Wa-hooooo! Thank you, Mariooooo! I now pronounce you … Plumber and Princess!
HAHAHAH!!! [Cheers] She’s beautiful. Goodnight-a, little Toadstool. [Baby Crying] Honey, are you ever gonna check on her? Eh, I’m-a playing my game. Well, maybe you should stop playing and contribute to this castle. If you’re not going to check on Toadstool, you could take Yoshi on a walk. Wa-wa-wa. Excuse me? I said, “wa-wa-wa.” All you do is complain-a all day. I saved your life. Isn’t that enough? Unbelievable. You literally live in MY house. But have you lifted one white glove to help in the last six months? This wouldn’t even be your house if I didn’t kill Bowser! Who has to deal with his kids lawsuits? ME. And in case you forgot, I’m
a Plumber and Doctor, not a lawyer. Then get a job, Plumber-Doctor! YOU GET A JOB. Royalty is NOT A CAREER! Hey honey! Today, the Toads were stuck in a pit and we had to get a cloud-fisherman and no not the good cloud fisherman the bad one so awful– WAHHHHHHHT! Whoawahowahowhaowhoa. GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE YOU FUCKING FAILED PLUMBER! Hey buddy. How long has it been since you spoke to her? Four games worth of time. What are you up to? The ghost-busting business is going great. Really sorry I haven’t been around. Well, at least I got Yoshi. Right, boy?? Yoshi? YOSHHIIIII!!!! Get out of my life! This man murdered my father! Sorry man, I gotta work today. We order you to pay 100 coins so this guy can get his life back. Braaraharahr brraagghhggh! What am I thinking? All I needed was a fresh
start.? Mario!? Yeah! That’s my brother! Yoshi Jr.! Take three of these and it should be cleared up in no time.

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  1. 1:42 Peach: GET THE F#@k OUT OF MY HOUSE YOU [email protected]$KING FAILED PLUMBER ???

  2. I feel bad for mario

  3. Flip you Mario,you cheated on peach.

  4. 0:46 Just like my childhood. Good thing my mom took me with when she left him.

  5. follow

  6. Wow he's a real asshole


  8. Soo mario becomes a boomer

  9. He really did play himself

  10. Mario sounds like Italy from Hetalia lol

  11. My childhood is now ruined nothing will be the same ever again

  12. really a baby combined with mario and Princess peach?

  13. He looks like grandad

  14. Grandad is loser mario better

  15. Mario was also a boxing ref back in '87

  16. Can I like not see this in my reccomened
    Lol I subscribed

  17. Well .. This one went really dark really fast!

  18. 2:06 bowsers grave says fuck that guy

  19. It was the princess fault for walking in on mario the hat was on the door

  20. 1:39 (it says badwords)

  21. Mario's eyes though

  22. 1:36 the sound effects tho

  23. But there’s still a reset button…

  24. He forget the 1-up

  25. That thumbnail had me dying ????

  26. well hey atleast we know that more games were created after that so HAH! ITS ACTUALLY AFTER THE HUNDREDS OF GAMES! (frickin joke muy guy)

  27. he had 3 chances to fix up everything

  28. For a second I thought Mario was fucking Luigi…

  29. Eh to being a husband but damn be a good dad

  30. This is BS, everyone knows Mario went under ground fighting, 1st rule of smash club, don't mentioned it

  31. Life is about what you choose.
    Choose wisely or you'll have to suffer.

  32. 2:43 It's the Super Mario Sunshine Game Over Screen!

  33. Great video I would only change one thing and that would be I would have made the baby a boy instead of a girl but other than that it was a great video

  34. Bruh why is the baby have a mustache that’s black and her hair on her head is blonde

  35. You dumb no ok what is 9+10 21

  36. I watch it when I get bored on rainy days

  37. Mario with P A N T S

  38. Well this got dark

  39. In the thumbnail it looked like Mario is showing her the middle finger

  40. This may tell us that life is not at all a game and there's no such thing as a rewind button

  41. He flipped her off ?

  42. Mario: imma playing my game

  43. Wow that’s fucked up lol

  44. And guys get married bunch of idiots

  45. "You are to pay 100 coins so this guy can get his life back" XD

  46. At 1:15 I like how mario lifts his middle finger instead on his pointed finger

  47. Why Mario after game is always presented as a stupid bitch husband that ruins his live ?

  48. Decently animated. Good job on that. It's not funny tho imo …
    K thanks bye

  49. dude this is my dad in a nut shell whos been stalking me????

  50. The actual hell is this amazing content

  51. Porque o bebê tem barba?

  52. 1:36 oh snap um i can explain …

  53. Does peach realize that bein a plumbet and doctor are both jobs?

  54. She should confiscate Mario's Nintendo 3D. He might die once he cannot work nor doing nothing.

  55. that got disturbing really quick

  56. Kinda would be better if he hung himself ngl

  57. He’s a germaphobe
    Never takes the glove off

  58. Mario becomes a Boomer

  59. Mario looks like he's looking at the past present ant future at the same time

  60. 1:16 fuck you princess peach

  61. If I was peach I would choose Luigi

  62. 1:16
    Mario: puts middle finger up at Peach

  63. No, not play, kids watch this crap!!!

  64. Smh this should not be allowed among couples


  66. Luigi is still healthy

  67. Everybody gangsta until you hear waaaaa waaaaa

  68. The real question is, how is he playing the switch if it doesn’t even have a screen.

  69. I was just looking for Mario game theme song, why am I here

  70. That is y u use a condom so with put the kids and more money on what ever u want

  71. 4 games worth of time ?


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