Super Mario Maker 2 – A Legendary Update – Nintendo Switch

Super Mario Maker 2 – A Legendary Update – Nintendo Switch

[Nintendo Switch Snap][male narrator]
-Thanks for playing
the Super Mario Maker 2 game.
Let’s check out what’s in store
for the latest update.

[cheery piano music]Including a variety
of new parts.
First up is Spike.
This green glutton can spit out
spiky iron balls,
and toss them at you.
If you get hit,
it’s really gonna hurt.
However, with the right setup,
a Spike Ball can be used
to interact with a block,
break a block, as a platform,
and even as a weight.
I guess Spike
can use its talents for good!
Oh! And in the Snow theme,Spike will throw Snowballs.
Snow or iron, the balls
Spike tosses have many uses.
Next, is Pokey.
Made up of spiky spheres,
this cactus-like foe
poses quite a threat.
You’ll take damage
if you touch its spikes.
So the tall ones
can be a challenge.
Looks like I can’t go through.
Aha! A fireball
will do the trick.
Yoshi can also stomach
the prickly Pokey.
In Night mode,
Pokey will take to the skies.
Give it wings,
and it’ll home in.
The Snow theme turns
Pokey into a snowman!
Step on one, and you’re in
for a snowy surprise.
Now let’s take a look
at the new Frozen Coin.
Encased in ice, this coin
is similar to an ice block,
but will thaw out,
when hit with fire.
Parts like the Burner, Firebar,
and Angry Sun also do the trick,
so heat up your courses
with some cool traps!
Next up is the P Block.These solid unbreakable blocks
will appear when you step on
a P Switch,
but only temporarily.Use it like this.Or like that!The Dash Block is coming
to the Super Mario 3D World
game style.
Step on it to dash!At this speed
you can jump long distances,
so even far away blocks
are fair game.
Connect a few,
and keep on dashing!
Use it for technical courses,
or to reach mach speed
with the Koopa Troopa Car.
[music fades]It’s dangerous to go alone,
take this!
the Master Sword power-up!
This familiar item is from
The Legend of Zelda series.
Pick it up and,

[cheery 8-bit music]Mario transforms into Link.
This new look
isn’t just for show.
Attack with your sword,
guard with the shield,
Dash attack…and Down thrust!You can take advantage
of Link’s classic move set,
and some of his tools.
Something out of reach?
The bow and arrow can help.
You can even shoot
in three different directions.
A dead-end?
It’s no match for a bomb.
With the Master Sword,
you can find creative ways

to clear courses.
[puzzle solving jingle]Or, make the Master Sword
power-up the star
of a puzzle-solving course!
Those aren’t the only updates.A new mode,
Ninji Speedruns is here!

[cheery piano music]Race for the quickest time
on courses created by Nintendo
exclusively for this mode.
Other players’ Ninji Ghosts
will run alongside you,
as you compete against rivals,
from around the world!
New courses will be
distributed periodically.
Clear courses to collect stamps.And even unlock
special Mii costumes.
In addition to bragging rights,top players will also have
gold stars circle around
their Mii character,
for a certain period of time.Super Mario Maker 2,
Update 2, will launch
on December 5th, 2019.

Comments (100)

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    Boys during pacers test: 3:42

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  25. pokemon red
    pokemon blue
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    pokemon maker
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    20 pokemon games and yet zelda gets put in a mario game

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    "Green Glutton"
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  59. There still isn’t the Fuzzy Enemy or the Ice Flower

  60. BTW! This is for those who don’t know how to preform links Arsenal. X or Y is thrust. ZR, ZL, L, R Is bow and aim it with the L-stick, you can also move, and jump! Hold the L-stick up and press X or Y to use bombs and then release X or Y to toss it. Hold the L-stick down and press and hold X or Y to dash, it will start dashing automatically btw. Hold down on the L-stick to use your shield. Hold down on the L-stick when in the air to down thrust.

    That’s all the controls to links arsenal!

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  84. What if instead of losing the costume when hit, you lose 1 out of 3 hearts and getting a new sword gives you a new heart. While hitting Any other regular Mario powerup will turn you back into Mario so you don't have to keep spawning in swords to keep the player in link form.

    EDIT: On boss battles to keep someone in link form people use pipes in the fight, but then it renders you effectively invincible unless you get hit before you get the sword. Or allowing some people to bypass some stages of no stage clear prerequisites are in place.

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