Sword Art Online Alicization EXPLAINED – WoU EP7, Brand of a Failure! | Gamerturk Reviews

Sword Art Online Alicization EXPLAINED – WoU EP7, Brand of a Failure! | Gamerturk Reviews

This video is brought to you by parents who
don’t want to parent properly and pushes the liability to the content creators. Thank god SAO is a PG13 show. Episode 7 of Sword Art Online Alicization
War of Underworld takes us back in time! Last week, everyone was so determined to hate
on Renly and I was urging you to wait one more week, and I’m glad the anime portrayed
things nicely on his end! I got things to clarify on that aspect, as
many of you are asking things like “How did Renly remember his past if he was synthesized?”,
so to answer your questions and more, welcome everyone, it’s me Gamerturk, your most reliable
source of Sword Art Online information with Alicization Explained, featuring War of Underworld
Episode 7, Brand of a Failure, because Crunchyroll’s title for the episode is simply wrong! As always, Timestamps to individual plotpoints
are in the description, as well as the pinned comment for easy navigation, but to give you
a quick rundown, we got quite the accurate adaptation this week, but while the impact
of the first half was very solid, the second half kinda faded away. To give basic examples, yes, Bercouli’s act
was anticlimactic in the novels as well, but the scene was not about the act, but rather
the build up and payoff for example. And Alice’s scene suffered from the usual
“Lightshow over context” syndrome Alicization anime has suffered a lot from since its inception. But if I’m being honest, I am just enjoying
the saltiness of the so called fanboys who think Kirito is a god at this point and Im
glad those people will hopefully drop the series eventually and stop being toxic fanboys. But if you are new to my Explained Series,
what I do here is essentially provide you all the vital information on Characters, Events,
Action, Lore from the source material, Light Novels, things that the anime did not convey
properly or just did not have the time to, so you can still see the full picture, so
make sure to subscribe and hit the bell icon to not miss any of the details in the upcoming
weeks and gain an Immunity Shield against the pawns of Emperor Vecta swiftly spreading
misinformation and uncontrolled spoilers like a pack of foxes! But then again, if you want to read the books
yourself for the amazing experience, Amazon and Book Depository affiliate links are in
the description and the knowledge of Stacia awaits you there! Starting with the detailed summary, Episode
7 adapted from Sword Art Online Volume 16, Alicization Exploding’s Chapter 18 mid-way
Part 2, to midway Part 3. I personally was expecting to cover a bit
more ground, but I won’t complain as they let Renly have half of the episode to himself. But before we head into the actual contents,
much like last episode, there are minor changes here and there and that is not really the
fault of the anime, but rather the way War of Underworld is written. Especially Chapter 18 in V16, what we are
adapting right now, is notoriously fragmented in the way it was written. There are moments where the perspective and
the scene simply changes every page, so Anime naturally undergoes some changes here and
there to remain consistent with its scenes. As a result, I will not dwell too much on
these changes, as they are more narrative oriented changes, than contextual changes. The episode begins with a small anime original
scene, the one that I enjoy, the one that does not break continuity but rather adds
to the ongoing narrative! Fizel and Linel’s rush back to the support
tents guarded by a minor supply defense group that Kosogi, the Mountain Goblin’s group has
reached via their smokescreen! And again, even for this short set-piece,
you can see how much of a difference a proper Animation Director makes. Tetsuya Takeuchi was in charge of this short
ZelNel sequence and goddamn it’s nice to see things actually move, rather than watching
a slideshow or watching some light effects do stuff. This scene right here is properly choreographed
and on top of it, it does make sense within the narrative itself, unlike those stupid
ALO scenes, how the twins already know Renly is a failure of a Knight and how they try
to save as many people as they can. I can also talk about how it is kinda sad
that Alicization Anime has set up a bar where we are genuinely surprised when we get even
the shortest of good action sequences, but I’ll leave that to the opinions section at
the end. Next up, we get the Renly scenes. Now despite what you saw, the Anime really
does downplay Renly’s situation here. In the Anime, despite being adapted very well,
it more gives you the idea that he is scared of the enemies, whereas what he is actually
scared is taking lives, whether enemies or allies, due to the past that he does not remember. But yeah, before I entangle myself in the
constantly switching scenes and perspectives of the Light Novels, let me just follow the
Anime. Before we get to Renly’s flashbacks, first
off, in the Novels, Fizel and Linel did properly confront the coward Knight after the twins
killed the first goblin who entered the room in an attempt to get him back to his feet
with some tough love, which Renly simply refuted and told them to leave him alone and do what
they want outside. And only then Renly first remembers the time
he was put back into Cryosleep by Quinella and Chudelkin. This is him actually remembering these memories. Why am I highlighting that here, he is actually
remembering? You’ll see soon enough. With all the talk about being a “Failure”
here, you should also start realizing how much Crunchyroll butchered the title of this
episode, when they went with “Stigma of the Disqualified” instead of the title we translated
at the Wikia, “Brand of a Failure”, since nothing here is about a stigma on a disqualified
person, it’s literally the brand of failure put on Renly. Also to clarify, Quinella states that Renly
is being put to Cryosleep for “punishment”, but that’s a harsh way of putting it. Knights are not really put to sleep for punishment,
they are put to sleep for maintenance and that is exactly what she is doing to Renly. If you watch the Meet Renly Synthesis 27 video
we did at SAO Wikia, that is shortly before Alice becomes an Integrity Knight. While Quinella did intend to attempt fixing
Renly, once a new and more skilled prodigy arrives, Quinella simply doesn’t put any priority
to fixing him and kinda forgets about him. So once again, I mention this quite regularly
in general, don’t get caught up on the acts and word choices of individuals, because there
are times where the words are simply acts. We’ll talk about that in future episodes as
well, especially if the anime omits inner monologues of Alice in future episodes, because
you will see her acting as a proud Knight all the time, but she is more shaken than
any other people out there. The next scene, they adapted greatly, as the
one lone goblin walks in. You see Tiese and Ronye trying to protect
Kirito despite being completely incapable, and they even animated the veins in Kirito’s
hands, trying to grasp the swords tightly, both of which affects Renly deeply. And we get to see some Flashbacks from Renly,
from his past life before becoming an Integrity Knight. Now, these scenes have confused a lot of people
and rightfully so, because as most of you probably are aware, one of the key things
about Integrity Knights is that they don’t remember their pasts. And Renly is no exception. In the Novels, Renly’s past is provided by
the omniscient narrator and is explicitly made clear that it is not Renly remembering
all of these. Much like all the other Integrity Knights,
he has incredibly blurry fragments in his mind about the past, which is the cause of
his inability to fight, but he does not know that, since he does not remember. The first scene from the past is the Four
Empire Unification Tournament where Renly and his friend made it to the final round
together, however for the first time in their life, their heated swordfighting ends with
an unexpected result, as the sword of Renly’s friend breaks and causes Renly to accidentally
kill him in the process. And before you ask, this is not covered under
the Taboo Index. The two are simply dueling in a competition
mandated by the Axiom Church and while killing is still not allowed, the nature of this being
an accident is clear. In fact, you would know how accidents can
happen, if the anime had adapted the Zakkaria chapter, but hey, I have an entire video covering
that chapter in detail, so you can check that if you want more information. It’s pretty much the same case as Alice accidentally
falling into the Dark Territory, however in Alice’s case, there was no reliable argument
to be made, whereas in Renly’s case, the entire stadium is like… There as witnesses, including Axiom Church
personnel among others who are overseeing the tournament. Also remember, when two people officially
agree to a duel, the outcome is not all that important either, which you could see back
in Episode 8 of the Human Realm arc, when Volo and Kirito went into the duel with their
real weapons, knowing full well the other could easily end up dying. So I hope that clarifies all the little confusions
you may have had on this scene. Fueled by the bravery of Fizel and Linel who
were outside killing dozens upon dozens of Goblins, the two inept trainees flimsily holding
their swords against the new Goblin who arrived. And the final nail in the coffin was when
he realized Kirito’s hands moving, trying to grasp the swords. Renly suddenly felt a rush and instinctively
drew his blades to kill off the sole goblin threatening the trainees and Kirito. And once he did it, he broke down, upon realizing
he has killed off a creature, he had taken a life. While he didn’t remember his past life, taking
the life of his friend had crushed Renly on a mental level, in a way that a simple memory
wipe would not fix. And upon killing the goblin, he was going
through the same pain over and over again, but something was different this time around. While the gratitude of the two trainees were
warm and kind, his heart was still aching. But he shook once again when he heard more
goblins approaching from the outside of the tent and he had no choice, he had to endure
the pain, if not for himself, for the sake of the two trainees and the vegetable they
are protecting trying to fight back. And well, now that you know Renly did not
really break free of his shackles exactly when he headed out, the rest plays out perfectly
accurate. And once again, the difference a proper Animation
Director makes, these Renly scenes were directed by Yoshihiro Kanno and goddamn, they are beautifully
choreographed as expected, but we’ll talk about that in the opinions bit. I really love the detail when Renly grabs
his blades completely thrown off control by Kosogi here. Normally, being divine objects, they are in
perfect sync with their chosen user, which is enhanced further by the fact that Renly
is very skilled to begin with, so he can throw and grab them perfectly as they return. But when they are thrown off balance by Kosogi,
when Renly manages to grab them on his own, you can see his hand starts to bleed because
he really barely grabs them properly, it’s one of those very neat minor details! And what he says to Kosogi, should really
highlight Renly’s mental state to you. Renly still does not believe in himself, he
still does not trust in himself. In fact, even before accidentally killing
his best friend, he never solely relied on himself and that’s why it was the Double Winged
Blades that resonated with him when he was choosing his weaponry. It was said that these twin blades were once
2 birds who had lost their left and right wings respectively, but still managed to fly
by relying on the sole wing of each other. That had been the entire life of Renly that
he didn’t remember, his friend and Renly always relied on each other and eventually had managed
to reach the final round of the Four Empire Unification Tournament together. And while that event had left Renly scarred
beyond life, he had still shared a connection with the two birds who had become these Divine
Blades. And while Renly still considered himself a
failure, he knew the Double Winged Blades were up to the task. And based on that knowledge alone, you can
guess why he didn’t go for Perfect Weapon Control here and directly went over to Memory
Release. Enhance Armament command activated the power
of Divine Objects in a manner that is controllable by the user, whereas Release Recollection
unleashes the power of the weapon, that only be controlled by the ones with the strongest
will. But Renly didn’t even want to control the
blades, he didn’t trust himself to control them in the first place. But he trusted the blades and thus he simply
chose to use the Memory Release function, in hopes of the weapons doing the trick on
their own. I love how the twins are teasing Renly though,
especially with their Knightly speech asking for orders and sarcastically saluting him. And for the last time, no, Fizel and Linel
were never back here to kill or hurt Kirito. As mentioned in the previous Explained, unlike
how the anime portrayed the scene, the duo had taken permission from their commanding
officer Sheyta the Silent to investigate the abnormality they saw in the left flank. They came to the back for the sole purpose
of helping the squads. Anyways, moving on to the relatively disappointing
second half, I have no clue why in this episode they decided to paint Bercouli’s Perfect Weapon
Control red, it just looks silly.. Probably because its nighttime and transparent
blur would not be visible but still, I hinted at this in the previous episode because they
had actually teased at this in Episode 6, you could clearly see a blurred area that
was not the clouds up in the sky, very similar to the showcase of this Perfect Weapon Control
back during the Eugeo duel. What Im more disappointed is that they didn’t
build up to this scene at all… Like yeah, the act was anticlimactic as fuck
in the Light Novels as well, but it was still intense as fuck, because this scene was constantly
being built up. Bercouli wasn’t speaking much for a reason,
the Novels explicitly stated the toll this giant Perfect Weapon Control was taking on
him as he was having a hard time maintaining it for hours etc. And for the Alice scene… Okay, let me get the part I really liked out
of the way. Alice’s realization about the souls of the
humans and the Dark Territory residents. That bit was very well adapted. However the rest of the scene, feels… Empty. Just like Shasta going berserk back in Episode
4, the tenseness is severely lacking. First off, “reflecting luminous elements endlessly
in a mirror ball”, yes, glad that the anime mentioned it but like… That’s one third of the explanation of why
she did what she did. She could very well expended the Spatial Resources
in other ways, but she needed not just to expend them to prevent Dark Territory mages
utilizing their Dark Arts, but also because she wanted to create a nuke out of all that
energy. The next problem was that she could barely
control 10 Elements at once, as she was not as skilled as Chudelkin or Quinella who could
maintain control over dozens of elements, and she needed to handle hundreds if not thousands
of elements at once to achieve this. But she had heard how Kirito reflected Fanatio’s
Heaven Piercing Blade by utilizing a mirror, which had given her the idea to create a mirror
ball and storing the Spatial Resources as Luminous aka Light Elements inside this mirror
ball to cheat the system. Alice realizing what she had done, in this
5 second shot was neat yeah, but what about everyone else? Why were all the reactions simply cut out
here? They could have easily shown a bunch of other
gasping faces etc to show the magnitude of what just happened properly, but once again,
just like they did countless of times in Alicization, they only wanted to focus on their cool particle
effects and light shows, instead of properly focusing on the scene they are actually adapting. And at this point, the way they just want
to hide everything behind flashy lights, is getting more frustrating than pretty. We don’t get to see the actual devastation,
despite them obviously knowing about the circumstances, adapting things like the color of the sky
changing, what is preventing A1 from actually caring for the rest of the scene that is not
about their particle engine? Im starting to feel more and more like Alicization
Anime is not an Anime, but a tech demo for A1’s particle engine at this point which is
a major shame. But I guess that is a good time to segway
into the opinions section. This episode had some marvellous animation. And let me count them, at the beginning, from
the 19th second to 49th second, we had a 30 second action scene with Fizel and Linel. And then from 9:37 to 10:20, a 43 second proper
action sequence with Renly against the Goblins. From the 12th minute mark, we had another
gorgeous scene to 13 minutes and 2 seconds. You, me and many others praise these scenes
as we are shocked by the quality and the fluidity of the animation. That’s is 135 seconds of “good animation”. Now I don’t like comparing SAO Anime to the
FGO Anime, because FGO is in a leage of its own, but you know what they had this week? 14 minutes, 840 seconds of purely mesmerizing
animation. That is about 7 times what SAO had this week. And Im just pointing out these numbers to
illustrate where the Alicization Anime has set its bar for animation. Im not saying SAO doesn’t have enough action. I’m saying SAO is not animating anything,
outside of some of its action scenes. I have been complaining about this for a long
time in small doses, how the anime feels more like a powerpoint slideshow with gorgeous
visuals that barely move an inch. And this episode fits into that bill yet again. Where are those fluid, colorful and imaginative
animations from Season 1, Season 2, Ordinal Scale? Aside from a couple seconds each week, and
that is if we are lucky, the animation is soooooo soulless in Alicization. I personally attribute this to the fact that
they decided to stick with the Ordinal Scale artstyle, which is extremely detailed, for
a weekly anime production and in my honest belief, this choice of theirs is completely
ruining the imagination of the producers, because whatever creative stuff they come
up with, end up being “too much of a work”, so in the end, what we are left with is the
bare minimum action creativity that is yes, absolutely gorgeous, but a powerpoint slideshow
for every other scene out there. When Alicization Rising Steel has imaginative
fight scenes and creative choreographies, the biggest Anime project of the year should
not be at a state where it is sticking to the bare minimum and establish a bar for overall
mediocrity, where people are genuinely amazed when some decent fight choreography is featured
in the show. I speak with the community a lot, here on
my channel, as well as on SAO reddit and SAO Wikia. Most people usually praise an episode right
after they watch it. They don’t realize how stingy Alicization
Anime is and how mediocre it is, because it’s designed around to taint the audience with
30 seconds of coolness in a 20 minute episode. But the moment you remind them of the creativity
that has been lost since the beginning of Alicization, it all becomes clear that they
are only living a 2 day honeymoon period. Maybe that’s fine, maybe they don’t need to
know, maybe they don’t need to remember Asuna vs Yuuki fight scene, heck, not even the fight,
remember when the rudimentary animation was fluid and expressive rather than a powerpoint
slide show? When things were interesting from an animation
perspective, rather than a photorealistic drawing that doesn’t move? I miss those days. And that’s where I’m ending this video. I hope they completely scrap this artstyle
and return to the old one when they are adapting Unital Ring in over half a decade, because
A1 obviously can’t keep up with the amount of detail they have included for a weekly
project. I want the SAO back that kept things interesting
for the duration of an entire episode, rather than try to color my view with a small 30
second action sequence. Next Episode is titled Blood and Life, there
will be stuff happening. If you made it this far, comment “Two Birds
of the Double Winged Blades” to let me know. Ask your questions for Weekly War of Underworld
Q&A. Thanks for watching, and thanks to all Patrons
and Channel Members. Stay Cool.

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  1. Timestamps: 0:41 Overview | 1:56 Detailed Summary, What was Adapted? | 2:49 Anime original scene, Fizel and Linel destroy goblins! | 3:50 The real reason why Renly is scared! | 4:19 Skipped scene, Fizel and Linel confront Renly | 4:39 Renly remembers being put to sleep | 6:31 How does Renly remember his past life at all? Hint: He doesnt! Did Renly break the Taboo Index? | 8:39 How did Renly snap out of his fear? He didn't! He is still in severe pain! | 9:32 Renly vs Goblins action scene, how does Renly's Double Winged Blades work? Renly's hand bleeds! Why did Double Winged Blades chose Renly? Renly doesn't trust himself, but he trusts the blades! Release Recollection! | 12:12 Fizel and Linel taking orders from Renly, they are not back here to hurt Kirito | 12:44 Bercouli's Perfect Weapon Control, Bercouli vs Minions, a lot of skipped build up | 13:30 Alice nukes the Dark Territory, all the details, how she did it, what was skipped etc, a lot of complaints | 16:02 Opinion section, beautiful action animation, mediocre overall animation, comparisons to earlier seasons

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    Also how tf does Foxen Anime has more subscribers than your channel ?

  50. Two birds of the double winged blades

  51. I couldn't agree with you more in regards to animation of the fight scenes. I've re-watched those brief seconds of Renly's more than any fight scene in Alicization thus far, with the maybe the exception of the Kirito vs Fanantio fight scene. The only other fights from this arc worth mentioning where Kirito vs the Goblins, and that GGO battle sequence in episode one, and Sinon vs Subtilizer But overall, all of Alicization fight scene pale in compare from all the fights from S1, S2 OD movie and even the GGO spin off. I will take creative and fluid fight choreography over fancy details in character design and light shows any day.

  52. #askgamerturk

    This is spoiler if you haven't watched ep8 yet…

    Q. Following the events if ep8 I was wondering if Integrity knights could wield each other's weapons or if they could wield more than one at any given time.

  53. Two birds of the double winged blades

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