Streamers React to C9 Sneaky Cosplay #465

Streamers React to C9 Sneaky Cosplay #465

Did he try to do that? hmmmmmmmmmmmm Why–what, why–what thof how do you grow those in one day? Wait, where’d those come from bro? Haha – Wai-wai-wai-wai-wai-wai-wait where’d they come from dude? *Beeping Sounds* *Beeping intensifies* *Beeping just pops off* *Flatline sound* *Sighs* Look at those boobs. He’s insane Haha Holy fuck he’s smurfing Okay, I think about sneaky sexually um kinda gets me in aroused in ways, I don’t want to talk about Now I’m just joking or maybe we really don’t know anymore Sneaky’s laying in your bed like that. What are you doing? A-And it’s the day after No Nut November What do you do? *Laughing* Checks Sneaky’s Twitter Wait, do you believe in me? GOOD CHOICE GOOD CHOI-. YOU PUT YOUR FAITH IN ME! GOOD choice Hey, ey, I can Zhonya OOH! GET SHIT ON *Laughs* Hashinshin – where? HASHINSHIN! HASHINSHHIIIIIIINN!? Longest stream more than eight hours a day. Basically, that would – Hi kitty. *Unintelligible* E-GIRL: Praise me more than you ever will *E-Girl laughs in background* E-GIRL: She has no name. The girl has no name. E-GIRL: Oh there’s people down here.
Hashinshin: WHAT? What if – what if I could do something right here they’ll blow your pants off, check this out Would that impress you? Can you guys just tank? Streamer: You – you- you guys got Urgot. Your fine.
Guy in discord: Yeah we have Urgot. Guy in Discord: I’ll TP, uh Guy in Discord: In three seconds
Streamer: Over here, over here, I got GP here too. Here, here. I’m with uhh GP, with Urgot first. Guy in Discord: Yeah, I’m TP’ing just to make sure AWW. Depression. *Korean. Pure. Korean.* *Laughing* Shit Get away from me gay Twitch that’s his that’s his name Twitch before you ban me twitch that is his summoner name Okay Oh well Break out the red panties. Where is baby? Donation: Thanks fam. I’m glad you liked the song it’s – LLStylish: WHOS THE FACE? THE FACE OF ZED? Hmm. Try it. *Sighing / Crying on the inside* And out of shit Swear if I die because you picked up my ignite Easy. Ez clap. What is this cannon minion auto? Oh my God. The Kennens liter- WHY DUDE WHY? HOOOW? HAHA. This game… WHAT THE FUCK?!?! *Talking a different language* Watch this flash guys. Lata bi- *Laughs* This dude ignited me man. Ahh He do- he dodged the Q Be dead Wait that guy sucks. *Laughs* Oh shit, walk through him though. Oh my god, it’s a fiesta Eyy, that was cool *Laughs* *Screaming* SUCKA MA DICK RUN BOI RUN *Laughs* WOOOOOO *Screams more* I don’t want no boo boo, don’t want no boo boo Wait it’s him Oh *ScReAmS MoEr* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *Laughs* Inting he said *Laughs historically* Annie players IQ HA Annie players IQ, boys, ladies and gentlemen. This is what Annie players are capable of doing. I’m the best tip in the world and you’re better than me. Oh wait Let me offensive to me away Hey Patsy after me I’ll wait waiting. Let me a bet if to meet go I’ll wait What wait did you know I just killed them You’re not officer so bitches Okay move I can’t fucking move I can’t Oh megalo hope Nelson Who’s this dumbass doing tents else Belson Pause the music You made fun of my favorite song Just for you random person’s coach is gonna do something he’s never done before Jones ourselves. I’m I’m going through it again. I hope you enjoyed your stay. I’m fucking out dating Guys that have you have a good name You

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  1. C O N T E N T S ヾ(๑╹ヮ╹๑)ノ” :

    0:00 LL Stylish
    0:56 Smoothie
    1:13 WildTurtle
    1:26 Packofotters
    1:38 Tyler1
    2:37 Panunu
    2:51 CaptainCoach + Hashinshin
    3:28 Boxbox
    3:38 Smoothie
    3:53 Peanut
    4:08 Geranimo
    4:26 LL Stylish
    4:48 Tyler1
    5:06 MikeYeung
    5:18 LL Stylish
    5:44 SuperMetroid
    6:03 LL Stylish
    6:13 Pro Player Jankos
    6:33 Trick2g
    6:53 Voyboy
    7:09 Scarra
    7:20 Panunu
    7:34 Trick2g
    8:05 LL Stylish
    8:29 GrossGore
    9:04 Tyler1
    9:30 Zwag
    9:44 AnnieBot
    9:56 Trick2g
    10:12 Panunu
    10:25 Tyler1
    10:41 Boxbox
    10:59 CaptainCoach
    11:09 KBVTV

    All stream links in the video description, enjoy!

  2. Holy shit Sneaky is an actual Trap.

  3. I want sneaky as my gf. He would be better than any girl existing.

  4. This is wrong. So wrong.

  5. Whenever Tyler moves his head it shape shifts

  6. Sneaky and Boxbox makes me question what is Gender


  8. lol all the guys cant believe he does these cross dressing cosplays so well

  9. wtf, they arent even all reacting to that shit, you mostly got random streamers playin their matches. talk about Bullshit, lets put a little tiny fuckin bit of the subject matter of your video at the start and fill the rest with bullshit stolen from other streamer's matches…. at least make your video actually about it….

  10. After 2 minutes in on the almost 12 minute video there is no more reactions to his cosplaying

  11. where is Koreaninng the best ever from ChampionsClub by Drdisrespect

  12. omg I just know Dopa and Koreaninng as God players this is full of no competitive mechanics

  13. 4:14 he’s a ONCE?

  14. so Sneaky now confirmed as gay? well it was pretty obvious

  15. When you're prettier than your girlfriend


  17. When your sister lets you see her vagina for the first time 1:45

  18. Tlyer1 needs to cosplay ricardo milos

  19. Cuando intento ver de lejos 1:43 xdxd

  20. 4:00 he's wearing fc bayern outfit LOL 😀

  21. Ughhhh cant stop replaying streamers looking at Sneaky

  22. 2:00 When you see sneaky's cosplay and you dont know what is happening down there xD

  23. And stylish is so fucking curious about how sneaky grew these boobs … LMAO hilarious

  24. Nice, keep it up 🙂

  25. Sneaky chuyển giới chưa các bác

  26. c o n f u s e d b o n e r

  27. Goddamnit who to fap to?? Boxbox or sneaky?

  28. Sneaky is dummy thicc

  29. why Panunu looks so handsome in this vid ?? fangirl

  30. Sneaky turning men from straight to the gay side

  31. this should be on pornhub

  32. If I could legit get Sneaky as a bf I would die

  33. tyler looks like a really angry baby

  34. 1:41 what's the songs name 😀

  35. It’s not gay if he looks like a female, therefor proving they like girls

  36. Mom: What is this?
    Mom: Hands me my terrible grade-paper
    Me: 2:00

  37. Holh fking TRAP bois!!!!!

  38. They come from aliexpress for 300$ full body silicon crossdress

  39. tbh i was hoping that one would say
    "God forgive me for what i'm going to do"
    and just turns off the stream

  40. "He's smurfing" hahaha

  41. 9:53 He sounds like mickey mouse?

  42. Yow for real 4:10 that background music is thay from twice?

  43. 1:41 Seeing her dick for the first time

  44. something is rising and its not the shield hero

  45. Tyler1 is man handling his desire not to fap sneaky


  47. Some: holy shit i don't wanna go visit Sneaky daily man
    I get a weird feeling that I'm going to fall

    Hell I'm straight

    All: if he's gonna be on your bed
    What are you gonna?

    Me : man imagine if i could become like Sneaky
    Both a girl also a man

  48. T1 actually like confused as sht for 3 minutes straighy

  49. the dbz theme though

  50. He attacc
    He protecc
    But most importantly
    Sneaky still have his dick

  51. to everyone, this a nigga.


  53. Sneaky will turn all LoL players Gay

  54. 2:00
    T1:am a fap to this

  55. Tyler's face was priceless, he gone through every emotion possible in 30 sec ??

  56. 7:32, so he gets dark harvest stack with ignite but I can't? a i g h t

  57. Fellas… let’s be honest

  58. Some of the guys can make good traps too…

  59. 6:00 fcking 300 iq

  60. yo im not gonna lie sneaky lookin hot

  61. Tyler's face says it all

  62. que hay de desayunar? lentejas? ah bueno mama pásate por mi canal v:

  63. I just got an ad for some shitty mobile game except it used clips taken from shadow of the colossus

    ._. Monkass bro

  64. sneaky is the type of guy to tell u he will be your gf on miencraft for diamonds and when u meet with him u see he's dessed as a girl but when u want to have 18+ things with him u see him hacing a dick.

  65. 3:28 was actually sick ngl

  66. Tyler was staring lol

  67. sorry bro I wil only die in gold this season

  68. 8:16 "laughing historically"

  69. lol dat janna shield missclick at 2:45 made me cry!

  70. I wish my laptop said Nerd

  71. video title: "streamers react to sneaky cosplay"

    Video contents: 5 minutes of that, 20 minutes of plays.

    Me: ok.

  72. "How did he GROW THOSE IN ONE DAY" lmao

  73. Tyler Ultra Instict

  74. Sneaky masterd the art of sexy jutsu!!!

  75. prosthetic boobies

  76. sneaky laying on ur bed like that, wyd?

  77. i dont wanna go boomboom 🙁

  78. 2 actual reactions from this whole video REALLY? FK UR CLICK BAIT U SHIT. Never clicking on anything from u

  79. Ok…I know Sneaky is gay but didn't expect him to become trans…

  80. Only if c9 stopped fapping to sneaky cosplays they would actualy qualify

  81. tylers reaction is like a dad in 1980 xD


  83. Stylish: how did he grow those in one day ?
    Me: how did he get those fucking boobs and from no where this is so gay it's even worse than seeing a gay taric give me a break dude I'm gonna get a heart attack this is so gay pff ????

  84. 7:50 Haven't played this game for 3 years now, but wouldn't he have just been fine if he went back on the path the minions are coming from?

  85. Zach needs to stop, he’s a guy not girl, and is he an esports player?

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