Sugar Ray Leonard – Complete Championship Profile

Sugar Ray Leonard – Complete Championship Profile

This is Rummy’s Corner. Sugar Ray Leonard got his first opportunity
to fight for a major world title on November 30th, 1979 when he challenged WBC welterweight
champion Wilfred Benitez. This one was a tactical chess match of elite
level boxing at its finest. Leonard dropped Benitez was a quick snappy
left late in round 3. The tactical chess match resumed with a lot
of feinting and maneuvering for position. With both smooth operators studiously searching
for openings, there were also a lot of heated explosive exchanges. In the 15th and final round the two boxers
traded furiously. With just 30 seconds left in the round, Leonard
dropped Benitez. The champion rose and battled on, but Leonard
moved in for the finish and referee Carlos Padilla stopped the fight. It was a 15th round technical knockout, and
Sugar Ray Leonard had just become the new WBC welterweight champion. Leonard made the first defense of his WBC
title on March 31st, 1980 when he faced challenger Dave �Boy’ Green. Leonard was patient and measured with his
approach, and Green was having difficulty coping with Ray’s speed and athleticism. In round 4 Sugar Ray unloaded a 4 punch combination
that was punctuated by a mean left hook. Green was down, and he would not be beating
the count. The fight was over. It was a 4th round knockout for Leonard. On June 20th, 1980, Leonard made the second
defense of his WBC title when he went up against former long time lightweight champion Roberto
Duran. This one was an absolute showcase of tactical
infighting prowess from both combatants. It was a gruelling war of attrition, and both
boxers were frequently engaged in furious exchanges. Duran was dictating the terms of the fight,
and Leonard was perfectly willing to fight Roberto on his own terms. But this wasn’t something that was typically
working out in Ray’s favor. At the conclusion of 15 rounds of high tempo
action, Duran was awarded a unanimous decision victory with scores of 146-144, 145-144, and
148-147. Roberto Duran had just become the new WBC
welterweight champion. Leonard had an immediate rematch with Duran
on November 25th, 1980. This time around Leonard was using more lateral
movement and utilizing more ring space. Leonard was dancing around and he was effectively
able to stick and move while keeping things on the outside. Leonard was the one dictating the terms of
the rematch, and Duran was having a difficult time closing the distance. In round 8 a frustrated Duran informed referee
Octavio Meyran that he did not wish to continue. The fight was over, and Sugar Ray Leonard
had just reclaimed the WBC welterweight championship, making him a two-time welterweight champion. Leonard made the first defense in his second
reign as welterweight champion when he squared off against challenger Larry Bonds on March
28th, 1981. Leonard played the role of the aggressor against
his southpaw challenger and he was in control of the action. Leonard dropped Bonds in round 4 and once
again in round 10. Bonds made it to his feet and tried battling
on, but Ray’s follow-up attack prompted referee Arthur Mercante to wave it off. It was a 10th round technical knockout for
Leonard. On June 25th, 1981, Leonard moved up to 154
where he challenged undefeated WBA junior middleweight champion Ayub Kalule. Leonard took command of the action early on,
but Kalule started coming on a bit stronger during the middle portions of the scheduled
15 rounder. With just seconds remaining in round 9, Leonard
unleashed a monster assault that sent Kalule down. Kalule made it to his feet, but referee Carlos
Berrocal didn’t like what he saw and he waved it off. It was a 9th round technical knockout, and
Sugar Ray Leonard had just become the new WBA junior middleweight world champion, marking
him as a two-division world champion. Leonard moved back down to 147 when he made
the second defense of his WBC welterweight title on September 16th, 1981 when he squared
off against WBA welterweight champion Thomas Hearns. This was a unification bout for the undisputed
welterweight championship. Early in the contest Hearns was patiently
pressing forward behind a long piston-like jab, and Leonard was using movement to try
and create angles. But Leonard was having difficulty dealing
with the long range jab of The Motor City Cobra. Leonard broke through in round 6 and he rocked
Hearns with a left hook. The momentum had shifted in Leonard’s favor,
and over the next few rounds, the earlier trend in the fight had been completely reversed. Now it was Leonard doing the stalking, and
Hearns bouncing around and and using movement to stay out of reach. Hearns re-seized command of the momentum during
the later rounds but in round 13 Leonard came on strong and he dropped Hearns. The Hitman bravely battled on, but in the
14th round, a relentless barrage from Ray prompted referee Davey Pearl to call it off. It was a 14th round technical knockout, and
Sugar Ray Leonard had become the new undisputed WBC/WBA welterweight champion of the world. Leonard made the third defense of his welterweight
championship on February 15th, 1982 when he faced challenger Bruce Finch. Leonard dropped Finch with a booming right
hand in round 2. Finch beat the count, and Leonard soon had
him down again. Finch survived the rest of the round, but
in the 3rd round Leonard knocked him down yet again. Finch again beat the count, but referee Mills
Lane waved it off. It was a 3rd round technical knockout for
Sugar Ray Leonard, in what ultimately turned out to be his third and final defense of his
welterweight championship. Leonard’s next championship bout happened
on April 6th, 1987 when he challenged middleweight world champion �Marvelous’ Marvin Hagler. This was a tactical match-up and Leonard got
off to a fast start as he was looking to patiently score from the outside. Hagler started fighting more effectively during
the middle portions of the contest when he was doing a much better job closing the distance. Things remained close and competitive during
the later portions of the fight, where each boxer was having his moments. At the conclusion of round 12, both boxers
optimistically raised their hands in triumph. When the final verdict was announced it was
a split decision where one judge scored it 115-113 for Hagler, overruled by the other
two judges who both had it for Leonard 115-113 and 118-110. Sugar Ray Leonard had just become the new
WBC middleweight world champion, which provided Ray with the distinction of being a 3-division
world champion. On November 7th, 1988 Leonard moved up and
challenged WBC light heavyweight champion Donny Lalonde. This contest took place at 168 pounds where
the newly formed vacant WBC super middleweight title was on the line along with Lalonde’s
light heavyweight belt. Lalonde landed a heavy right hand that dropped
Leonard in round 4. And Leonard had some difficulty coping with
Lalonde’s size and awkwardness. In round 9 Lalonde appeared to have Leonard
in trouble again, but suddenly Ray started attacking and he dropped Lalonde with a terrific
left hook. Lalonde made it to his feet, and cool as an
assassin, Leonard soon had him down again and referee Richard Steele had seen enough. It was a 9th round technical knockout, and
Sugar Ray Leonard had just become the new WBC super middleweight and light heavyweight
world champion. This made Ray a five-division world champion. Leonard defended the WBC super middleweight
championship on June 12th, 1989 when he had a long-awaited rematch against Tommy �The
Hitman’ Hearns. The rematch happened 21 pounds north of where
they first met nearly eight years earlier, but it still had a similar flow of tactics. Hearns dropped Leonard with a strong right
hand in the 3rd round, and from that point there were a lot of shifts in momentum where
each boxer was having spots of success. In round 11, Hearns unloaded a series of well-placed
booming right hands that sent Leonard down for the second time in the contest. But Leonard persevered and he came back strong
and was doing better work down the final stretch. At the end of 12 rounds of action, one judge
had it 113-112 for Hearns, one judge had it 113-112 for Leonard, and the final judge had
it a draw at 112 apiece. So the contest was officially ruled a draw
and Ray retained his title. Leonard made the second defense of his WBC
super middleweight crown on December 7th, 1989 when he had a rubber match against Roberto
Duran at a contracted catchweight of 162. Leonard took command of the action early and
basically never looked back. Leonard utilized good lateral movement to
control the range and Sugar Ray was able to expertly neutralize Duran throughout most
of the twelve round contest. Leonard was awarded a unanimous decision victory
with final scores of 116-111, 120-110, and 119-109. Leonard’s next championship fight happened
on February 9th, 1991 when he challenged WBC junior middleweight champion �Terrible’
Terry Norris. Leonard had a lot of problems dealing with
the youth, the skills, and the quickness of Norris. Leonard was dropped by a left hook in round
2, and he was dropped again by a right hand in round 7. Despite being outclassed by his younger foe,
Sugar Ray’s will remained strong and he made it to the final bell. Norris was awarded a unanimous decision with
scores of 116-110, 120-104, and 119-103. For Sugar Ray Leonard, this wound up being
the last championship contest during his long and illustrious Hall of Fame career. In conclusion, with regards to championship
contests: At welterweight Leonard had 6 victories and
1 defeat, with all 6 wins coming by way of knockout. At junior middleweight Leonard had 1 victory
and 1 defeat, with the lone victory coming by knockout. At middleweight Leonard had 1 victory, that
by decision. At super middleweight Leonard had 2 victories,
0 defeats, and a draw with 1 win coming by way of knockout. And at light heavyweight Leonard had 1 victory
by stoppage. So the final championship record for Sugar
Ray Leonard consisted of 13 contests, with 10 victories, 2 defeats, 1 draw, and 8 victories
coming by way of knockout. Thanks for watching everyone! Hope you enjoyed, and have a wonderful night. This is Rummy’s Corner.

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