Table Tennis Player’s Victory Celebration Costs Him $45K

Table Tennis Player’s Victory Celebration Costs Him $45K

You know now to the epic fail at a tennis table tournament. We have seen athletes go a bit over the top, some more than others. But in this case, it proved costly. From the end zone to the soccer field to not so high-stakes ping-pong game. Athletes taking a moment to celebrate a hard-earned victory. I may have stomped on the field a few times myself. Strahan, touchdown, and the giants win. Reporter: But go too far and you risk fines or penalties. And apparently when it comes to excessive celebration, table tennis is one sport that doesn’t pl play. This morning, China’s table tennis champion is finding it out the hard way. He just won Germany 2014 men’s world cup and a $45,000 prize. Celebrating by kicking through a sign. Even taking off his shirt and throwing it into the crowd. These two guys actually fighting over it. But get this, after stripping off that Jersey, the international table tennis federation stripped him of his title and winnings. Now he’s apologizing, writing this was a perfect victory. I have been under a great deal of pressure. It was not acceptable behavior and I am sorry. An overzealous champ now kicking himself. It was a sincere apology. He didn’t hit anybody. You fine him, don’t take away the title. Do we have more video of number 92, his celebrations. Yes. There’s a touchdown — That was Philadelphia and I was posing like Ricky martin because I went to a Ricky martin concert. In Philadelphia they throw batteries at you. All kinds of stuff. But it was worth it. Worth every bit. You’d do it again. I’d do it again. You hall of famer, you. I like that.

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  1. xD zhang jike is crazy, but arrogant :c

  2. 他真的是个傻逼

  3. i think during his training with his trainer he was in under a lot of pressure and stressful  , so most probably he is letting out all the anger and frustration  when he won the game. 

  4. That was too much to take away a guy title and fine him….That is ridiculous…He did not do nothing but celebrate his victory.  

  5. Way too strict. Give the man a break! That match looked intense!

  6. Im from Düsseldorf

  7. Wtf. Give him his due. When did this become non appropriate

  8. You win, you get to dance. That is the way it is.

  9. Stephanopoulos is a diminutive twit.

  10. Fuck the ITTF and his shity title, he is the champion of the world and he prove it. Who cares what the ITTF say. 

  11. Wow, wtf. Live and let live, what is wrong with celebrating, buncha party poopers.

  12. WTF? What a bunch of cunts! That's nothing worth freaking losing he's title over! So he kicked a couple of $50 or cheaper boards and took of his shirt… Look at when that dickhead Djokovic won the US open.. He took of his shirt too. So what?!!
    He trained extremely hard to get to where he was and he deserved to celebrate. Bunch prude cunts

  13. he was not stripped of his title!! how could ABC get that wrong?? he was fined all of his price money

  14. Come On! He won against many great players INCLUDING Ma Long

  15. The barriers did not cost $45k…

  16. ABC had no idea what was going on

  17. 2 barriers = 45,000$
    ITTF logic

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