Super Car Royce | Picnic Perils | Car Cartoons For Kids | Rhymes For Children by Kids Channel

Super Car Royce | Picnic Perils | Car Cartoons For Kids | Rhymes For Children by Kids Channel

Picnic Perils – Super Car Royce Cartoons For Kids

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  1. Hello Kids, Watch "Super Car Royce" Car Cartoons & Rhymes For Toddlers by Kids Channel. Have A Wonderful Learning Time! #KidsChannel

  2. Very INSPIRING well done….

  3. It is Phenominal . A big heart ;? to you

  4. Your channel share enjoyable rhymes that help my kids have fun and educate too

  5. My toddler watches your video before going to sleep…. N he sleeps like ? just love you

  6. Always wait for your videos… I just love your channel….

  7. ???????????????????????⛱????‍♀️✨?

  8. Such a great video!

  9. Its amazing to see this videos for me i give this????

  10. very nice, creative and good learning videos by your channel, keep it up the good work

  11. Superbb ?????❤???????????????????

  12. My son enjoys these videos ❤

  13. Nice voideo for my child

  14. A lot of lesson was here

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  16. This Video is so nice

  17. صتقثةايءجروزوة. رجرةةاااتتاابج

  18. Why are the "Bad" cars in this video Literally BLACK, have a do-rag, gold chains and afro hair… That's not at all racist stereotyping ?

  19. There pimp's and sell crack to kiddy's also, as in real life??

  20. Lot's of violance makes this one 18+, how on earth you say it's for toddlers?

  21. классс лайк

  22. This show has racist context. The stereotype of the two black cars with gold chains and Afro’s is appalling. Not to mention this being a toddler show, good thing I took the time to sit with my “1year old” nephew and saw this. We will no longer tune into this show.

  23. Ummm were they drinking beer in a kids show ?

  24. Really good job fellows, hop to see you also on my channel

  25. Drinking beer and the bad guys have Afros and theres a part where a shark is humping a lady shark this is absolutely riddled with weird sexual crap and racist stuff I changed this immediately not for children at all.

  26. Worst cars rip off ever

  27. This kept my son quiet while I did laundry! ???

  28. Guns and violence in a kids cartoon? Totally unnecessary.

  29. Nice super car video for kids fun! kids worl kids fun time

  30. Video about cars, very good!

  31. Gg this channel, YouTube gonna terminated this channel for kids content noice

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