Surviving GAME MASTER in the MOST HAUNTED DOLLHOUSE! (Escape Room Trap)

Surviving GAME MASTER in the MOST HAUNTED DOLLHOUSE! (Escape Room Trap)

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  1. Woman storm hidden leave safe

  2. U guys Rebecca,Daniel and Matt are soo brave

  3. The treasure chest is the key to help people see

  4. Women storm safe Hidden leave.

  5. The most creepy doll

  6. I’m scared and nervous I’m so scared?

  7. Something happened to Matt

  8. What happened to you Rebecca and Daniel Matt is missingRebecca is missing Daniel is missing

  9. I saw some thing abcd A equals one elnra

  10. the ABCD is on the wall we’re the cage is at

  11. Women,Storm,safe,hidin,leave,

  12. The red doll in the the cage were you got the key

  13. Women storm safe hidden leav


  15. I saw that Darwin classes

  16. The box was yellow.

  17. That scared me so bad

  18. lol you got scamed for 10 000 dollars for waisting 1 our of your life with out any prohet for the money you win even if you win

  19. Women strong. Safe hidden

  20. If you think matt and rebecca have a great YouTube chanell smash the thumbs up button and have a great day ?☺️??

  21. I saw that. Doll with glases

  22. Women

  23. women storm thats supsceise

  24. woman stork and rebecca the doll where you find the key look abc

  25. Where is the video about the bottle flip,

  26. When the qudrant grabbed Matt I got so scared

  27. I dare you to do a cartwheel and trying to figure out something while you're standing up triple dog dare

  28. This is rz twin
    1 like =a 5% chance to defeat her

  29. I knew that the word was cage

  30. anyone else watching at midnight in the dark and getting paranoid?

  31. Women storm safe hidden and leave

  32. Matt and Rebecca I was so scarred

  33. She creepy the doll

  34. Yeet (edit: I new that)

  35. Ok when the clown from the box I jumped

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