table tennis coaching | tutor EmRatThich

table tennis coaching | tutor EmRatThich

Ping Pong never too old for gold You are beginner You love ping pong (table tennis) You are winner You are champion You play for fun Iwill coach you EmRatThich, table tennis coach

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  1. What's the films name at 1:00

  2. How can I make contact with you?(ask you questions about training, technique etc.)

  3. thank you for coaching us.

  4. Haha, that film is awesome! xD

  5. I like your nice video.

  6. thank you coach.. I m developing more and more after watching, and trying them on the table.. Optimizing my technique and hitting.

  7. Thank you! Thank you very very much

  8. Cám ơn anh. Tuần rồi anh không post clip 🙂

  9. hello there emratthich, I need some advice about blade options I currently have a andro treiber k blade with tenergy 5 on fh and andro hexer duro on BH , the bat is fast and Spinny, but I want more feeling that's what this bat lacks I play mid distance close to the table and favor forehand and backhand loops I want to be a more aggressive player , what blade do you recommend?, thanks

  10. The girl at 00:05 <3 I love girls playing table tennis 🙂

  11. why not uplouded video

  12. Can i do forehand and back hand topspin with any racket

  13. 0:56 Lmao that's a filmed version PingPongTheAnimation. Really great anime, you should see it
    No super-power bullshit, real TT situations and amazing character development

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