Sword Art Online Alicization EXPLAINED – War of Underworld EP9, Sword and Fist! | Gamerturk Reviews

Sword Art Online Alicization EXPLAINED – War of Underworld EP9, Sword and Fist! | Gamerturk Reviews

This video is brought to you late by 4 different
exams that I had in the span of 3 days. Thank you University of Innsbruck… Sword Art Online Alicization War of Underworld
Episode 9 brought us the Goddess of Creation, Stacia, as Asuna finally descends to the surface
of Underworld, whereas Scheta the Silent and Iskahn find something precious to live for! Welcome everyone, it’s me Gamerturk, proving
that even your most reliable source of Sword Art Online information can be late due to
real life responsibilities, with Alicization Explained, featuring War of Underworld Episode
9, Sword and Fist! This is gonna be a budget Explained, because
the aim is to cover Episode 9, before Episode 10 arrives tomorrow! But regardless, Timestamps to individual plotpoints
are in the description, as well as the pinned comment for easy navigation, but to give you
a quick rundown, again, the adaptation quality was very high, despite some drops here and
there which was not surprising considering the past. The Anime never cared about the backstories
of the Dark Teritory members and this week, it was Iskahn’s time to be sacrificed, but
maybe they can cover some of it in a future episode. Scheta’s background also received some axes
here and there. Overall, good episode nevertheless. But if you are new to my Explained Series,
what I do here is essentially provide you all the vital information on Characters, Events,
Action, Lore from the source material, Light Novels, things that the anime did not convey
properly or just did not have the time to, so you can still see the full picture, so
make sure to subscribe and hit the bell icon to not miss any of the details in the upcoming
weeks and gain an Immunity Shield against the pawns of Emperor Vecta swiftly spreading
misinformation and uncontrolled spoilers like a pack of foxes! But then again, if you want to read the books
yourself for the amazing experience, Amazon and Book Depository affiliate links are in
the description and the knowledge of Stacia awaits you there! Stacia herself awaits you there as well, as
this is your final days to get Christmas Merch! Sweatshirts and Leggings featuring Padoru
Kirito and Asuna, as well as Padoru Eugeo and Alice are available on my Teespring shop! Detailed summary: Episode 9 adapted the final
page of Chapter 18 Part 4, as well as Chapter 19 Parts 1 and 2 from Volume 16 Alicization
Exploding. Part 3 which features Asuna’s perspective
of the final moments will be adapted next week along with the continuation of the story. Again, it is roughly 35 pages but unlike last
week, they had a trouble of bringing most things from the novels, although looking at
the amount of focus they provided to Scheta vs Iskahn scenes, and the extensive coverage
of that moment, it’s kinda understandable why there had to be drops despite not much
being adapted. Anyways, the episode begins with Alice’s announcement
and I’ll start with clarifying your confusions. “Priestess of Light” is a made up term by
Vecta. Alice is simply using the term he made up
to announce herself as, so the Dark Territory Army takes her seriously enough to divert
enough forces towards her, rather than the human empire. There is no real title of “Priestess of Light”,
it doesn’t mean anything, it was mainly Gabriel roleplaying to impress his subjects and came
up with that title. Next up, we have the new variant for the Opening. I’m gonna talk about the specific new scenes
and details at the end of this video with spoilers, so until I put up a spoiler warning
there, all I’m gonna say is that the Opening has changed. But as we go back, Bercouli mentions that
he believes Vixur Ul Shasta, the Dark Knight Commander is no longer alive. In the anime, this comes off quite abrubt,
but in the novels, this feeling of his was teased when Alice had first arrived at the
camp, which roughly coincides with the death of Shasta. Ever since their duel, Bercouli was very hopeful
of Shasta and being very capable with his incarnation, he was keeping a… How to put it properly… He had a sense of how Shasta’s existence felt
through Incarnation. And when Shasta had ceased to exist a couple
days ago, Bercouli had felt it and had briefly mentioned it back at the camp in passing. Here, he is still looking for a sign of his
existence, but as he states himself, he can no longer feel any life from Shasta, whom
he was hopeful of to eventually come to a peace. I like that they adapted the small bit where
Bercouli is really fond of Renly and Alice mentioning that there is no rule stating that
an Integrity Knight must go through the Synthesis Ritual. It’s a good tease of possibilities regarding
the future and of course, not even just the future as that is spoilers and I cannot talk
about any of that to not spoil you, but also a statement proven by the past, as Fizel and
Linel for example, are officially Integrity Knights who have not gone through the Synthesis
Ritual. But yeah, keep that in mind. But with that, we switch perspectives to the
punchy boi Iskahn! And yeah, this episode is certainly a whole
lot better in its animation than anything so far, even that Korean outsourced episode
which was decently creative with its non-action episode 5. I love how Bercouli is using his hands when
he is explaining the Pugilists to Alice, but of course, the entire backstory of Iskahn
and the Pugilists has been skipped. To keep this short, I won’t go in depth to
their backstory, since I will cover it next week anyways in an SAO Wikia video for Iskahn
anyways, so just stay tuned for that, but goddamn, Iskahn’s animations are just sooo
fluid and expressive throughout the entire episode that I just love it! But yeah, the gist of it is, the training
of a Pugilist is completely reliant on Incarnation, despite them not explicitly knowing it as
such. Bercouli is aware of what it is of course,
being the wise person that he is, but for a Pugilist, it’s all about getting into a
mental state where they believe they are completely unbreakable. And surprise surprise, the way Main Visualizer
of Project Alicization works, allows that belief to manifest in reality in short bursts. Now, that is very important, remember, Incarnation
is a temporary condition. That’s why Pugilists have their Combat Dances
to prepare themselves, such things even have background in our own real worlds as well. Not as effective as Incarnation of course,
but for example, Ottomans used to have an entire band with them when going to war to
play music with them to motivate their own troops, as well as demoralize their enemies. Im pretty certain some other civilizations
have similar traditions as well. In the case of Pugilists, as Explained is
not a history video, this motivation is picked up by the main visualizer and is used to actually
physically enhance them in the process. And the temporary factor is the reason why
you see Iskahn going for another dance before he personally dealt with Scheta, but I’m getting
ahead of myself. Scheta’s past is also mostly glossed over,
how she became an Integrity Knight, surprise surprise, she won the Four Empire Unification
Tournament with a major bloodbath, how Quinella sent her to the Dark Territory in search of
an object left behind by the darkest times of the Dark Territory, the Age of Blood and
Iron, how she inherited strong enough Incarnation to cut down Pugilists who thought they were
uncuttable, solely because much like them, or even more so, she simply knew she could
cut anything standing in her way, just like that time when she accidentally cut down another
Integrity Knight in training and fearing her own power, requested to be put to sleep by
Quinella. All of that and more however, you can listen
to in our Meet Scheta the Silent introduction video by clicking the icon in the upper right,
this is a budget Explained Episode. Anyways, we got minor Renly scenes, minor
Vassago scenes and back to action focusing so greatly on Iskahn and Scheta that I am
at a loss for words. One of the most wonderful animation so far
in the series. But I’m also in love that Iskahn is at a loss
for words towards Scheta, she is just so awkward because of her silence in general, like, she
looks around to think for a bit before uttering a couple words, that’s just great. Her calmness with Iskahn’s bruteness is just
perfect, don’t you think *wink wink* The animation depth during Iskahn’s dance
in incredible though, look at those moves, those details, those flames, absolutely incredible
and this fight is just a major joy to watch, even when I had 4 exams to prepare for during
the week. Anyways, I dont wanna talk more on Scheta
and Iskahn, you will get more of them soon enough, before we go into the break in 3 Episodes. Ah, but you can be damn sure I am going to
focus on those final 2 minutes with Vassago! You see, there are a lot of details here,
however 2 are most important. First one, only a very little amount of people
have caught onto and they don’t really know the reason behind it. I received multiple questions about why Vassago
was surprised when Ronye mentioned what she had learned from her Senpai. There’s also some misinformed assumptions
going on, so let’s clear those and the reason why Vassago is surprised of course. For starters, he is not surprised because
Ronye had caught onto him, or because she used the word “Senpai” or anything. None of these were surprising for Vassago,
but something subconsciously had bothered him about what he had just heard from this
little girl. My senpai taught me not to rely on my eyes,
but to sense everything. Do you remember that sentiment? Because Vassago sure does, after fighting
against that very same sentiment for almost 2 years, before being thrown into the Black
Iron Palace along with other members of the Laughing Coffin’. However it has been such a long time that
he was simply shocked at hearing something so familiar to him, from such a defining period
of his own lifetime, but was not able to pinpoint the cause, hence he was caught back for a
second. He was trying to remember where he remembered
that sentiment before. But before he could get the chance to remember
where he heard it from, another variable would enter the equation, making the link very clear. A Goddess starts descending from the heavens
in shining bright light, every movement of her hand causing a beam of light arching on
the sky, with angelic chorus sound effects filling the environment along with it and
creating a huge ravine to kill off the Dark Knights and plunge Vassago into his death
as well. As he fell and the bright light toned down,
the link in Vassago’s mind became clear… That was Asuna the Flash, the vice commander
of the Knights of Blood, Kirito’s partner. That must have meant something… That he finally had an opportunity… To do… Well, not gonna tell you, because that’s spoilers! Ha! Anyways, I love this scene. But first off, I need to get this out of my
chest. I hated the Chorus effects when I read the
light novels. I hated the chorus effects in the anime as
well. It feels too over the top and I don’t like
it. But moving on, like, this scene is the reason
why I’m mad that Kirito’s final moments in Episode 24 was completely butchered! It was supposed to be exactly like this scene. Just like Vassago slowly realizing things
and making connections, right before he got struck by the power surge, Kirito too was
making links and coming to conclusions, it was literally the exact same process! But at the end of it, the punch in the gut
was instead of remembering Asuna like Vassago did here, Kirito was instead in the process
of completely forgetting Asuna, that was the entire impact ughhhhhhh…. But why am I talking about Episode 24… Anyways, it’s a nice addition to show Alice
rushing to the scene from far away in panic as she watched otherworldly phenomena she
doesn’t understand which should give you an idea on what to expect, along with the Episode
10 trailer, but she will have other reasons as well to do what she is going to do. You want more talk on Stacia? Well, then you either have to wait until next
Episode’s Explained where I’ll extensively talk about it, or watch our Meet Stacia Goddess
of Creation video! But now, I’ll move onto the new Opening scenes
real quick which will feature spoilers, so if you are leaving now, comment “Radiant Light
of the Goddess of Creation” in the comments to let me know, subscribe for more etc, but
we are gonna have a short spoiler talk now on the new Opening scenes. First and arguably the most important change
in the Opening is that they altered the layers slightly, so Agil is no longer hidden behind
Leafa and Sinon! Woooooooooooo!!!! The white blur effect on Stacia has been removed
entirely so you can see Asuna in her full glory as she tries to make haste towards Kirito. They still haven’t fixed the bit where they
are showcasing the leaders of the Dark Territory and this abomination of a Porc shows up instead
of the cutipie that is Lilpilin. But yeah, coming to the big changes as well
as major spoilers! The crew first turn into their ALO Avatars
but then you see 3 of them turning into new, different avatars! You have already met Stacia, the Goddess of
Creation, but following her, you can see Sinon as Solus, the Goddess of Sun, obviously not
Lunaria the Goddess of the Moon because thats so stupid that it can only be something a
Fox who has not read the Light Novels would say, and you also see Leafa as Terraria the
Goddess of Earth! Now before you assume this is gonna seriously
change the course of the war, you need to remember that abilities of Super Accounts
are not Limitless. Superaccounts are tech demos in a sense, they
use the will of their user to utilize their inherent abilities, but unlike Incarnation
that pushes ones will onto the main visualizer to temporarily overwrite the world, Superaccounts
get to process the entire data inside their fluctlight to permamently alter the world. And since they are actively processing world
data in their minds, this puts a great strain on them, and puts them at a great health risk
akin to simply destroying their Fluctlight under the weight of all the data. So no, they do not possess limitless power
as some other people may try to hype you as. But then again, at this point, he doesn’t
have much to read in the Wikia either so he has 0 knowledge of what he’s talking about
so it’s not all that surprising… I mean, he was pulling stuff out of his ass
even when he was reading our summaries on the Wikia, I can’t imagine the things he is
doing now…. Anyways, let’s have the fox breath a bit and
contemplate about his lacking ethics and due diligence that he ends up consistently spreading
misinformation to the people who trust him, the battle scene is changed of course, featuring
Renly fighting some giants, which does not have much significance, this is just to have
some Renly time in the OP, doesn’t refer to a main event or anything, Giants and Goblins
both are pretty much done for, and then we see Iskahn and Scheta Synthesis 12 duking
it out and as I said, you will see more of them in the near future as well. You see Alice and Stacia fighting against
Emperor Vecta and I got 2 things to mention here. One, I’m expecting this sequence to receive
a little bit more polish, because even the close shots look very basic. Secondly, this is pretty much a bait. This is not a scene from the series and you
will get to learn really soon why this will never be. No, it’s not because Asuna and Alice don’t
get along well. You’ll see once it happens in the next couple
of episodes, definitely before the break. So yeah, this is just a fake hype scene. Funnily enough, Bercouli vs Shasta ended up
being a fake hype scene as well because the anime decided to skip the entire backstory
sequence back then… Ugh… Just dont trust this scene.. I see some very very very very very very hyped
people that Kirito is holding both swords in the Dark Territory this time around. Stop… He is not waking up in this cour. This is just Alice imagining Kirito in his
not-dead state, it’s literally the same visual, they just changed the background layer here,
this is nothing for you to reach false conclusions. You want false conclusions, Foxen is graciously
giving his false conclusions away for free, go get some from him if you are looking for
misinformation. Sadly, I am not a hypebeast who likes to bend
the truth and lie, so I gotta give it to you as it is. Final 2 episodes of this cour is Volume 17
Alicization Awakening content, and there is as much Awakening happening in Volume 17,
as there was Uniting happening in V14 Alicization Uniting. So please don’t get overhyped, just to lash
back at the anime, because you had false expectations fueled by foxes… Also, stop asking me about the goddamn puddle,
it’s post Alicization spoilers and I don’t think it’s reasonable for me to give you post
Alicization Spoilers while we are mid-way War of Underworld. Anyways, that’s it! And if you made it this far unlike the non-spoiler
people, comment “Time for the pissing contest!” to let me know! We’ve already translated the Episode 10 PV,
so no teases for next episode, it’s coming out tomorrow anyways. No Q&A this week, so save your questions for
Episode 10 Explained please. I am goddamn tired due to my exams and I want
to have a rest this weekend. Jokes on me, it won’t happen because weekends
are when I work on SAO Anime stuff anyways, soooooo… Ugh, I’m just rambling at this point… Subscribe and hit the bell icon for all of
that and more! Links to Light Novels, Manga and more are
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huge thanks to my Patrons and Youtube Channel members and until next time, Stay Cool~

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