Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls Walkthrough Part 1 (VITA) English ~ No Commentary

Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls Walkthrough Part 1 (VITA) English ~ No Commentary

super dimension neptune versus sega hard
girls stop just stop it wasn’t supposed to be
like this what what I really wanted with you Wow this has to be it
I can’t believe I found it the library that oversees all of history all right you this is insane I didn’t think it would
actually be here the rumors were so unbelievable I’m standing in front of
the oldest library in the world it must hold so many ancient secrets haha this
will be fun hmm what’s that a shooting star wait we’re in broad daylight that
can’t be right a person Oh No well I make it yeah just
in time hey are you okay where the hell did you
fall from hmm she’s unconscious I don’t think she’s dead and she doesn’t have
any noticeable injuries so no I can’t just leave her here damn it the universe
just gave me one hell of a burden here we are this is it huh Wow a lot
more books than I thought there’d be okay let’s not loaf around this place
looks too well-kept to be abandoned someone must be here hello anyone home
what wait whoa that was a really cute voice I was scared I was about to get
kicked out but I don’t think I’ll have to worry about that now
I apologize for the delay it’s been years since I’ve had visitors oh it’s no
trouble at all I’m sorry for just barging in here like
this where are you right here what what do
you mean I can hear your voice just fine but I can’t see you hello my name is east wife I’m the
librarian here it’s a pleasure to meet you are you some kind of book fairy or
something look fairy I don’t believe so
oh well I suppose they’re stranger things in life than meeting someone who
fits in your palm nice to meet you at least are truly the
pleasure is mine Oh what should I call you
oh right where are my manners my name’s I am people call me a gust of winds that
blows through the wasteland excuse me to put it simply I travel the world looking
for the next big adventure ah so you’re an adventurer and I’m
actually not sure just fell out of the sky the sky yeah I think she’s doing
okay but you think you can take a look at her sure I don’t believe I’m entirely
qualified I’m not a medical professional but if I conduct some research I’m
certain I can find an answer in three minutes or so you can do it then
here she is oh let’s see her breathing is normal pulse normal
she might have a slight fever though hey by the way this place is the really
famous library right she doesn’t appear to have sustained any injuries either
huh be nice library every piece of the world’s history is kept right here
that’s what I’ve heard anyway yes it’s true really indeed well I
haven’t personally there bite every single document but I’m sure they’re all
here that makes this place incredibly important are you sure you should be
doing this to me what putting a stranger like me inside wow this is a library
after all anyone is allowed to come and go as they please
even if you two are people with questionable intentions I do not have
the authority to kick you out I see so is it all right if I take a
look around of course can you please be careful not to damage
and eat the books please don’t steal them either you got it you got the target location you here we go here we go there we go here we go so at the end of the day this is just a
normal library thank you have an extensive collection of books though huh
and here I guess I can study up on some ancient history wait actually I can’t
read any of this at all I don’t even know what language this is
I thought this was gonna be a really fun discovery to everything I know about this world is
modeled with sadness light no culture such an awful void I don’t know what
happened I’ve heard rumors of an arduous battle that left the generations that
followed with this infinite wasteland I was hoping to find something truly
phenomenal I’ve traveled the world searching for this place but seems like
it was just another waste of time is there really nothing beautiful left in
this desolate world what was that what’s up what’s up me what eating of this oh this
looks horrible these books are totally ruined why would
you do such a thing I explicitly told you not to damage any of the books here
hey don’t look at me I was in the back the whole time who else would do this
this person you brought has been sleeping here this whole time please
calm down were you even here when this happened
well not exactly I went to grab a wet towel when I returned it was like this
is there a possibility someone came in while you were gone I suppose it’s
possible but I highly doubt it people don’t generally visit you must realize
you two are the first visitors I’ve had in quite some time
alright let me take a look around it might be dangerous so you should stay
here um so it wasn’t I f OU I was so rude to her
but if it wasn’t her and who oh oh you’re awake
how are you feeling uh do you need anything something to eat or drink
perhaps huh time eater here we go here we go here we go it’s my turn good you it’s my turn combination Wow well this place looks fine too it’s
pointless to search eggless Li like this I don’t sense anyone else here maybe the
culprit left already huh East waar I was wrong don’t move no one needs to get hurt
what no one’s here I could have sworn someone behind me when did you Oh are you alright
please wake up to ask the questions you were taking a while so I came to look
for you Thank You unconscious unconscious so did someone speaking out
of it let’s head back at once much has
happened she’s awake now yes she will just after
you that hey what’s your name shaking me siga me
huh I’m if’ it’s nice to meet you it seems
like her memories haven’t fully returned try not to poke the wall through the
questions yeah sure well I’m feeling much better than I was
earlier so you were saying a lot happens correct specifically pertaining to the
bookcase that was ruined earlier a portion of history that was stored there
it’s gone missing it’s as I said the history disappeared I’m sorry but I’m
having trouble understanding what you’re saying
it may sound unbelievable but I assure you it’s the truth the truth huh there
appears to have been similar incidents in the past we have beasts there was
record of it in my research so what happens when history gets lost
if it’s only a small portion there won’t be any immediate effects history will
all compact itself in cases like this you’re making some startling claims that
you seem so calm about it but if too much history is lost at once it wouldn’t
be able to repair itself eventually this world and everyone living inside of it
would be destroyed that’s a pretty tall tale coming from
someone so tiny hey you have no reason to doubt me it’s incredibly dangerous
even if this was all true it doesn’t sound like there’s much we could do
about it it’s impossible to alter the past that’s not entirely true
this library actually exists for that very purpose what do you mean I
mentioned earlier that a similar event occurred in the past it’s happened a
handful of times even this library has the ability to locate and repair history
that has been lost and consequently broken sounds like you might not be
making this up after all this is getting interesting how do you find or even fix
history it’s not like you can just work back in time and do that actually what
we have the technology it hasn’t been used some time however this is all
happening so quickly since I haven’t an ample time to prepare I’ll be addressing
this problem with a special solution so what next normally there’s a vessel
in which one can store the library’s power simply it’s a device and this
device generally needs to be prepared ahead let’s cut to the chase how do I
help you fix it how do you warp through time actually using your bike man in
black I’ve already made the necessary adjustments oh ok so wait a damn minute
my bike yes your bike I see what what the hell who gave you permission to
modify my bike it was an emergency why didn’t you mention it until right now it’s only been a few hours what in the
world are you talking about three days huh it’s been three whole
days since you left to investigate three days was a really out for that long
oh wait if that’s what happened why can you come looking for me sooner Mike’s
already been altered it’s done you can remove your mods later though right yes
as soon as this matter is resolved it’s a promise oh there’s more you want
me to go handle this right sure what really there’s no way you could even
reach the handlebars on my bike how else is it’s gonna get done well that’s true but it might be a
dangerous journey you know danger ha ha that’s always the best part of the
adventure soir thank you so much I am truly indebted to you it’s a little too
early to be thankful so where’s my bike it’s right over here you you you you you you you you you hmm like the exterior hasn’t really
changed much right I haven’t altered much I’ve decided a
simple time loss function to your bike I’m sure that something I would refer to
as simple anyway I’m glad I was worried you were gonna give it a paint job so
how do I control it I’ll be setting your destination foods myself so all you have
to do is arrive what’s more important is how you conduct yourself after you make
the trunk right so all you need me to do is investigate our history Potter right
yes however the goal is to do so without interfering with the affairs of the
people from the past it’s something drastic which will turn it’ll become
even more difficult to find out what’s wrong
that’s basic knowledge for time-warp I’m pretty well read on the subject you know
all right I’m gonna head out now I’m coming too hey don’t just sit there honey let’s go
oh you can talk now huh how nice I believe you’re a little confused here
can you remember anything at all I forgotten everything except for my name
why do you care why do you care you become a hindrance to the mission if you
can’t remember anything that’s why
yeah do you seriously think you can just come with me despite not being able to
remember anything at all that doesn’t matter I’m coming I have to go with you
thank you I truly believe you should continue
rusty you’re still recovering and shouldn’t get so worked up who cares I’m
going I think she’s gonna listen to you you are you see well the bike was built
transport up to two people so the same goes to my device we won’t have a
problem if she doesn’t of going with you okay I guess I’ll take your whippin as
soon as she calms down I’ll try to get more information from as long as you are
okay with it I am honestly I’d rather not involve people who don’t need to be
involved considering I didn’t even know who you were until a few days ago I
think it’s a little late for that yes you’re right what the heck are you two
talking about might as well just leave you behind
yeah go ahead and try I don’t mind that is if you even know how to use that
thing I could just press some buttons and it’ll move see put this and this is
fit huh be gentle with that all right we’re out of here you are okay
careful up there

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