Sword Art Online Alicization EXPLAINED – War of Underworld EP8, Blood and Life! | Gamerturk Reviews

Sword Art Online Alicization EXPLAINED – War of Underworld EP8, Blood and Life! | Gamerturk Reviews

This video is brought to you by Sword Art
Online Alicization Rising Steel that applied salt to the wound by having a story about
Eldrie’s past and his mother he is hoping to heal by becoming an Integrity Knight. Sword Art Online Alicization War of Underworld
Episode 8 brings us one of the darkest episodes of SAO so far. Alice trying to deal with the consequences
of her actions, sacrificing almost an entire race for a single attack, and Eldrie’s redemption
after he had been broken multiple times in the past 6 months, to gain the admiration
of the mother figure he found after Quinella rid him of his previous one. Welcome everyone, it’s me Gamerturk, your
most reliable source of Sword Art Online information with Alicization Explained, featuring War
of Underworld Episode 8, Blood and Life! As always, Timestamps to individual plotpoints
are in the description, as well as the pinned comment for easy navigation, but to give you
a quick rundown, this was almost a perfectly adapted episode, and it’s not a coincidence,
it’s because they actually adapted no more than 40 pages this week, so they had the chance
to put almost all the things into the anime without cutting out much. There are slight changes here and there and
certain things I need to mention for you to have the full understanding of things, but
that’s why I do Explained videos anyways, so I can’t complain. Next Episode however has me hyped a lot and
if you want some teases for it, wait until the end of this video, I’ll be providing a
lot of teases this time around for the future. But if you are new to my Explained Series,
what I do here is essentially provide you all the vital information on Characters, Events,
Action, Lore from the source material, Light Novels, things that the anime did not convey
properly or just did not have the time to, so you can still see the full picture, so
make sure to subscribe and hit the bell icon to not miss any of the details in the upcoming
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the description and the knowledge of Stacia awaits you there, heck, chances are, it’s
one of the better times to get the books now with all the Black Friday & Cyber Monday stuff
going on around! Detailed Summary, Episode 8 adapted from Sword
Art Online Volume 16, Alicization Exploding’s remaining Parts of Chapter 18, so mid-way
part 3 to the end of Part 4. As mentioned, that’s not a lot, around 35
pages actually, so the episode had a very nice pacing and did not skip anything of significance,
along with some minor changes here and there which is to be expected. We start with the death star attack, but this
time, from the Dark Territory perspective as expected. After last episode, I was still hoping to
see some overall reactions to the major blow, you know, to give it a proper scale, sure
it does look devastating but the all powerful Knights and Lords being shocked would drive
the idea further nicely. Alas, we only got a crazy DIL being crazy,
which doesn’t tell you much, especially when DIL’s moment was added here lazily. When DIL first saw a huge explosive light,
and let’s put it out there right away, her carriage was not all this close for a proper
look anyways, she had initially assumed the light was the result of her Dark Mages initiating
a very powerful Dark Art. However it was when she realized it was the
exact opposite, that she started losing her mind. It wasn’t a showcase of power not only she
couldn’t create herself as the anime has her state, but also something she knew Quinella
would not be able to conjure either which the anime doesn’t state. These are the little things that gives you
a scale, a reference point, as we don’t technically know at this point how powerful DIL is, so
the comparison using her as a reference point, does not achieve much. But when an enemy candidly states it’s more
powerful than the most powerful person in Underworld, Quinella herself, now that’s a
big reference there. But from a relatively lazy scene, we go to
a masterfully adapted one. Alice and Eldrie’s dialogues. You see, this scene has changes as well, but
it’s a great of showcase of the fact that changing things don’t matter, if you stick
to the core of what that scene is portraying. The previous one was all about highlighting
the power by giving it a reference point, which it couldn’t, because it omitted overall
reactions, as well as the comparison to Quinella’s power. Eldrie scene had cuts from Eldrie’s inner
monologue, but it stood true to the core of the scene. Eldrie’s regret and his failure as a Knight. For the purposes of this scene, you didn’t
need to know that Eldrie, for half an hour, tried to clear the smoke Goblins created without
any Sacred Arts, how he eventually made haste behind the lines when everything was over,
how he lost his composure completely when he learned that Renly, the biggest failure
of a knight the Integrity Knights had ever seen had bested the Goblin Chief that outsmarted
him and went on to chasing a bloodshed on the remaining scattered goblins in the camp
in rage. Those are the stuff that the anime had skipped,
but those skips don’t matter, because they are there to illustrate Eldrie’s regret, whereas
the short scene we got, already shows it entirely, especially Eldrie’s voice actor doing a phenomenal
job at this, it’s incredible. As I always say, vocal tones of a human is
an entire language on its own and whether you know Japanese or not, close your eyes
and listen to Eldrie and all you hear is pain and regret, even if you don’t understand his
words. But I need to clarify one thing, I already
mentioned this in my Episode 7 Q&A because “Does Eldrie love Alice” was quite the requested
Question, no, when Eldrie says he was seeking her heart, her love, once again I need to
remind those who think there is only one form of love, Eldrie does not have romantic feelings
for Alice. I’ll get back to this in a later scene as
well, but you have already seen it time and time again in previous episodes already. It’s motherly love Eldrie is looking for that
stems from the dearest memory of his that Quinella removed for the synthesis ritual. The memory of her mother who could not even
leave their house because of her illness, who could not watch Eldrie Woolsburg when
he defeated Sortiliena Serlut, when he won the Four Empire Unification Tournament. The mother that Eldrie wanted to become an
Integrity Knight for, so he could one day heal her. Of course, not all of this is coming from
the Light Novels, Alicization Rising Steel game has an entire Game Original Chapter that
is supposedly written by Reki Kawahara himself, so if you want to see this all more in depth,
go check my playthrough of that. But that was why he had chosen Alice, to fill
the void inside him that Quinella had created, to seek a motherly figure and gain her admiration. Anyways, Furgr scene was perfectly adapted,
I had some complaints when I first watched it, felt different than what I remembered,
but reading it again, yeah, Furgr did suddenly shift the mood in a grander way than what
I remembered. For some reason, it remained in my mind as
a very minor showcase of hostility. Thank god I re-read before making these videos
to ensure due diligence unlike some others… We got our buttshot in the DIL and Vecta scene
to commemorate the previous SAO Director Tomohiko Ito, so that’s neat. But yeah, at this point, you are feeling the
chaos of War of Underworld’s narrative, as we switch perspectives back and forth every
one and a half minute. I like the planning scene with Bercouli, Alice
and Fanatio, it surprisingly does not suffer from the usual “boring cinematography in rudimentary
scenes” syndrome of the Alicization Anime, but overall, this episode is quite vivid compared
to the usual episodes which I’ll talk more about in the opinion section at the end. I also like Fanatio’s subtle moment when Bercouli
is leaving, it’s a nice touch, however they cut out a minor scene where Fanatio was actually
against leaving Bercouli to his own and in a moment of carelessness, she shouted he can’t
even fold his own clothes without her by his side. This resulted in the army crowd having some
laughs while Bercouli whispered something to Fanatio’s ear etc. I can understand why these moments were cut
though, it was a bit more comedic than what the scene required. Anyways, to give you a quick explanation because
the anime didn’t really have a chance, Fanatio is remaining behind to lead the defensive
force as the Vice Commander in Bercouli’s absense, Deusolbert is staying back because
his arrows are completely depleted and a group of soldiers have went to the nearest town
for more special arrows. Renly and Sheyta brought with, because those
two were already Bercouli’s gamble in the first place, so it was better for Bercouli
to keep them in his grasp. Eldrie insisted on joining the decoy team,
but Alice simply scolded him instead. Fizel and Linel also threw a fit, but Bercouli
scolded them, so they stayed back as well. Well, he didn’t scold them, he actually told
them that they would be responsable to hold down the fort, and considering they were the
saviour of the supply tents earlier, it was a reasonable request. Tiese and Ronye were brought, despite their
complete ineptitude at being useful fighters, just to take care of Kirito in the carriage,
so Alice could fight if needed. The scene with Lilpilin and the sacrifice
of the Orcs, not much to say, perfectly adapted, so much so that they even adapted a certain
pulsating red light coming from Lilpilin’s right eye. The key point is that when Lilpilin is cursing
at the humans, he is not particularly referring to the humans of the Human Empire, he is specifically
referring to the humans that are currently sacrificing his folk, so that should give
you an idea as to the nature of what is happening with Lil here. But that, brings us to the curse. I don’t have anything to say, the animation,
once again, done by Yoshihiro Kanno, is an absolute blessing. What I want to focus here however are the
details that can’t really be covered by the anime without being a major pacebreaker, and
well, providing all the information is my purpose here anyways. For starters, the curse is an intangible attack. It attacks directly to the HP of its targets
as “Magic” and cannot be blocked with physical swords or armor. Sure, that final bit is told by DIL as well,
but we’re going more in depth. That’s why Bercouli warns Alice to not chase
after it, because Alice was preparing to use her Osmanthus Blade’s memory abilities, however
as you would know if you read the Novels or watched Alicization Explained for Episode
22 where all of this was explained but cut out from the Anime, the petals are a completely
physical ability, not a single shred of magical properties. Fanatio’s Heaven Piercing Blade with it’s
power of Light Elements would be able to counteract the Dark elements used for the curse, but
may not have been enough. To add more context, the Curse is simply directed
at the life force of things in front of it, that’s why it tracks people. What Eldrie does however, is provide it a
major source of power and similar to mosquitoes around a lamp, the curse worms all follow
that power. So, Eldrie casts his Release Recollection
to give it another source of power to follow and uses himself as the bait. The Memory Release ability was also a perfectly
physical one, and Eldrie knew it would be useless to stop the curse as well when it
was casting it, he never intended to stop it. He simply aimed to bring the King of Snakes
back to life, so the curse would follow it as the biggest source of life. And he had succeeded at that. The moment the curse hit him, it was an instant
drop of life and yes, that is mentioned in the novels as well, from slightly over 5k
to negative 500k. That was the power of the curse. And Eldrie had succeeded at ensuring the entire
curse wave, would only be inflicted to him. But one of the greatest things the anime adapted
in this sequence was Eugeo. At the very start of it, they specifically
showed the Blue Rose Sword glowing. A similar thing had happened back in Episode
5, I didn’t stay too much on it, because the scene was adapted perfectly back there as
well. When Tiese said that she had heard Eugeo’s
voice, she had indeed heard Eugeo. And here, just before he had used his Release
Recollection, Eldrie was doubting what he even could do to save others. He had already failed multiple times in the
past 6 months with no notable success, and he was simply doubting himself to no end. But that was when he heard a voice speaking
to him. “Your determination… Your desire to protect… Needs no payment in return, does it? Love is not something you ask for. You just give and give and give it, and it
never runs out. Isn’t that right?” And if you recognize that sentiment, that
was what Eugeo had learned in his final moments. It was something the memory of Alice had told
him, even before his Synthesis actually, at which point, Eugeo simply did not understand
the meaning or the source of those words. Similarly, now it was Eugeo who was simply
a fragment of himself, guiding others in the right way. While the Anime did not mention what Eldrie
had heard, they figuratively added Eugeo simply pushing Eldrie, the same way you say Kirito
and Eugeo pushing Alice in the Opening actually. That was quite a lovely moment. But let’s be real, this is where unlasting
should have played, instead of an epic battle music. Either way, his final words, is all you need
to understand the love Eldrie felt towards Alice. Telling his mother to not cry. It’s a really nice touch that Takiguri is
mourning the loss of his master in this scene. And the massacre scene, it’s war crimes after
war crimes and that’s why this episode is simply the darkest all around. We start with a nuclear blast erasing multiple
races from existence, then DIL returning the favor with her own genocide of Porcs, Eldrie
taking a suicidal rush due to his depression of 6 months blaming himself, and then Alice
cleansing more Dark Territory troops, despite just hours ago she was in shock and despair
of what she had just caused, as DIL is using two of her mages’ life as Spatial Resources
to protect herself from the havoc and then there is the soul fetishist Shonen villain
smiling at what he had just found. That brings me to the opinions section. Last week, I had shared my frustration about
the fact that the anime was really phoning in the rudimentary scenes with really unimaginative
animation style. Just showing a constantly still frame with
only mouth moving, and doing shot-reverse shot format. It feels like I could not have shared my opinions
on that at a better time, we did it boys, the rudimentary scenes were not boring this
week and had some creative decisions made for them, which I take full credit for! Eheheheh… Okay, jokes aside, my uncle does not work
at nintendo who knows someone working at Aniplex that I can just enforce my will into a weekly
production 4 days before airdate. I was surprised how fresh the basic scenes
in this episode felt. We had Alice’s hair being affected by the
wind around, when Alice was explaining her plan, Bercouli was not just looping an animation
where he was moving the spoon from his mouth to the bowl, but rather had differing animations
to accompany him etc. These are the kinds of stuff I mean when I
say “just make the basic scenes somewhat interesting”, don’t put a powerpoint slide, do… Just this. Give it some flair. And they did it this week! And credit is where credit is due, well done
A1. Just add these small touches here and there
when you have a completely still scene, they do matter a lot to make things feel more lively. Don’t just wait for Kanno to come to your
resque with a 45 second action scene every week, make these basic scenes stand out a
little just like that. So this week, I clap A1 for finally having
some flair in its basic scenes. But I promised a slightly heftier tease for
next week at the beginning of this video. I’ll keep it spoiler-free in terms of context,
but if you have very low spoiler tolerance, you still may wanna leave early, Im like… Gonna mention the names of 2 characters… Episode 9 is title Sword and Fist and to be
honest, it is one of my highest anticipated episodes in War of Underworld, solely due
to what you can imagine from the title itself. There is one Integrity Knight so far who has
not yet received her deban, so next week, you will meet the true nature of the infamous
Sheyta the Silent! Her past, her present and her future, you
will meet them all actually. And if we are lucky, the anime should adapt
the backstory of another Dark Territory general next week, the tenth champion of the Pugilists
Guild, the punchy boi himself, Iskahn. Another veeeeery veeeeeeery major event is
to happen next week as well aside from the Sword and Fist stuff, but I’m gonna be perfectly
honest at the risk of pissing Valgraaf from SAO Wikia, I could not care less for that
other cliffhanger next week. My hype is all about Sheyta and Iskahns stories. So, if you made it this far, I’m gonna ask
something different this time around. If you are an anime only, do comment “Elegance
vs Resilience”. If you are a Light Novel reader, do comment
“Time for the descent!”. I’m interested to see the ratio between the
two groups and I feel like giving the LN readers a reference they can understand is a good
way. Either way, ask your questions and use #AskGamerturk
for Weekly War of Underworld Q&A. If your question is spoilery, add a spoiler
warning to ensure Anime Only people are not spoiled. Subscribe and hit the bell icon for all of
that and more! Links to Light Novels, Manga and more are
in the description, channel merch is there as well with a special discount code for Patrons
and Channel Members too! So, as always, thank you very much for watching,
huge thanks to my Patrons and Youtube Channel members as always and until next time, Stay

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