Super Bowl Parkour POV Chase – Parkour vs American Football

Super Bowl Parkour POV Chase – Parkour vs American Football

go, go, go get him that are the Berlin Kobras who helped me today for my parkour chase vs a football team I hope you enjoyed it check out the Kobras, I linked them in the description if you want to be tackled by them you can join there training in Berlin have fun with the super bowl you can also check out my Football Trick Shot Video here do not forget to subscribe to my channel for more Parkour action! see you next time!

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  1. Or he just could've have the ball back

  2. Cooles video aber komisch das nur englisch menschen komentieren

  3. Just give them the ball

  4. Bruh, what kind of tackle form are these guys doing, fools look like big bird with that shit.

  5. ad pops up (my mind : I guess it's half time

  6. These players more ass then actually ass

  7. That is one bad football team

  8. Just throw the ball

  9. Wait till they all Ticker rush at you ?

  10. The try hards….. Are…. everywhere

  11. It's the year 2022 the last Superbowl game was 2019 many football teams are outlawed but still rampant in the city trying to play football with unsuspecting citizens whom chose to wonder in the streets..

  12. What a amazing fake ass video

  13. When u say PlayStation is better than Xbox ??

  14. How many of them are there

  15. Dis nigga should’ve been caught

  16. He shoulda been caught like 20 times

  17. Or you can just give them the football

  18. Imagine you having this defense

  19. Suckiest football team in the continent

  20. This is so stagef

  21. Anyone see the dog 1:40

  22. How many stiff arms were there

  23. That guy should learn some football ya know practice and go on the teams because did you see how he juked them

  24. Most of it is just vaults

  25. I would of just gave them the ball

  26. that was the best video ever!!



  28. So what this video is telling me is this dude is inhuman and would be the best football player in the world maybe??

  29. That's a lot of friends

  30. Just saying if he stopped turning around he would have easy gotten away

  31. 0:23 whenever you get the infinity gaunlet in fortnite

  32. They suck at tackling

  33. Link of game football

  34. Desde el principio me Di cuenta que hera mentira me creen idiota

  35. How you survive!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  36. just give there ball problem will solve

  37. America fuck yeah!

  38. Agente e pernanbucano

  39. What team is that?

  40. Me and life problem they want give up

  41. Ich spiele bei den Bochumer Rebels als fullback ???????????

  42. Is the apocalipse

  43. HE MUST BE A GOD (sacasticly)

  44. Just drop the ball?

  45. Why are not playing football in an football place

  46. Little kid when I take his toy…

  47. Sign him up for the NFL

  48. Lol dog came in like 1st down

  49. is the man hide 0:0:5

  50. Примерно так мы играем в зомби-заражение

  51. What running to the end zone from your own 5 yrd line feels like ??

  52. Why did he not just throw the ball

  53. Imagine being this guy

  54. Ok ok they did not even try?????

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