Hello this is Riku from Riku Doing Stuff and Being Annoying. Today I’m going to experience personal training winter style! This is Lassi He’s my personal trainer. Hi. What made you start personal training? I’m massage therapist also. massuge? massage yeah. sports massage. Maybe you could give me some? After work. My style is a little bit rougher. I like it rough. Tell me something about your hobbies. Well I started ice hockey, then I started dancing, gymnastics, volley ball, basket ball, badminton, tennis, table tennis, pool, chess, sky diving, gym work, rock climbing, cross country skiing, downhill skiing, snowboarding, swimming, I can do the butterfly, breast stroke, cat, dog. You name it I can do it. I think I’m the most physical person in the whole universe. So what do you have for me today? We start with little warm up. I can have a big warm up. I have very stretchy joints and muscles. I can do splits and stuff. After that we are going to do some circuit training. Seven exercises in the row. And – Thats quite much. Three minutes, stop and then again. Well.. maybe we should begin. Sorry wait, I have to drink first. Okay. You have to have energy. Oh it’s good. Maybe I’ll have another one because… Oh, this is good. I shouldn’t not drank that all yeah I’mm uhh I..I’m very full right now. The Gainomax is shaking in my belly. How many have we done? I’m getting a bit hungry. It is stretching a little bit your Oh I like ham. Then – realx and five seconds. Do you mind if I? Not at all. This is like white chocolate. It’s like yogurt coated They have small bits off blue berries. Little bit Shake? – shake. Yeah. – Okay. And now we’re done. Okay. Now we test those exercises that we are going to have. Rope climbing. Yeah.- Up and down So.. Can you hold my bar? Yeah of course. But it’s only a test? Yeah. It’s very slippery you know. Yeah. Can you little bit maybe push? Umm.. You can also do some pull-ups. Yea I like this so.. Okay? Okay. Of course. Okay. I can.. Do you have to like? Like keep your legs like in the rope? Yeah. My hands are hurting. Do you have the bar? Thanks. So what’s the next one? Okay. Third one. Keep your core steady. Up, yep. I have to do it like knees up? Yep. Like that? The fourth.. exercise.. This is frozen I need.. Its like ice cream, tastes like Ice cream. Then some abs. Still your core. Here, and up. with abs. Yeah. Up. Up. Like that. Now you can try. I think I’m okay. Okay. Umm yeah.. Hold that. I just don’t feel like it I need a little motivation I think. That’s good. We have two exercise – Oh two okay. Lunges. Yeah. Lunch? Lunge. Lunges. Just lung. Lunge.. Lunges. Lu – Lunges? Ohhh! The last exercise. Yeah? Dips. Dips? Like chips and dip? Like this. Do you want to taste? It’s really good. Alright, lets start. Can you hold my drink? Soo? First. Ready. Go! Alright, use your legs! Use your hands. Use your legs. I’m using my legs and my hands! You need to help me! Push ups? 30 seconds. What? One more. That’s it. Okay. What? – Abs. Where? Abs! Where? At the bar. 40 seconds, now. I can’t hold on, I’m slipping. Three more. I feel sick! One more. Next one. Can you go and get me a bar? Quick! I’m losing my energy Lassi, quick! I’m losing – No more. One. I can’t grip any – You can do it. One more. Next. Get out of the way, we’re making Youtube! Get out! I’m going! Go! 30 seconds. Am I doing it wrong? Oh my knee. What next? – The last one! Dip! Okay. One. Two. What? Legs up? Yeah. F*#k off! I can’t. You can! I can’t! My stomach hurts. My stomach is hurting. I think it’s good now. Okay. Thank you Lassi. Thank you for the Not yet Riku. What? You have to run in snow. What!? Why are you doing this to me? Okay. Lets go f*#ing run in the snow. Thank you Lassi for the personal training. If you want to have a personal training session with Lassi Go to: Thank you Hello Hobby and Catmandoo and Gainomax for sponsoring my video. If you like my content See you in the next video.

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