table tennis forehand loop

table tennis forehand loop

Welcome to Today we’re going to focus on the
Forehand Loop So if you all remember the Forehand Drive Now take a step back from the Forehand Drive to give yourself a bit more space for the Forehand Loop The Forehand Loop, like the Forehand Drive,
is similar, but it’s a slightly longer stroke because we’re trying to get a bit more
power and spin on the ball So starting from the Forehand Drive,
just bring the bat (racket) back Slightly further back and slightly further downwards,
so that you’re starting near your knee And then, instead of finishing in front of your head you finish slightly further forward because
you’re getting a bit more speed through the ball OK. So again, starting with the
weight transfer on the right leg And then we’re going to push forward a lot more
to get more speed through the ball OK. So we’re just going to demonstrate that.

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