Table Tennis Forehand Topspin Against Backspin Lesson

Table Tennis Forehand Topspin Against Backspin Lesson

Now we are going to demonstrate the forehand
topspin and a backspin ball. The difference between the topspin against backspin against
compared to the topspin against block you start lower and finish a little bit higher.
and your swing is a bit more vertical. So you can see now that Jeff’s going to start
lower with his bat his bat disappears behind the table and finishes up in that 90/90 position
and coming through a little bit more vertically on the stroke. That helps you to lift the
ball over the net. One of the main errors that people make against backspin is that
they come through a little bit to low and cross there body. that will meant that the
ball will often go into the net. So let’s have a look at the correct stroke again start
low, finish up high. Don’t forget that 90 degree position with your upper arm and also
the 90 degree position in your arm pit. Very important for forehand topspin against backspin.
We hope you enjoyed these lessons and if you got something out of them then pop onto our
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  1. omg this is such a weak sport

  2. thanks~ i too much trouble pulling the ball up…
    with my loop. when 2200 players play me they chop….and off it goes to the net…(70%)
    so thanks guys!!! ill try that 90 deg. thing

  3. Lol what's with the thumbs downs? xD.

    I agree and don't think there is much backspin in them otherwise he wouldn't have hit some off the table.

    Good to start of with low backspin though, bloody hard shot to play lol.

  4. hi i've watched some of your instructional videos, since i wanted to be in table tennis since i was in grade 5 (i'm year 7 now.) And thanks to these videos, you have provided me with some good reasons to take up table tennis. Thank you so much! AND to all those people posting hater comments, these are free, so stop critisizing otherwise he might decide to stop posting more!

  5. even free stuff needs to be criticized if it's bad. take a look at expert village table tennis videos and you'll see what i mean.

    pingskills however do an excellent job and their instructional videos are great stuff.

  6. Hi, what is the ruber used in this video? Thanks

  7. i allready knew it xD.

  8. its called pen15 rubber x9

  9. i think this is an excellent tool for people of all standards, even those who think they are an expert. The slow motion is a great tool for people like me who want to see where the head is positioned at and after going to go visit the actual web site for sure

  10. he uses tenergy not omega II..
    but both good rubber

  11. HI, i recently played against this guy that has a really superior short chop/push, everytime i try looping the ball after after he chops, the ball would go straight down. it really feels like trying to pushing a boulder up and most of the time my ball never gos over the net. So is there any good ways that i can train to like push the ball up? i heard that you are suppose to use your legs but i don't really know how that works. can you give me some suggestions please?

  12. @waterman159 Try using the Ask the Coach section of our website to ask questions as we check there a lot more regularly. Thanks for watching.

  13. @waterman159 YEHA!

  14. Thanks for the nice video. Now if the back spin chop is slow marginally reaching the edge of the table what should I do? risking a top spin drive or chop it back? what should be the technique to make a top spin drive over the table (shorter balls)? dropping the wrist fully, and try to hit the ball with the lower edge of the bat helps?

  15. @abed83a Great questions. There is not enough room in these comments to give a detailed answer. Try using the ask the coach section of our website. You can ask questions and look back over our answers at any time.

    It is not really possible to make a full topspin drive off a short ball that would bounce twice on the table. Take a look at our lesson on the forehand flick for how to return this type of ball. Of course you can always push the ball back short yourself which is a good option.

  16. @pingskills Thanks a lot. I will put the questions in the coach section.

    I understand. It would be more like a flick. I found bh flick easier than fh. Need more practice on that.

  17. 256 like this video and 25 dislike this video i think this vid is so nice tut!!!

  18. @maniac19921 Thanks!

  19. @TheColbster77 you should need more practise how to spin properly…lols

  20. I just bought a good racket of Donic and I am trying to learn a few skills to show off at school when I play. You are really helping, thanks! I subscribed as well 🙂

  21. @zzgoodzzsg Great question. Try asking this on the Ask the Coach section of our website. We have more space to answer you there and all your questions are recorded for you to look back on.

  22. @80pirt Try the PingSkills Touch with Mark V. You can find out more information about this on our website.

  23. his back doesnt really disappear guys…look at it.

  24. pingskills r the best.Really helpful,thnxx a lot.

  25. can you make a video about how to return a ball with a great amount of backspin?/
    thank you PingSkill! nice tutorial!

  26. @kill2head65 The key to generating spin is to have a fast brushing contact. You need to have a decent rubber on your bat too. We actually have a DVD for sale on our website all about returning serve.

  27. i have a question , is this stroke usually the third ball attack when my opponents pushes back my serve?

  28. @PreferabIe yes. The serve is counted as the first stroke, your opponent's push as the second and your topspin attack is referred to as the third ball attack!

  29. i have question,what strategy do you use against choppers? do you just slow loop it to them, because i have a hard time with choppers. and when i try a nice fast loop at them they either go off the table or they go in the net cause some times i compensate for it too much when it doesnt have enough spin i think, plz help wat do i do….

  30. @Sk8ingGuitarplayer Great question. You need to think about the speed, spin and placement of your shots and work on reading the spin that they put on the ball. We have had some questions about this on our website in the Ask the Coach section. You can go there and search for choppers to find out. If you still need more information you can "Ask the Coach" yourself on our site. Good luck!

  31. @pingskills thnk u for responding, i think i know what to doo now..

  32. @Sk8ingGuitarplayer No worries. Good luck!

  33. i have a ques., if the backspin by the opponent is having low speed (i.e. the second bounce of the ball will also be on the table) , then the topspin shot is obviously not possible. Then what shot to play?

  34. @Avikalp1 good question. Then you can play the push or the flick. We have lessons on our website explaining both of these shots.

  35. @leafkill9 Doing this you will probably generate some more sidespin on your loop. This can be very effective but as there is more sidespin and less topspin, it is a slightly less consistent shot. We have a video on this very stroke on our website called forehand sidespin topspin. Have a look and see if this is the stroke you are talking about.

  36. @galbu2000 Glad you liked it. Check out our website for more great Table Tennis videos.

  37. @giorgosevaggelinos You're welcome. We are making more videos on a regular basis. Make sure you sign up to our email newsletter from our website so you stay in the loop!

  38. i hold the bat like chines style so how to do that

  39. @amitgarg2000 We have a video on that too! Just search for PingSkills penhold.

  40. @ismii12 If you want to play a forehand then you need to use your footwork to pivot around to the backhand side. Take a look at our lessons on basic footwork as this will show you the movement to use to get around. Once you are in position you can play your forehand as you normally would.

  41. @ismii12 This can be difficult. To counter this you need to improve your footwork. You could practice some drills where you get your practice partner to return wide to your forehand.

  42. @ismii12 You're welcome.

  43. is it me or is he saying k after almost everything he says?

  44. Your whole arm is locked. It just seems so tense.

  45. @kizaman No not really tense. Some people prefer a bigger motion but I find this way I get more control. Often people refer to the loop performed this way as the European loop and the Chinese loop as a much bigger action with the arm.

  46. @kalkara11 Thanks for the kind words. Against a player that keeps playing forehand topspins you can use the block to counter their shots. We have a lesson on this on our website. However the best advice is to stop them using their forehand in the first place. You can do this by serving the ball short and playing into their backhand. As there's not a lot of room here for comments, you should try out the Ask the Coach section of our website as we love talking about Table Tennis!

  47. @VJAR1000 You're welcome!

  48. @FortuneCat1982 The most important things to focus on are the start and finish positions. Once you've got that mastered you could start to think a little bit more about the wrist.

  49. hi, just wanted to make sure; the reason why you have to hit more vertical (to lift the ball more, essentially), is because when they backspin and you return it, when the previously backspinning ball is now going back towards their side, the ball REVERSES its spin, causing any stroke you make to have some TOP spin. top spin = quicker descent into the table so if you don't adjust by hitting your topspin HIGHER as in this video, you will hit the net – is this correct?

  50. You are partially correct. The main reason however is that when the backspin hits your rubber it will drag downwards. This means if you don't lift the ball up it will go into the net.

  51. Thanks for your feedback. We are going to re-film these in HD so we'll try and make them less boring.

  52. It's learning skills, not the latest 3d flick, it's not going to be riveting. We are learning important skills. Thanks pingskills!

  53. Thanks for the tips. I'd have to agree with you. We filmed these video a long time ago and are trying to improve our production quality all the time. If you take a look at our latest videos I hope you'll notice a big difference. As a matter of fact we are now in the process of re-filming these older lessons.

  54. right when i heard his voice i clicked another video…ping pong playa

  55. Hey pingskills..does it depends on the kind of rubber to lift the ball up high above the net?..another question- can an anti-spin rubbers can played against backspin?

  56. are you my brother?

  57. Hey Guys 🙂 i miss these kinds of videos… :/

  58. We've just uploaded some more and have a whole heap coming in the future so make sure you are subscribed. You can also sign up as a free member on our website and we'll email you any updates.

  59. Though I can exert enough top-spin but my problem is sometimes I missed the ball altogether or hit it at the racket edge. What could be the reason and how to rectify? Any suggestion?

  60. I am left hand user =)) sory for my bad english but I use rever its hard to reflect a strong spin I am amatteur but I love this game

  61. It certainly is a great game. If you have any questions you can ask them on our website under the "ask the coach" section.

  62. these are by far the best vids i can find you YouTube 🙂 keep up the good work guys!!

  63. When receiving a push wich is a little bit to high with a normal amound of under-spin you really don't need to go very low with the bad. Table hight I would say…

  64. U guys r too good . Love u guys .

  65. You're welcome. I'm glad you liked it.

  66. i hav a problem hitting a topspin against chop so what should i do??????

  67. Start by following the tips in this video. Work on getting your start and finish positions correct. Then work on making sure you brush the ball to generate the topspin. If you've got more questions try using the ask the coach section of our website.

  68. U guys r awesome!!!

  69. brother what is your rubbers and wood ?

    i am forehand and backhand topspin player.

  70. Good to hear. I use the PingSkills Touch with Xiom Vega Pro.

  71. If i play this shot vs a wall its so damn easy…but vs an opponent its so hard

  72. It's good that you can play it well against a wall. It is more difficult against an opponent because you never know where the ball is going. But you are well on your way to playing this well. Try to make sure you get into a good position before you play the shot.

  73. basically i learned forehand topspin against the wall. very easy indeed.. but i learned it much with vs an opponent.. mistake its a normal.. don't care about the score.. practice can apply in the game.. its 2013… Ive beat those who beat me in 2012.. my secret is… PINGSKILLS 😀

  74. Hey Ping-Skills, I use Joola Carbon Blade with Yasaka Mark V is it okay for playing such a shot?

  75. You're both fantastic coaches!!

  76. What are your adjustments with this topspin stroke when you receive a very heavy backspin ball? (I.e.: Long pimple player who chops your topspin ball back)

  77. The more backspin on the ball, the more vertical your stroke needs to be to counter the backspin. You still need to brush the ball to ensure you are getting plenty of topspin so the ball can dip back down onto the table. This will allow you a good margin for error over the net.

  78. when should I hit the ball? in its highest point or wait for it to fall down a bit?

  79. What if you hit yourself in the face with your racket?

  80. Interesting. Just a question about your right arm. I see that you don't straighten your arm on the back swing. I was doing the same thing and figured that it was doing it  wrong because #1 arm muscles must be tense to do that. #2 not getting the full extension of the whipping action. Am I right to think this?

  81. very good video… so nice to have it in video form I can see it many times…

  82. Great video. I usually make the mistake mentioned in the video :). How about responding to a short backspin?

  83. the spin is so low
    in a real game the ball has a heavy spin and i cannot do topspin
    what should i do?

  84. but if my opponent gives a heavy chop it ends up in the net what should I do in such cases

  85. should I open the bat angle or start the stroke further lower to top spin a heavy chop ?

  86. ah, nice! now I get it! Thanks for these very good and useful explaination!

  87. Wow, 10 years ago! Still going strong in 2018.

  88. I seriously love table tennis and I love ur viedeos

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