fellas its finally here sword art online
Alicization Lycoris has a release date this date may have been the best
marketing decision in my opinion. In this video I’ll go over my thoughts on the
second quarter release date and my feelings for what we’ve been seeing from
Alicization Lycoris so far-next.. Ayo guys it’s your favorite kage, enigma kage
bringing you yet another video. If you’re new to the channel welcome I’m enigma
I’m an anime gaming content creator amongst many things, stick around , watch a
few of my videos and hey maybe you’ll subscribe today. so check it, Bandai Namco
has officially released the release date trailer for sword art online alicization
Lycoris and it is fantastic I’ll have bits of it playing in the
background but to see it in its full glory please check it out after this
video because it’s really good the release date is slated for May 22nd,
2020 which to me is a great time. I feel like 90% of the new anime titles are dropping
all in March. SAO was smart enough not to get dragged into that
content abyss. The extra 2 months in my opinion will do wonders for the game
since it doesn’t have to compete against Fairytail yet another JRPG. [Pirate
Warriors 4] is gonna eat regardless of what title it’s up against
but for Fairy Tail & Alicization Lycoris it’s a chess match. SAO AL is
shaping up to be something special the cutscenes look amazing but the gameplay
not so much. One minute the game is moving super fluid and then the next
time you see it it look like at 20 frames per second PC game. I hope from
today on till May they pick up the game speed because Fatal Bullet moves faster
than this game right now. I will say this, the game look crisp and there’s no denying
that from now til May i will be playing Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet to
generate buzz for the channel. what are your thoughts on this mid-2020
released date opposed to the jumbled up March date that most enemy games has fell
into let me know down the comments section below as always I’m Enigma signing
off thanks guys

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  1. SAO AL is dropping in May which is SMART compared to March. Better sales are on the way!

  2. Sword Art Online AL is going to awesome.

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