Sword Art Online Alicization EXPLAINED – WoU EP10, Stacia Goddess of Creation! | Gamerturk Reviews

Sword Art Online Alicization EXPLAINED – WoU EP10, Stacia Goddess of Creation! | Gamerturk Reviews

This Alicization Explained is brought to you
by one of the first proper inner monologues ever adapted in the series! Sword Art Online Alicization War of Underworld
Episode 10 was all about the short calm before the storm period brought in by the shock of
a Goddess of Underworld descending to the surface! We got Kirito making his biggest reaction
so far to things going around him, tension between Asuna and Alice, which was surprisingly
downplayed in the anime, for a good reason mind you, Bercouli showing his perceptiveness
and one last wholesome moment before all hell breaks loose once again, much moreso than
it did before! Welcome everyone, it’s me Gamerturk, your
most reliable source of Sword Art Online information, with Alicization Explained featuring War of
Underworld Episode 10, Stacia, Goddess of Creation! As always, Timestamps to individual plotpoints
are down below for easy navigation with an overview, but to give you a quick rundown,
that was a “decent adaptation”, changes in tone here and there, some drops and some surprise
inclusions. And this episode is is one of those that showcase
“not a perfect adaptation” is not always always a bad thing. One of the biggest changes we had in this
episode, is something to think and argued about, but in my opinion, in the grand scheme
of things, it benefits the story compared to how the Light Novel approached the scene. But we’ll get to all of these shortly, in
a lot more detail. But if you are new to my Explained Series,
what I do here is essentially provide you all the vital information on Characters, Events,
Action, Lore from the source material, Light Novels, things that the anime did not convey
properly or just did not have the time to, so you can still see the full picture, so
make sure to subscribe and hit the bell icon to not miss any of the details in the upcoming
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this is your final days to get Christmas Merch! Sweatshirts and Leggings featuring Padoru
Kirito and Asuna, as well as Padoru Eugeo and Alice are available on my Teespring shop! Go get them, before they are gone! But to provide you a detailed summary, Episode
10 adapted a little bit less than what I imagined it would because surprisingly, we got an extended
coverage of an inner monologue by Asuna, something the Anime rarely opts in for. This was particularly surprising, because
they had skipped the exact same inner monologue when Kirito had it back during Episode 19
of the Human Realm Arc providing more depth to Kirito’s handling of situations, but I’m
getting ahead of myself. Episode 10 did not conclude Volume 16 Alicization
Exploding and only adapted Chapter 19 Parts 3 to 5, the remaining part 6 and 7 were not
adapted and will possibly be combined with the initial bits of Volume 17, Alicization
Awakening, since the cliffhanger they seem to be ending the cour on is becoming more
and clear, a certain event that takes the war into yet another direction. But starting with our contents;
We start with some minor anime original content, instead of Asuna shortly remembering Higa’s
warning, we get to actually watch these chronologically. Everyone that is present in the Sub-Con is
shown one by one, but there is one figure that is shown to you prominently. You have seen him in passing before in the
Human Realm Arc, and while you have no way of making the connection yourself due to his
change in appearence, you have seen this person before in one of the prior arcs. You can see he is quite worried about the
circumstances as well from his facial expression and you can be damn sure this is not the last
time you are seeing him. But going back to Higa’s warning regarding
Stacia’s abilities and the headache, I have mentioned this in Meet Stacia, the Goddess
of Creation and Episode 9 Explained’s spoiler section where I talked about the opening,
but now it’s time to open it up to you non-spoiler people as well. You see, one of the false expectations and
don’t get me wrong, I don’t blame anyone for having false expectations on this, many people
assumed Superaccounts or God Accounts have limitless powers, but the fact of the matter
is, they don’t. And while Higa provides a very basic explanation
saying “If you get a headache, that means you shouldn’t do it further”, that glosses
over what is actually happening quite a lot. And this all ties into Incarnation and Project
Alicization hardware set-up as well. At this point, you should be accustomed to
what Incarnation is, if you aren’t, go back to my “What is Incarnation” explanation please. Simply put, Underworld uses the Fluctlights
of its inhabitants as Processing Power, rather than putting it all onto a GPU and CPU in
most cases. Not even “processing” in a sense, it’s literally
borrowing the data in a Fluctlight, so there is barely any strain on the individual Fluctlights,
they are not processing anything. As a result, when using Incarnation, they
can feed the Main Visualizer looking at their Fluctlight false information and thus temporarily
trick the system into things that are not real, actively making them real for a bit,
before the simulation itself catches up or you lose track of your own false reality,
that’s why Incarnation is hard to pull off as well and takes a lifetime to master, as
you technically need to “believe in your lie to be a fact” so that the Main Visualizer
doesn’t pick it up as a lie as well. Again, “What is Incarnation” has more in depth
explanations, but the core thing I want to highlight here is, Incarnation is temporary
and doesn’t make the Fluctlight process anything additional. God Account Abilities however, act significantly
differently. Under basic terminology, God Account Abilities
also can be blanketly put under the “Incarnation” banner, for example, Stacia has the ability
to terraform with her will, you know, the base requirement for Incarnation. Buuuut it is not Incarnation. What the God Accounts Abilities do is actually
use the Fluctlight as a processor, rather than just feeding data to the main visualizer. So in layman terms for those of you not so
well versed with computer technicalities, what Asuna does when she creates that ravine
for example, is that first off, she receives the entire Geometry Data of the area into
her Fluctlight, then she alters that data in her own Fluctlight and at the same time
as she is altering the data, she is also feeding the data into the system. It is not the Main Visualizer simply reading
her memories creating temporary overwrites that will disappear when the simulation catches
up, it’s the Simulation Codebase simultaneously interacting with her Fluctlight, to permanently
alter the geometry completely. And that puts an incredible strain on the
user and while the anime did not mention it, further uses after symptoms start showing
up can cause major damage to ones’ Fluctlight. And you can see symptoms already starting
for Asuna on the moment of her arrival. But yeah, talked too much about in depth technicalities,
let’s move a bit further. Asuna finally reaching Kirito was the highlight
of this episode. It was a very short but very hard hitting
scene in the novels and I feel like this was one of the things the anime has enhanced greatly,
the way Kirito reacts to Asuna’s voice, starts shaking like a phone on silents, starts crying
a river once Asuna hugs him, overall just a beautifully adapted scene. Asuna’s inner monologues here were skipped
where she was comparing Kirito’s situation now to her own situation back in Fairy Dance,
how Higa had explained that Kirito had very close friends who had died in the final battle
that he was blaming himself for, how she wanted to make sure he would never blame himself
again, but I don’t think it matters all that much to hear that verbally, as you should
know that has been Asuna’s sentiment since Aincrad anyways. Having this all only visually adapted was
a great choice. Minor skip here, the scene from the perspective
of Gabriel’s point of view was skipped, but it’s mainly the merchant leader, Rengil, getting
one of his 2 lines in the entire War of Underworld sub-arc, suggesting that they set up camp
for the night and let the troops rest, along with Gabriel assessing their situation, the
Dark Mage Leader DIL being assumed dead in the carnage etc. Next up, we have the start of the pissing
contest, where the tension is slightly downplayed. Nothing is inherently different from the novels,
well, except for Alice lunging in with her petals at the beginning which I find stupid,
if she were to lunge in with Perfect Weapon Control, why would she just go into a regular
swordfight, but I digress. The change in tone is merely caused by Ronye
and Tiese’s ugh… How to put it… Comedically shocked faces, rather than actually
being scared at what was transpiring. You see, while she wasn’t using her Perfect
Weapon Control, Alice was not really holding back here, so much so that Asuna’s inner monologues
were making it very clear that she would have long lost the clash, if she didn’t have a
GM object, her Radiant Light rapier, which was ultimately a whole lot higher level than
Alice’s Osmanthus Blade. And looking from Asuna’s side, her only intention
was to simply deflect and defend herself, until Alice had asked what she was doing with
Kirito in a hostile manner that caused her nerves to snap as well and the two really
started going at each other. Like, this was a very tense and scary moment
until Bercouli intervened and I feel the anime did not live up to that, by starting the comedy
early with the awkward gasps of Tiese and Ronye. The next scene is one continuous infodump
and very much accurate that I don’t have much to add. Again, as a newcomer to Underworld, experiencing
all of the graphics and the complexity of Artificial Fluctlights, that are pretty much
indistinguishable from real Fluctlights, she has a lot of inner monologues here being impressed,
comparing things to SAO and ALO, but none of that really matter for the context of this
scene. I love how Bercouli instantly makes the connections
and reads the room perfectly. Asuna’s revelation about how the world would
be destroyed had really caused a major panic for example and despite he wasn’t intelligent
enough to grasp the circumstances, Bercouli had used a very crude logic by comparing the
real world encompassing Underworld to Dark Territory encompassing the Human Empire with
a firm and resolute statement to calm things down to hear more of the explanation, and
then connecting Asuna’s words of “the enemy” coming to Underworld as well to Vecta’s arrival. Even though Asuna had a lot more knowledge
than Bercouli about the circumstances, she was quite impressed by the incredible leadership
capabilities of the man. But with that, we actually get an extensive
inner monologue sequence, the significant one I talked to you about at the beginning,
regarding the Seal of the Right Eye. After Ronye and Tiese mentioned they saw blood
coming from Eugeo’s eye when he had saved them with Kirito and Bercouli questioning
if the Real Worlders had the seal as well, Alice had remembered the Sacred Script on
her eye, Error Code 871. And while the words “Error Code” didn’t mean
anything to an Underworldian, the implication was clear. And this was an implication Kirito had reached
all the way back in the Human Realm Arc when he saw the Seal on Alice’s eye. He had realized long ago that Rath staff had
a mole inside them trying to sabotage the experiment to stall it for some reason. He obviously did not know the reason and wanted
to warn Kikuoka, but as you can imagine, the short talk they had was in quite the unorthodox
conditions that he had no chance to mention it. Of course, Kirito’s inner monologue back then
was skipped. So I’m glad Asuna’s here, was not skipped,
although it was still shortened and it may lead to some confusions for the viewer. Asuna knew she had to tell either Kiku, Higa
or Rinko but she had no way of directly contacting them. As she stated in the anime, there was no Admin
Console nearby. For a moment, she considered simply depleting
her HP to 0 and be logged out, but that would mean she would not be able to log back in
with the Stacia Account, as long as the Main Consoles in the real world remained in lockdown,
as the account would not be able to be restored. In the Novels, she didn’t hear Kirito’s voice,
but that is the next best thing to imply her sentiment. Knowing that the Fluctlight Acceleration was
already at 1000x, she did indeed have a lot of wiggleroom to do what she needed to do,
before the mole could do anything in the real world, so she simply decided to keep fighting
to protect Alice and thus Underworld. And that was the implication of Kirito’s voice. “Please, protect Underworld”
We had a minor teaser scene here from the Real World where the bad guys are located,
but you are going to have to excuse me for not mentioning it. I am pretty sure the anime will highlight
this in the next episode, so I am not going to spoil you with that teaser. But when Asuna finished her train of thought,
the room was still incredibly tense. Unlike the usual inner monologues in Anime,
where the viewer assumes time has stopped as the inner monologue is going on, in this
scene, it actually hadn’t. Like, Alice and Bercouli and everyone else
were looking at Asuna the entire time, possibly over half a minute, waiting for her to answer
and when Asuna decided to say “It’s very Daijobu, don’t worry” Alice had lashed out at her,
obviously having realized every was not all that daijobu considering she sat there over
30 seconds with a very worried look on her face. And of course, getting lashed out by the same
person who has been very pissy towards her since the beginning was getting on Asuna’s
nerves, but that thought led her to yet another tangent, thinking who was the last time she
had ever been in such a situation that she was really mad at someone and promptly got
cut off by her own thoughts when she realized it was Kirito the last time she wanted to
smack someone in the face, thinking about how their relationship together evolved over
time. But of course, she immediately disregarded
the idea of ever getting along with Alice, because unlike Kirito, Alice is obviously
not a very likeable character. But here comes the major inner monologue that
was skipped. At this point, the perspective of the Novel
switches over to Alice’s perspective and we get to experience her thoughts this time around. And as she listened to Asuna’s pristine voice,
Alice wondered what made her so irritated towards Asuna in the first place. And this, was supposed to be the second time
you were to learn that Alice did not have romantic feelings towards Kirito, since that
first time back in the tent where the Anime skipped her inner monologues again. You see, Alice came to a multiple conclusions
for her irritation towards Asuna. One, she had simply barged into the protective
carriage that held the person she took care of for 6 months without any permission. She simply felt violated, but she did understand
and had come to terms with Asuna having the right to see Kirito. Two, Alice too had felt inferior towards Asuna
when they were clashing their swords. She described her thrusts as if consecutive
thrusts of the Radiant Light were not consecutively happening, but rather at the same time as
each other, so fast that even Vice Commander Fanatio would not be able to keep up with
that pace. As she herself states, she had never been
shocked by the swordsmanship of another female of her age before in her life. But third and most importantly, Alice was
simply stunned by Asuna’s beauty. She was observing others around the campfire
and how they were looking at Asuna, full on admiration in their faces. Alice knew that if Asuna had indeed introduced
herself as the Goddess Stacia, she knew nobody would dare question it. As you can guess from all these 3 different
notes of why Alice doesn’t like Asuna that she herself states in her inner monologues,
it’s very clear that all Alice wants, is to be the center of attention of what she deems
to be her attention. She wants to be special for those she cares
for. And that is what rubs her the wrong way in
the comedic scene right after, along with other key details, so let me try to structure
this in a way that won’t get me entagled. First off, focusing on this sentence from
Alice when she is making a deal with Asuna. “In return, you need to tell me everything
you know about Kirito as well.” This is not a new sentiment, it is something
Alice has been very open about since she was first saved by Kirito on the wall. She considers Kirito to be “the one with the
truth”, and she is seeking the truth, the meaning of her existence. She wants to learn more about Kirito, because
she believes Kirito, as the person who opened her eyes to the realities of this world, has
the answers to her questions. As a result, she also wants to learn more
about him, through someone else who knows him plenty, in this case, Asuna. Secondly, as I mentioned earlier, she likes
being the center of attention, ugh, let me phrase that better. She likes to be the Alpha Female around. And Asuna is a major threat to that. Asuna is taking command to her own hands not
asking for permission from anyone, Asuna is more skilled than her, moving her weapons
faster than the fastest person she knows, Asuna is more beautiful than her, so much
so that when she had just assumed the title of “Priestess of Light”, there comes this
other female, descending from the sky in rainbows with the perfect voice and godly beauty. She feels inferior on every front and thus
wants to prove she is not. So, she challenges Asuna wherever she gets
the chance and that includes how special she is to Kirito. It’s kinda sad that Alice never got to see
Kirito’s reaction when he first heard Asuna, all of this needless pissing contest on her
side could have been avoided alltogether, I mean… She took care of Kirito for 6 months, never
getting a physical reaction from him. Asuna comes in and utters Kirito’s name, the
guy completely straightens himself, starts trying to reach out almost dropping out of
his chair, starts crying an entire puddle that can drown Alice in it, I mean, that would
have been a major eye opener for Alice for sure. Jokes on both of them, the only one Veggirito
actually hugs is Eugeo… Either way, that final calm before the storm
scene needs no explanation, it’s a cute scene and the last moment these characters will
get before shit goes wrong again and again. But yeah, Opinions about the episode. Starting with one of the emotional highpoints
of the entire series, certainly does not help the rest of your episode stand out, especially
when it’s mostly an exposition episode and most personal moments are inner monologues
that got cut out. I am glad that the pissing contest was significantly
toned down to not make Alice even less likeable than she already was, but it is sad that it
came at the expense of giving her more depth by cutting out her perspective on things. If it were me, I would have cut out Asuna’s
“Oh there must be a mole in Rath what should I do” bit and include Alice’s inner monologue
about why she dislikes Asuna instead, would have given her a lot more depth and let people
actually know why she was acting like a dick. But I can see people being bored with this
episode, there is barely anything going on, it’s an exposition episode and on top of that,
it’s an exposition episode of things you already know, being told to the Underworldians. Eh, just watch the beginning of the episode
with Kirito and Asuna over and over and enjoy that! Oh and yes, I like Golgorosso getting some
additional screentime here and there, at this point, he may end up getting more deban than
Agil does, which is not a high bar to set, but hey, good for him! Episode 11 is titled Cruel Choice, wait, what
did Crunchyroll title it again? Heartless Choice, huh, not bad Crunchy. The problem with this title is that if I am
not sure if it’s referring to the very near future decision or like, the near future decision. There’s a bunch of Heartless decisions being
made by Gabe in a consecutive manner, so I’ll leave the tease vague. All I can say is, you will start seeing more
members of the Dark Territory questioning their leadership and you will see more of
the Human Empire Army members questioning their acts to harm Dark Territory Members! But either way, big action moments are returning
and we may actually get some more ALO scenes! Not the stupid Anime Original, plothole creating,
cancer inducing ones, the ones actually written by Reki himself in the novels, so hopefully
they can get some stupidity cleared out on that front as well! If you made it this far though, comment “Daddy
Bercouli is getting drunk before the war” in the comments to let me know! ask your questions
and use #AskGamerturk for Weekly War of Underworld Q&A. If your question is spoilery, add a spoiler
warning to ensure Anime Only people are not spoiled. Subscribe and hit the bell icon for all of
that and more! Links to Light Novels, Manga and more are
in the description, channel merch, featuring limited time Christmas Special Padoru Kirito
& Asuna, as well as Padoru Eugeo and Alice hoodies and leggings, are there as well with
a special discount code for Patrons and Channel Members too! So, as always, thank you very much for watching,
huge thanks to my Patrons and Youtube Channel members as always and until next time, Stay

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  46. I don’t understand why people were mad how the novel handled Alices hostility. When I read it I thought it was completely believable. She has no reason to believe anything Asuna was saying. And when I read it in the novel I didn’t care how Alice was acting because at that point Asuna and Kirito already reunited and Alice wasn’t going to win Kirito over no matter what she did. I see no problem with the toning down of the hostility but like I said it didn’t bother me. I would also be completely fine with it if they adapted it 100 percent faithfully.

  47. The wife arrives… the ONLY ONE who kirito loves in the entire series

  48. Next episode should be the end of v16

  49. Honestly I kinda jumped when Kirito reacted to Asuna first entering the tent. Also Ronie just wanting to be included was too relatable.

  50. Daddy bercouli is getting drunk before the war…

  51. #AskGameturk

    Is it true that Vassago will back on Underworld with using his old Sao Account. If not what kind of account will he use? Does he sneak to attack the Afk kirito?

  52. 7:46 IIRC they adapted this Gabriel talking to Merchant guy on the previous episode, I think it's on the last part.

  53. Daddy Bercouli is getting Drank before war

  54. Daddy Bercouli is getting drunk before the war!

  55. All things in episode good and likable. The only I did not like was the Jealousy fight with the 4 girls being Sortelliena, Asuna, Alice and Ronye.

  56. Thanks for doing this every week! I enjoy these episodes a lot

  57. Daddy Bercouli is getting drunk before the war.

    Time to watch the angst.

  58. I think the problem lies between the crab and raios&humbert..and here i am still waiting for the crab wwww

  59. The war of waifu…nyahahahha

  60. Daddy Bercouli Is Getting Drunk Before The War

  61. Plot Twist: The real enemy in War Of The Underworld is a cyber-terrorist group whose name is the Abridgers. They capture people in VRMMOs & alter their personality completely. Their cover is a video channel named "Super Wimpy Eggheads".
    Leader: Dan Xux Fans 619
    Second-In-Command: Guyigok
    General: Diggybroth
    Technical Dev: Justin Corruption
    Subordinates: Rosalia, Laughing Coffin, Sugou, & Death Gun.

    *The members of the Abridgers are based off actual YouTubers that make "SAO hate" while Super Wimpy Eggheads is based off a combination of a certain abridge parody channel with the most toxic fanbase in a series & a quote known as "laughing joking numbnuts".

  62. You can spoiler if you want ,so does kirito "wake" up or not in this season?

  63. Daddy Bercouli is getting drunk before the war…

    Don't the Super Accounts have a default skin or something?… I mean Vector doesn't look like Gabriel or his Subtilizer Account… Why does Stacia look like Asuna (SAO), Solus like Sinon (GGO), and Terraria like Leafa (ALO)?…

  64. Really good explanation ^^b

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  66. #AskGamerturk Spoilers:

    Do Asuna and the rest of Kirito's friends from earth ever actually get knowledge of Eugeo's history with Kirito or Eugeo's existence at future points in the story? I want to know if Kirito's earthly pals even care for Eugeo too, do they?

  67. Daddy Bercouli is getting drunk before the war

  68. Hmm is it possible for kirito to use perfect weapon art on both swords ?

  69. Bercouli does what?!

  70. Team Alice! Though I do like both Asuna and Alice

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  76. I feel like this episode was really done perfect, the ending was funny too with the way the new kirito harem were getting jealous over each other and stuff?

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