Sunny Day: ‘Smiling & Styling w/ Sunny’ Game Walkthrough | Nick Jr. Games

Sunny Day: ‘Smiling & Styling w/ Sunny’ Game Walkthrough | Nick Jr. Games

Nick Junior’s junior gamers. Hi, I’m junior gamer Elissa. Today, I’m playing Sunny’s new game,
Smiling and Styling with Sunny. Where we go inside Sunny’s salon and get to create
our own awesome hairstyles. Which friend should get styled first? Hmm, I choose our friend June. Let’s go to Sunny Station. We’re ready to style! And start with shampoo. And rinse. Now, just a little trim. I can dry her hair
with Sunny’s hair dryer, so cool! Ooh! Now we get to try
different hairstyles! This is such a cute up do! Rockstar hair? So awesome! Oh, I love this ballerina bun! Alright, let’s visit Rox’s station,
to add a little color and accessories. Let’s go wild with some colorful style! Wow! Look at all these hair colors
to choose from? I want to try pink first. Ooh! Pretty! Now, yellow! Oh, I love this purple color! Now, it’s time for some accessories. Ooh! A tiara! Cat ears are so stylish! Maybe this flower crown? Topped off with a pretty, pink bow. Wow! I love this! Let’s complete the look
at Blair’s station. Where we can get our nails done. It’s all about the details. I’d like purple nails
to match our purple hair. We can add details, too! Like, ooh, blue sparkles! Aww! Rainbow nails are extra sparkly! This flower pattern
matches our flower crown. Adorable! Wow! The finished look
is so perfect! This is definitely one
for the style files! I’m going to go create
more hairstyles. See you later! Play Smiling and Styling with Sunny
on Nick Junior dot com, and in the Nick Junior app.

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