я не как про ат бог

  57. 1like
    Im forgive muffinz:)

  58. How old are you for one your streaming early in the morning so I'm guessing you're older than 18 but you talk like this so I imagine you're like 16

  59. Please gimma a muffin i love em <3 and i like your channel too keep it up bro <3

  60. bro plese live in private server

  61. Как ты создал сервер?!

  62. А как ты главный на сервере. Или сколько стоил сервер.

  63. Hey IRU i need the animation = muffins infinite

  64. I just saw your server and I can’t join ?

  65. With autoclicker i get 30 mil each 10 seconds XD

  66. You can turn on instant craft and you can get like 10 resources every ore

  67. did i saw that the intro just was and ad of muffins? yeah i think i did do it

  68. Hey what was that classical song that was playing while you were spinning for skins and stuff?

  69. Why u like muffins?

  70. 1000000 sub special – face reveal plus muffin eating


  72. Gimme muffin!!! I cant not live if i dont get one

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