Sup Vintage Nintendo Gaming Console

Sup Vintage Nintendo Gaming Console

Hey everyone welcome to another video,
how many of you retro game fans are out there today we’ll be reviewing this SUP
gaming console, which is one of the most cheapest vintage gaming emulators I
found online we’ll do a complete comprehensive review of this product and
also determine whether it’s worth its price I’m Abhiram from Random Sasi and
without any further delay let’s jump right in first let’s do the unboxing initial impressions, the box looks very cheap There are some specifications written on the side now let’s open the box the console feels really cheap in hand there’s a 3 inch LCD display you can turn on the console by the button on the top the console is powered by an old Nokia
model mobile lithium battery let’s put it aside see what else is in the box we have a user manual which is
surprisingly in English and also we have a type b USB charging cable also in the
box an AV cable with what seems like a 3.5 mm jack on the other side but it’s
not the feeling you get when you use the
console for the first time is a bit disappointing the buttons are extremely
hard to get used to and the response is also not very good, there is no memory on the console it starts from the beginning every time you restart the console also the 400 games claim is not entirely
true there are only 300 plus games and the rest are just random repeating of
the existing games the main highlight of this console is
the iconic classic Super Mario one weird thing I found was that, when
the battery was low instead of a warning the screen brightness started to
decrease until a turned off completely the buttons are not good at all and it
takes time to get used to and the status LED on the left side of the screen
is also a bit annoying when you are playing in the dark there is also no
option to reduce the screen brightness the combination of the status LED and
the bright screen makes playing in the dark a bit straining the console comes
with an AV cable that lets you connect the console to a TV but I was unable to get the feature
working on my Mi TV later I was able to get the feature working on my friends Sony TV coming to the conclusion if you’re a
retro game enthusiast, this console is not for you the inability to load
additional games to an SD card is a major drawback but considering the price
range this is I guess the maximum you’ll get considering this as a birthday gift
for kids it’s an excellent product if you liked what you saw please consider
subscribing and turn on notifications thank you for watching until next time, bye

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